Curse of the Dogs

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Chapter 2: The Names

These dogs were either really weird or well trained. As I was leading the way home I noticed that the dogs walked in groups of two. What I found stranger was that the dogs seemed to be talking to each other as if humans talk to each other. Like they weren't all barking at once; one would bark then the other would bark back.

The blue dog was walking beside the black dog with red eyes. There I really noticed how big the blue dog was; head nearly came as high as to my neck. If it wasn't for that orange dog I would have thought the blue dog was the leader of the pack. Speaking of the orange dog, he was walking beside what I guessed to be the only female of the group. That blond dog kind of looked female to me but I could never really tell with dogs.

Now the blond dog was walking beside the red dog and they were both barking and growling at each other. I hoped they wouldn't start fighting since I wouldn't want to get in-between the big dogs to try to stop them.

Now the silver dog that had tried to attack me more than once was walking beside the dog with the scars. I wasn't much surprised to hear the silver dog growling and barking sharply. If that dog were human I bet he'd be swearing his head off right now. The scared tanned dog himself looked like he was getting angry as he kept baring his fangs.

The last two dogs was the orange faced dog and the dog that had the black and white fear. I could instantly tell that the orange faced dog was going to be one of the friendliest by the way he kept barking and jumping around. That other dog seemed to be trying to ignore him but I still noticed a soft growl.

"Hey dogs, this is my home." I interrupted their talking to motion to the big house in front of us after I opened the gate. The dogs barking instantly stopped as they all looked at the house and I chuckled.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the dogs were surprised at the size of the house. Everyone is surprised when they see it and, if these dogs were trained as well as I thought, it was possible they could be surprised.

"Big, isn't it? It belonged to my foster family until they died. Since they didn't have any blood related family I got everything in the house. It is the only nice thing I have gotten from the bastards." I said then frowned at myself. I didn't mean to swear; I just lost my temper.

Third person P.O.V

"This house is fucking huge." Hidan shouted as the girl was leading them through the halls to the kitchen.

"Indeed it is. It will make the perfect base for when we are human again." Pein agreed with the Jashinist but ignored his swearing.

"Pein, we need to first figure out where we are. When we turn back we need to question this girl about the village we are in." Konan reminded the Akatsuki leader. Pein turned his head around and nodded.

"I know that, Konan. We will indeed question her." Konan and the other members nodded their heads. Ashlen looked behind her at the dogs and smiled as she heard their barking.

"You guys sure are talkative, aren't you? Well I like that; this house has been too quiet." The girl chuckled as she walked into the kitchen with the ten following behind.

"Hey, when we are done questioning the bitch, can I kill her?" Hidan asked as he looked up at the girl evilly, wagging his tail in the evil thoughts going through his mind.

"I don't think so. This is a weird village; so many strange things. This girl can help us with this little problem. Once she is no use to us then you can kill her." Pein answered as he and the others watched the girl getting some things. Hidan was just chuckling and kept thinking of sacrifice and murder.

"Why do we have to kill the pretty girl? She saved us from that animal place?" Tobi asked as he jumped to Ashlen's side to see what she was doing, putting his paws on the counter to stand up.

"Pein, Tobi is right, this girl did save us. The least we could do is spear her life." Konan said in a gentle, calm tone. Pein sighed as he wished he could rub his forehead.

"Just give me some thinking time. I'll know what to do by then." Pein ordered and the others agreed as Hidan was grumbling.

"I want to kill the damned bitch." The Jashinist snarled and bared his teeth in anger. Kakuzu snarled back.

"Shut the fuck up Hidan and listen to the leader." Turning his head to glare at the tanned dog for a moment, Hidan stalked off to the corner of the room and laid down.

Norma P.O.V

I could hear the dogs barking as I prepared to make myself and the dogs supper. Since I didn't have any dog food at the time they would have to eat human food. So I was cooking up some pork chops and sticky rice.

"Hey there boy, come to see what I am making?" I asked as the orange faced dog was now standing beside me. The dog gave a bark and licked my face, making me laugh.

"Alright, the food will be done in twenty minutes. In that time I guess I can name you all." I said as I turned down the heat, making sure the food didn't burn as I was gone.

The orange face jumped down and ran over to slit colored dog again. If it wasn't for his sized I'd almost think he was a puppy. He had so much energy but then again I guess all dogs did if they weren't too old.

Since I didn't want to go too far from the food in case it did start burning, I sat on the floor of the middle of the kitchen. All the dogs, except the silver dog, started to sit around me, quiet and just looking at me.

"Hey, come here for your name." I whistled to the silver dog yet he still didn't come. Sighing I looked at him to think of his name first.

Now I was a big Halloween fan so I really wanted to give these dogs cool names that match their looks and personalities; even if I had only known them for a short time.

"Alright, I'm going to name you ghost. You're fur is the same as a ghost, and you kind of scare me." I admitted and shivered as the dog lifted his head and grinned, licking his lips. I think he understood me.

I turned my attention to the other dogs now; who were all now still looking up at me. I smiled as the orange faced dog jumped in my lap so I scratched the top of his head.

"I think Jack-O-lantern is a cool name for you. You can be called Jack for sort." I ruffled the fur on the top of his head as he baked and licked my face again.

