Curse of the Dogs

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Chapter 3: Trouble at school and Misson

I yawned deeply as I woke up, feeling the weight of Jack's head sleeping on my chest while Autumn was laying on my legs. Out of all the dogs they were the only two to lay on the bed. My bed was queen sized so there was room for about two more dogs if they were to sleep off of me.

Even though they were the only two sleeping on my bed there was a few more dogs sleeping in my room. Nightmare and Shark were sleeping next to each other on the couch that was in the room. Saber and Wendy was also in my room but sleeping in front of the fireplace. I didn't really know where the other dogs were.

The reason I had a couch, which could fit ten men, and a fire place in my room was because it wasn't built to be a bedroom. When the blue prints for the house was made it was so post to be a study room or a library. The only reason I even knew that was because I found the old blue prints once my parents and brother had died. I made it my room once no one was here.

"Come on, boys, get off of me. I have get ready for school." I poked Jacks head to wake him up with I twitched my legs to try to get the heavy red dog off of me.

I heard Jack whimper as he lifted his head off me, his brown (I don't know his real eye color) gazing at me. I felt Autumn shift his weight over my legs, actually covering more now. I sweat dropped but smiled and petted Jack's head.

"Can you get him off of me?" I asked the dog, rubbing him behind his ear. Jack let out a bark before he jumped up and actually walked on my stomach before he got to Autumn.

~Third Perosn P.O.V~

"Sasori-Sempai, girl says you have to wake up!" Tobi yelled into the other dog's ear. Growling, Sasori lifted his head and glared at the happy looking dog.

"Tobi, you idiot." He growled deeper but took his body off the girl's legs.

"Tobi was only listening to the girl. Tobi's is a good boy." The dog defended, backing up with his tail between his legs as he backed up.

"Hey, don't step on me again; you are heavy." Ashlen said as she shoved the big dog off of her. The dog whimpered some more, giving the best sad look he could muster as he stared at Ashlen's face.

"What an annoying brat. Remind me why leader is allowing him into the Akatsuki." Kisame asked Itachi after a tsk, having watched everything once being woken up.

"He isn't apart of the Akatsuki, Kisame. All I know is that leader is allowing him to be a apprentice and hang around Zetsu. I don't know what he did to impress the leader." Itachi answered before jumping off the couch and stretching his body.

"Still, I can't see him doing anything much prison worthy let alone S-class criminal. He's annoying not evil." Itachi Hned at his partner as Kisame also jumped down. He also stretched his body before sitting and watching the girl.

Meanwhile Pein was ignoring Kisame as he was also watching the girl like the others in the room. The only reason he had slept in her room was to make sure the others, like Hidan, wouldn't hurt her. He knew that the Jashinist would go against his orders, since he had done it before. If that man wasn't immortal, Pein would have killed him a long time ago.

"Now I have to go to school. I will set out food for all of you and I will be back in seven hours." Ashlen said as she was standing by her bed, starting to get undressed. All the males stared at Ashlen as her boobs popped out from her night bra.

Yet a moment later Tobi yelped and whimpered as he hid under the bed in embarrassment. Konan glanced at Pein and placed one of her paws over his eyes to block his view. Sasori and Itachi was looking at her in boredom; uninterested in what they were looking at. Kisame, on the other hand, was smirking and wagging his tail slowly as he watched the girl undress down to her underwear.

~Normal P.O.V~

As I was getting dressed I noticed the dogs were actually odd. Wendy was covering Saber's eyes with her paw while she wasn't even looking at me. Jack had hidden under the bed, whimpering. Shark, Nightmare and Autumn was staring at me.

"Is something wrong?" I asked the dogs even though I knew they couldn't answer me. Unlike what I expected I heard a bark from under my bed and bent down.

Only Jack's noise was showing as he was gripping one of my blue bras. I bent down and slowly took the bra from his mouth. This was a little weird but maybe the previous owners trained these dogs to be perverted or something like that.

"Well I'm going to make myself some breakfast now. I have to leave in fifteen minutes." I told the dogs once I was fully dressed and leaving my room. I heard the six dogs following me but I didn't bother to look as I made my way to the kitchen.

When I entered the kitchen I was greeted by a growl from Ghost. By the way he was baring his fangs at me I guessed he still didn't like me a whole lot. I just looked away from Ghost and noticed the two other dogs, Skully and Wolfy, where there.

"Like I told these six, I'll be leaving soon. I'll set out food for all of you and be back in about seven hours." I told the three dogs, carefully stepping around Ghost, not wanting to get attacked by him. He was still growling at me, his head lowered as he bared his fangs.

