Curse of the Dogs

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Chapter 4: The Dog Trainer

Ever since Nightmare and Shark had come to my school to bring me home the dogs had been acting strangely friendly. A few of the dogs were already friendly to begin with but what really surprised me was how Ghost didn't try to bite at me feet, tackle me or even growl. I knew something was up with the dogs; they were probably sucking up to me to get something that they wanted but I didn't know what that would be.

Ghost really was the most surprising out of the pack. I had a feeling that I still couldn't trust the dog so I had to be really careful around him. Even if he wasn't growling anymore I still noticed something out of place in his strange pinkish purple eyes; I knew once he got what he wanted he would try to attack me again.

"Ow!" I shouted as I landed on my stomach, having tripped over one of the dogs? I turned my head and none other saw Ghost, wagging his tail and looking all innocent.

I knew just by that look on his face he had tripped me on purpose. This dogs last owner must have trained him to be some kind of guard dog. Those dogs are normally only friendly to their owners. If I was going to retrain Ghost I think I am going to need a lot of help.

With the help of the red dog, Autumn, I got back onto my feet. I thanked the dog by rubbing the top of his head. He was one of my favorite dogs alone with Shark and Nightmare. He was a rather calm dog which I was glad about. It was fun to play with them but there was a time to be calm and all that.

"I think I am going to need some help." I mumbled, sighing as I made my way to the downstairs main living room. This house was so big that each floor had one repeats of other rooms; there was even a small kitchen upstairs which the servants used to use.

I was going to have to get special help from a dog trainer if I wanted to train Ghost. Yeah I know there is a good chance Ghost will attack the trainer like he had been attacking me but, a the same time dog trainers had more experience with dealing with all dogs.

I flipped through the book until I got to a number for dog training. It was actually an add which allowed me to read what experience this person had. Once reading it I saw that this was just the person that I needed.

It was a service managed by a family called the. supposedly they were Japanese from their last name, or that is how it sounded like. It said that they were trained in handling the most dangerous dog and it was only for a price of twenty dollars an hour. More conveniently was that they were only a few blocks away from me.

So sitting on the couch I picked up the phone and started to dial the number that was listed. As the phone was ringing I noticed that some of the dogs had some onto the living room with me. Skully, Jack, Wolfy, Autumn, Shark and Nightmare spread out around the room, some staying close to me and others going to the other side of the room.

Jack kept pawing at my legs until I would pet his head. Autumn and Nightmare jumped up om the couch beside me. Skully went to the corner of the room but still seemed to be watching me. Shark was laying at my feet and Wolfy seemed to be glaring at Jack. After a few rings someone finally picked up the phone.

"Hikari's dog training service, how can we help you?" A man's voice said from the other side in a businessmen man kind of way.

"Hello, this is Ashlen Cook from St. James Drive, 3245. I need help taming a dog I got yesterday; he is a handful and doesn't seem to like me.

"Ah, I see. Can you describe the dog for me? I need to see who will be most qualified to come over." The man on the phone told me and I smiled, nodding even though no one but the dogs could see me.

"He is a big silver furred dog with a bad temper. He growls a lot and tried attacking me a couple of times. He seems to get alone with the other dogs fine; besides one of them." I told him everything I knew from finding out just the other day when I got them. I could hear the man humming in thought. A moment later he had replied.

"Alright, we will send someone over in the next ten minutes." I smiled happily to the answer. I thanked him before hanging up and smiling at the dogs that were in the room with me.

"Well, I will be having a visitor soon so be nice to her or I will have to punish you. Now, I suppose you are hungry so I will get you some chicken." I clapped my hands together, feeling happy as I stood up and walked back into the kitchen.

Third person P.O.V

"Leader-Sama, should we do something? The girl is going to let someone into the house, yeah." Deidara asked as he ran into the other room. Sasori and the others had followed him.