As I laughed I noticed a few dogs roll their eyes or just stare at me dully. I was starting to get even more impressed with these dogs; training them myself should be no problem at all; as long as they corporate with me.

Next I looked at the black and white dog. He kind of reminded me of a Skeleton costume. Perhaps it was because of the colors. I think he was starting to get impatient with me staring at him since the dog suddenly growled little and barked.

"Sorry, I thought of your name. It will be Skully, short for skeleton." I smiled at the dog and, unless it was a trick of my eye, I saw his black side's eye roll but not the white. I shook off the thought and looked at the shaggy furred blond haired dog.

This dog was one of the normal looking ones out of the group, even if she, or he, had a path of fur. Thinking of a Halloween name would be hard; or would it? I smiled at him.

"I think Wolfy, for werewolf, fits you nicely." I said and laughed as the dog blinked at me, looking confused. I noticed the other dogs looked the same as the blond.

"A werewolf if a human that turns into a beast form of a wolf in the light of the full moon. You never know who could be a werewolf but, like vampires, they are usually very handsome or cute." As I was explaining it looked like the Wolfy was smirking, just like how Ghost was. Somehow, with that dog like smirk, I felt like the dog was male; it just suddenly looked that way.

Next I looked at the red dog, who was looking at me calmly. I had a few ideas for names for him; Apple, cinnamon, flame. Yet I think Autumn fit him good. It wasn't really a Halloween name but it was the season that Halloween was held in.

"You're name will be Autumn since your fur reminds me of the pretty leaves on the trees right now." As I smiled, Autumn nodded his head, laying on his stomach as he continued to watch me. I looked away from him to look at the next dog.

This was the dog with stitches and I smirked at him. I already knew the perfect name for him but it seemed a little mean seeing as though he got those scars from abuse. Unless he was born that way which got me thinking. Was it true that if dogs can be born disfigured if the siblings mate? I knew it was true with humans and it could explain the dogs weird figures; not that I was complaining.

"You're name will be Frankenstein and before you give me that look again, I'll explain. Frankenstein was a man built with dead body parts and brought to life by lightening by bolts in his neck. People think of him as a monster but I think he is cool" I explained and the room was suddenly filled with Ghost's barking. I could swear that dog was laughing and now a few other dogs sounded to be snickering.

I paid no attention to the laughing dogs as I looked at the black dogs with red eyes. I thought I could see something in his eyes and when I leaned closer I saw that it was black things. It was even stranger, but, as I stared into the dog's eyes I couldn't think how weird but beautiful the eyes were. I was suddenly caught off guard as the dog had put his paw on my face and pushed. I think he was trying to get my attention or didn't like me being so close.

"Sorry." I apologized and felt myself blush which made myself more embarrassed. I was embarrassed about staring at a dog for too long; how, well, embarrassing.

"I'm going to call you Nightmare, because your eyes are cool." I smiled at the dog, patting his head a little as he stared at me. I once again noticed that dog like laughing.

Sighing and ignoring them I moved onto the blue dog. Now that he was closer and I could study him better, I noticed he had some black markings under his eyes. There was also some on his shoulders. They kind of looked like gills and with his sharp looking these I think I had a good name for him.

"You reminded me of a shark for some reason so that is what your name is going to be, Shark." Yeah, I know it isn't really Halloweeny but the dog seemed happy with it; wagging his tail and giving me a strange grin.

Now there were only two dogs left to name; the female and the orange male with the black strips. I couldn't think of Halloween names for them, like with the blue dog but that didn't mean I didn't have cool names for them.

As I looked at the male cat I noticed his grayish purple eyes had rings in them. That was very un-normal for a dog; did it mean he was blind or something? I don't think so since he's looking right back at me. Yet all these dogs seemed to have something strange about them so why should this dog be any different?

"Alright, I want to name you Saber. It is sort for sabertooth tiger. I don't mean to say you have big teeth, I just like the name and I think Tiger is more of a cat name." I told him and this time I didn't hear much from the other dogs so I looked at the female dog next.

"I think I'll call you Wendy, named after a witch. A friendly little witch though (For those that don't know there is a witch named Wendy. She's in a comic and in a move with Casper)" I said quickly, not wanting to offend the dog since I didn't want to make enemies with them. The silver one, Ghost, already seemed to hate me.

Suddenly one of the dogs started to bark behind me and when I looked I said he was Skully looking at the stove. I wondered if he was getting impatient with the food until I sniffed. Crap, it was starting to burn.

"Thanks!" I shouted, jumping to my feet and taking the food off the stove element to stop them from cooking anymore. After turning off the stove element the rice was also done.

"Alright, time to eat." I smiled and put pork chops in ten separate bowls. Placing them on the ground I watched the dogs start to eat before I got myself my own food; wondering how the rest of the day would go.

Now I'm not sure if I am going to have other OCs but here is what I am planing for my character with the pairings wont come in until later and I'm just putting them up to ease confusion for future chapter.

OCxItachi= a sibling like bondOCxKisame= friendsOCxDeidara= Pairing (I would have paired with him in Kitten Curse but Suezanne asked)OCxTobi= friends

OCxKonan= unsureOCxPein= unsureOCxSasori= unsureOCxZetsu= unsure

OCxHidan= Fears him, wants to kill herOCxKakuzu= Fears him but nicer than Hidan

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