I already knew that he would be the hardest to train so I guess I'll have to hire someone to train him for me. Yet perhaps I should buy a muzzle for the dog; who says he wouldn't bite the trainer? Better be safe than sorry.

So I got out some left over chicken that was in the fridge, making sure there was enough food for all ten dogs before I quickly made myself something to eat. As I ate I watched all of the ten dogs eat their food. I still had to get used to not being alone anymore so when I get off of school I should go shopping. Luckily it was a Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow.

~Time Skip~

It was lunch hour so I was eating outside in the school lawn. It was actually a nice warm day seeing that it was the middle of October. I noticed that there were a few other people eating their lunch outside, some where eating in the grass and others on the benches and stone tables.

"Hey, rich girl!" I frowned at hearing the voice, already knowing who it was. I looked up from my seat to see Becky Fledger sneering down at me with her friends.

The girl on Becky's right was Lindsey Potter. She had medium red hair framing a egg shaped face. She had sea blue eyes and three freckles on each cheek under the eyes. She was wearing a red v-neck shirt under a open jean jacket. She was wearing a jean colored skirt that went just above the knees. Any lower and it would be under the dress code.

Now the girl on Becky's left was Candice Mayble. She had long black hair over a pale tea cup face and that went down her back. Her eyes were a light brown and her face was flawless; except for the mole that hid on the base of her neck. Candice was wearing brown jeans with a black T-shirt. Some people thing she was goth, including me, but her personality argued with that.

Becky herself had short dirty blond hair with red streaks. Her eyes were a lighter blue than Lindsey's and also resting behind black framed glasses. Like Lindsey Becky was wearing a jean jacket but her's was closed so the shirt underneath was unknown. She was wearing skin tight blue jeans on her legs. All three girls were seventeen years old and a couple inches taller than I was.

Becky was one of the first people that tried being my friends to get to my money. I actually believed she wanted to be my real friend at first and she was actually really nice to me. Yet when I figured out she only wanted me as her personal bank, always making me buy her things, I broke off the friendship.

Of course when I broke of the friendship Becky was angry. Now she couldn't get that diamond necklace she had wanted. Her friends were the same as she did; trying to be my friend but after she did. So I instantly knew they were also trying to use me just for money.

"What to you want, Becky?" I asked, holding in my sigh but not my boredom. I already knew what she had wanted since this had happened about every day.

"I didn't think you would show your ugly face here after what happened the other day. Why don't you just leave already. You are too stupid to be here." her friends started to laugh and I tried to ignore them but a frown appeared on my face.

The other day I had walked into the boy's bathroom when I wasn't paying attention. The worst thing about it was that two boys were taking a piss; they were just as embarrassed as I was. Of course I had ran out of there, blushing deeply. When I had found the ten dogs I had actually forgotten about what had happened that day; until now.

"Yeah, how embarrassing. You should just lock yourself in your stupid house." Lindsey Potter snickered but I could also hear the jealousy in her voice when she mentioned the house.

"Even better how about you just go and die. We'll take good care of your house and money." Candice Mayble was also smirking at me, placing a hand onto her hip. These three girls were three of the worst that bug me about my money and home.

"Why don't you just leave me alone. Just let me eat." This time I did sigh as I looked away to continue eat my food. My sandwich was suddenly ripped from my hands and thrown on the ground.

"Don't tell us what to do you slut. You're too stupid to even be in this school." I looked up and glared at Lindsey's smug face. I really hated these girls.

"Really? I'm the slut. Who is the one that gives lap dances at the local strip club?" I snarled, not bothering to hid the anger from my voice. I saw the anger come onto the older girl's face and I found myself on my side a second later; my face hurting from the slap.

"You bitch!" I just looked up at the three girls, rubbing my slapped face. The three girl stared down and me and looked like they were about to beat me when I heard barking.

"Gross, what an ugly blue dog!" I didn't even look to see who had said it. I was more foused on the word blue.

'No, it can't be him; can it?' I thought and turned my head to the side when I head another bark. Coming my way wasn't only shark but Nightmare as well.

"Yuck, such ugly dogs." Becky said and I looked at her to see her making a face of disgust. Candice and Lindsey had the same look but Candice was smiling a little.

"That black one isn't is bad; the red eyes are just weird." I rolled my eyes and held in my sigh. It seemed like the tree girls had forgotten about me so maybe I can sneak away.

~Third person P.O.V~

Kisame glared at the three girls in annoyance. He already knew he was weird looking but it didn't mean he'd let anyone get away with insulting him like that. He growled deeply and bared his dog teeth; missing his normal human teeth.

"Kisame, stop it. Leader told us to get the girl and to not harm anyone." Itachi said calmly, walking on ahead of him to the girl laying on the ground.