"Don't be an idiot, you brat. It's not like we can stop her; all she see's us is as dogs." Sasori growled in slight annoyance. Pein nodded in agreement to Sasori.

"He is right. We have to stay undercover at all times until we are human again. So everyone behave." The Akatsuki leader ordered and turned to narrow his eyes at Hidan. The Jashinist sneered at him.

"I am behaving for no fucking bitch! If I want to bite her I will." Pein's eyes narrowed more into a dangerous glare. If he were able to use his chakra he would serious rip this man apart with his magmatic jutsu.

"Don't test my patients, Hidan. You'll find it unpleasant to fight me." Pein threatened, baring his teeth threateningly. Hidan growled deeper, baring his own fangs, unafraid of the orange dog.

"You think I am afraid of you now? You are nothing but a powerless over sized mutt." Hidan laughed insanely as he prepared for his first attack. Yet before he could Konan and Kakauzu were standing in the middle of the two.

"You are a powerless mutt, too, Hidan you moron." Kakuzu growled, baring his own dog fangs. Hidan growled deeply as Konan looked at Pein seriously.

"Pein, please calm down. The girl thinks as you as one of the good dogs. You shouldn't give her a reason to think other rise." She said in a gentle tone, calming the man down the best she could. Pein growled, eying the Jashinist again but nodded.

"You are right, Konan, but when we return to normal form he will get severe punished." His voice held a venomous threat. Konan nodded in understanding and stepped away from Pein while Hidan and Kakuzu were snarling at each other.

"You'd think have a while watching them fight would get boring or annoying." Kisame said with a grin on his face, he and Itachi watching the two other members attack each other. Itachi Hned and laid himself on the ground as they watched.

"It's rather immature but I am not in the mood to stop them. Let them act as children if they want." Itachi ordered calmly, watching the fight in boredom. Kisame chuckled but didn't get a chance to reply as the girl came back into the room.

"Hey! Cut it out! Bad dogs!" Ashlen shouted as she appeared back in the room, glaring in disappointment to the dogs. The last thing she needed was for the dogs to be acting up before her guest got here.

Normal P.O.V

Great, the trainer was about to get here and Ghost and Frankenstein were fighting again. I mean they were actually fighting equippedwith clawing and biting each other. If the trainer saw this I was afraid he, or possibly she, wouldn't be scared and quit before they even began.

Suddenly, as if on cue to my thoughts, the front doorbell ran which got all the dogs to jump in surprise. As I was laughing at them I walked to the door to answer it, wondering who the training service sent me. I noticed that a couple of the dogs had followed me and when I opened the door I noticed a girl that looked about my age.

She seemed be Albino with short choppy brown hair and bangs that hung over her right eye. Seeming that her one see-able eye was a redish purple that's what the other one must have looked like. She had her left eyebrow, bottom lip, both ears and her nose pierced.

She was wearing a dark purple tank with a long sleeve black fish net over it. She was wearing stone washed jeans with black combat boots and a black harley davidson hat. I also noticed a weird necklace around her neck; it was a upside down triangle in a circle.

"Hello, I am Hikari Masayuki. My father told me you had a dog that needed to be trained. Can I come in?" the girl asked me and I stepped to the side, away from the door opening.

"Come on in and don't mind these dogs. They are good and wont bother you, will you?" I questioned the dogs that had followed me to the door. They didn't even bark as they seemed to watch as Hikari came into the room.

"How on earth did you get so many dogs? At this size they should be hundreds of dollars." I smiled at her amusement at her comment. It seemed she didn't realize I was rich yet which made me like her; there was a chance we can be real friends.

"I got them at the pound for three hundred each. Now the silver dog would still be in the living room." I told her as I lead the way, hoping that the dog still wasn't fighting.

"So he is pretty aggressive then? That is what my father told me you told him." I nodded at Hikari, sighing deeply as I brushed a hand through my hair.