"Well, that is no fun. What's the point of being a S-Class criminal but can't do anything?" Kisame complained but growled at the three girls again as he walked with Itachi to Ashlen.

"What are you two doing here? How did you even get out of the house?" Ashlen said in surprise before Itachi could get the chance to respond to his partner. Each dog grabbed a shirt sleeve and pulled with their teeth.

"Ew! I should have known those mutts belonged to you." Becky said in a snarky tone. Kisame and Itachi let off of Ashlen as she stood up to glare at the girl.

"They aren't mutts, Becky. They are unique unlike your ugly balled rat." Ashlen snapped back, making the three girls even angrier. If it wasn't for the large and growling blue dog in their way, they would have taught the little bitch a lesson.

"Kisame, that girl is starting to annoy me. Block those other girls for me as I deal with her." Itachi ordered as he walked over to Becky, his Sharingan blaring. Kisame chuckled and jumped out in front of the other girls, growling.

"What the hell do you want you mutt?" Becky demanded, glaring at the dog as Itachi stared up at her. The girl made the mistake of making eye contact with the dog and she fell to the ground, unconscious.

"What the hell did that demon dog do to Becky!" Candice shouted and tried to rush to her friend but Kisame wouldn't let her.

"Nightmare, Shark... we need to go home." Ashlen said, just as shocked as the other two girls. What the hell did the black dog do to

"Kisame, time to go." Itachi turned away from the dogs, shooting the other two girls looks as he stood beside Ashlen's left. Kisame gave the girls one more growl, chuckling as they screamed, before joining the other two.

~Normal P.O.V~

Alright, these dogs were starting to kind of freak me out. Just what did Nightmare do to Becky? She shouldn't have just fainted like that; this was much too weird. I kept staring at Nightmare, trying to figure it out before I looked at Shark.

He was walking on my left of me, wagging his tail slightly as I noticed a small smile on his dog face. I no longer really thought this was the work of being trained well. I mean it was almost as if Nightmare hypnotized Becky and the way Shark was snarling, growling and barking at Lindsey and Candice seemed unusual.

"Why did you two leave home? I would have been home myself in three hour. Thank you for coming when you did though. Those girls are always a problem. I miss my little sister." I suddenly frowned as I remembered Sarah Parker, my young sister.

She wasn't my real sister, just someone I got really close to while I was still in the orphanage. She was three years younger than me, always following me around. She was so cute and I never saw her again once I was adopted by the Smiths. Yeah I had kept my last name but anyone would when their adopted family was crap heads.

I suddenly noticed that both of the dogs were looking at me. Their heads were slightly tilted as if to tell me that they were curious to what I was talking about. I smiled at them as I ignored the people who glanced at me as we walked past.

"She isn't really my sister but we were close enough to be. Sarah Parker was three years younger than I was and already wanting to play with me. I never saw her after I left the orphanage. She was the only one that really seemed to care about me." I felt a little stupid explaining all this to dogs that couldn't even understand me but it felt good to talk about it.

To my surprise the dogs actually seemed to nod as if understanding. After my moment of shock I smiled and continued to follow the dogs until we got back to my own house; where I was safe from the dangers of the people on the outside world.

~Third Person P.O.V~

"You brought her back?" Pein asked the two Akatsuki members as they walked inside the house. They nodded as Ashlen smiled at Saber.

"Hello, Saber. It seems I'm home early. I'm going to make myself some lunch. The girl's at school ruined mine." The girl sighed before leaving the room to let the three dogs to be alone.

"How are we so post to make her turn us back anyways? We don't even know if there is a way to turn back." Kisame said, bringing up the reason why they were sent to get the girl in the first place.

"Kisame, Orochimaru is the one that did this to us. He would want a way to turn us back to normal for when he wanted to use us to his advantage." Itachi reminded calmly and narrowed his eyes as he thought of the snake like man. The snake had already tried to take over his body and since they failed he turned the Uchiha into a dog.

"Correct. Since we are dogs the change must involve something a dog would do or something that would happen to a dog." Pein told the two as his head turned the direction that the girl had walked.

"So we have to play nice to the girl until we turn human again." Kisame filled in, already figuring the rest out. Pein nodded and stood to leave the room.

"Correct again. From this time everyone's mission is to play nice and try to turn human again. Starting now. You are dismissed." The two Akatsuki members nodded to the leaving leader and walked into the kitchen where the girl was to start their mission.

So if you want to have an OC in the story I have to warn you I am planning to have rape, murder and other. Yet falling in love will happen. So if you still want an OC give me detailed info, including how you would react to rape and murder. If you don't like rape or murder I will put a warning at the top of the page.

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