"Yeah. He has tried to attack me a couple of times already. There is also a dog he seems to hate; I always seem to see them fighting each other. Can you handle things like that?" I asked, worried that she wouldn't be able to her. Instead, Hikari gave a smile.

"No problem. Just let me see the dog." I smiled, please that, so far, this was going good. I walked in the living room and thankfully the two dogs stopped their fighting.

Third Person P.O.V

Besides the members that has followed Ashlen, the Akatsuki members that were in the living room watched as Ashlen walked in with a new girl. She looked quite odd to them, with all those piercings and odd clothes.

"Ah, so this is the bitch that is so post to tame me." Hidan snickered darkly, baring his teeth as this girl stared at him.

"So this is the dog that needs to be tamed?" the girl asked Ashlen and the girl nodded her head.

"Yeah, I hope he isn't much of a handful for you. He has attacked me twice already. The first time the dog catcher saved me and the second Shark here did." Ashlen smiled as she scratched Kisame behind his dog ears. The said dog grinned and wagged his tail.

Normally the shark like mist ninja wouldn't allow this kind of thing if he were human. Yet this was the first time he had gotten this much attention from a girl, young or old. Older people thought he looked like a freak and young children had ever cried in fear of him. He was glad this girl liked him and wondered how she would react once he was human again.

"Huh, what an odd dog. Was his fur dyied?" Kisame glared up at the girl, baring his fangs and growling. Once again he felt insulted and he wished he could teach her a lesson.

Yet his growl stopped as the girl suddenly patted the top of his head. Hikari smiled at Kisame and commented that she didn't care what he looked like. What startled him, and the other Akatsuki members, what when she commented that he looked like Kisame Hoshigaki.

"Who is Kisame Hoshigaki? What is Naruto?" Ashlen asked in confusion and Hikari looked at her in shock.

"You don't know about Naruto? It is the best Manga and anime of all time. Kisame Hoshigaki is one of the bad guys in the story. He is a blue shark like man that has a powerful sword that eats charka." Hikari tried to explain but Ashlen still looked confused as the Akatsuki were shocked.

"A manga! What the hell is that chick talking about? What the hell is a anime?" Deidara shouted the thoughts to what all of them were thinking.

"Shut up, you brat. How should we know?" Sasori snapped, glaring at the blond dog in annoyance before he looked at the girls again. Hikari sighed, giving up trying to explain what Naruto is.

"Just look it up on the internet. Now, that is the dog, right?" Ashlen nodded as the other girl pointed to the Silver dog. Growling and smirking, Hidan walked over to Hikari but stopped the growling when he noticed her pendent.

"What the..." He whispered, trailing off as he jumped up to the girl and actually pushed her to the ground. Hikari cried out in surprised and watched as the dog sniffed at her pendent.

"Ghost, get off of her!" Ashlen demanded, grabbing the dog quickly but not quickly enough. Hidan managed to bite her hand quiet hard, causing her to bleed.

"Take that you stupid bitch!" The Jashinist laughed cruelly, licking his lips to lick up the blood. Now if he could only complete his curse but it was impossible to do as a dog.

Hikari looked at the dog in shock. This dog reminded her of another Akatsuki member; Hidan. The dog had even been sniffing her pendent earlier and she blushed lightly. Hidan was Hikari's Naruto crush so just thinking the dog as him made her slightly embarrassed. Yet if it really was Hidan at least she didn't have to worry about him hurting her; he'd think of her as a fellow Jashinist because of the pendent.

"Is there anywhere you want me to go to train your dog?" Hikari asked, shaking off the thought of the dog being Hidan since it was impossible for him to be.

"You can stay in here. I should start on my homework. If you need me just come find me. I will be upstairs, turn to the right and go to the end of the hall, then turn a left and I am the third door on the left." Ashlen waved her hand, wishing Hikari good luck before she walked away to her room.

Time Skip

Hikari had been training Ghost, or rather Hidan, for about three hours now and things were going really good. The dog was actually coporating nicely with her but then some dogs just get alone better with some people.

All of the other Akatsuki members had gotten bored of watching the girl named Hikari tame Hidan, or that the girl thought she was doing. They had left the room to wonder around the house in boredom and some of them had even got to check on Ashlen.

"Well it has been a while so how about we stop for a break?" Hidan grinned and nodded at the girl. Normally he wouldn't be so kind but this girl looked to be a sister in faith; he wouldn't treat the people of his god like trash.

"I think I will ask Ashlen if I can give you a bath. I smells like you haven't had one is a long time." Hidan growled slightly at the comment before sniffing himself while the girl looked away. He smelt worse than the time Kakuzu dragged him in the sewers to get money from a bounty dealer.

Hidan followed behind the possible female Jashinist upstairs to the other girl's room. It was already clear that Hidan didn't like Ashlen and it was clear that he wanted to kill her to the other members. Yet this girl, after only spending three hours along with her, he did like. When he was human again he would be sure to have a lot of fun with this girl.

"Hey, Ashlen, can I give Ghost a bath?" Ashlen looked up from her desk which had math homework on it while Autumn/Sasori and Wolfy/Deidara was in the room with her.

Sasori was calmly laying on the girl's bed while Deidara found the girl's sketch book under the bed. He had pulled it out and dragged it near Ashlen's legs, using his nose to open it and his paw to chance the pages. Now and then he would look up at Ashlen, impressed by her drawing skills, before looking through more pictures.

"Yeah, go ahead, just be careful. You know that some dogs hate taking baths. The closest bathroom is actually three doors down on the right." Ashlen warned as she lightly scratched the top of Deidara's head. The Akatsuki bomber looked up for a moment before glaring at Hidan as he snickered.

"So you are warming up to the bitch already, aren't you junior?" Hidan mocked and Deidara growled at him, baring his fangs. He only stopped from getting up since the girl's hand was on his head.

"Fuck off, Hidan, you aren't that much older than I am. Got lost." Deidara barked, snarling at the Jashinist. Hidan only snickered as Hikari motioned him to follow her.

Hidan snickered at Deidara once more before he followed after the girl. Hikar got in the bathroom quickly and discovered it had a bathtub shower mix and the shower head had optional powers (1). So Hikari turned the shower nob to off before turning on the water, making sure it wasn't too hot before she turned on the shower, though no water came out yet.

"Alright, Ghost, time to get in." Hikari smiled and motioned for the dog to get into the tub. Hidan nodded his head before jumping inside, wanting to get the stink off of him.

The girl aimed the shower head at the dog, turning the nob to medium power. A moment later the water started to shoot out and the moment the water hit the dog was the moment thick white smoke suddenly filled the room.

"What the fuck!" Hikari shouted as she coughed, waving her hand to try and clear the smoke. In the progress she had dropped the shower hose and backed up a bit.

"Fuck yeah! It's about fucking time! How stupid can that snake be? Water, ha! Who would have thought."A man's insane laughing voice said through the thick smoke. Hikari paled at recognizing the voice and took a few more steps back.

Soon the smoke cleared and a silver haired man stood in the bathtub, grinning the insane evil man that he was. Hikari's face turned a deep red as she recognized who it was immediately. She couldn't even speak she was so shocked and embarrassed to be in this man's presence.

"Oy, bitch, mind getting me a damned towel? There is a draft in here." Hidan said once when he noticed that the girl was staring at him. Unlike what he thought would happen, the girl suddenly fainted on the bathroom floor, which was getting wetting and wetter because of the shower.

Hidan tsked and stepped out of the shower to find a towel himself. As he was wrapping it around his naked waist he could hear the barking of his comrades and that bitch girl that bought him coming his way. A insane smirk spread across his face, thinking he would have a little fun now; all that would make this perfect was if he had his Scythe with him.

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