Curse of the Dogs

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Chapter 5: Questions

Again since I don't know Konan's true personality she will be kindest out of the group. She had been the kindest when she was a child so, if she is not threatened or confronted by an enemy, she will be kind even now.

The reason I decided that water would be best is because Orochimaru can use it easily on each member and at the same time. I was going to have it a kiss on the nose but I doubt the snake man would want to kiss them. Also the reason Hidan will like Hikari instantly is because he sees her as a fellow Jashinist, a sister in faith, and he likes her personality.

The last thing is I had writers block so POVs change more than I hand wanted. I think the next chapter will be a Halloween chapter and two new OCs are already coming in

Normal P.O.V

My head felt heavy and the spot where I had fallen still hurt a bit. Everything was still dark as I couldn't open my eyes but I could still hear all the voices around me. The last thing that I could remember as I walked into the bathroom was a silver haired man staring at me. He had jumped out at me but Shark saved me for the second time; only he wasn't Shark anymore. This time he was a tall, naked blue man with dark blue hair to go with his skin. After that I had fainted.

Now I could feel that I was sitting in a chair and I tried to move my arms, but I found something thick and rough keeping my arms against my body and the chair I sat on. I know I wasn't the smartest person, thanks to no education for years, but I wasn't a moron; I knew I was tied up.

"You think you scare me? HA! I have seen scarier! Try living alone as a child in a place where you can be killed or rapped without anyone blinking twice! Come on! Give me your best shot!" I wince as I heard Hikari shout beside me and her laugh sounded between a hyper five year old and someone to be feared. I shivered and slowly opened my eyes and noticed, even though my vision was blurry, we were no longer in the bathroom.

"Ha! This bitch is great! I expect nothing else from a fellow Jashinist." I recognized the voice from the silver man that had tried to attack me. I tried to focus my vision on that man but my head felt heavy and too sore from the fall I had taken.

"It looks like our host is also awake now." this time the voice was calm as well as sounded young yet deep. I turned my head towards the voice and could see a blurry red head.

Soon my vision got much better and the man, or rather boy on how young he looked, came into focus. He actually looked to be my age, maybe even a year younger. His red hair was short and a little shaggy. His eyes were a brownish red as they seemed to stare right at me; it was the same way Autumn had looked at me.

"Hey, Ashlen, you alright?" I tired to turn my head to look at Hikari but my head just seemed to get too heavy and I couldn't hold it up anymore. I let it fall back down so I was looking back at the ground.

Third Person P.O.V

The Akatsuki members were shocked when they had come into the bathroom only to find Hidan back in his human form. Water was still flooding the floor and soaking the girl that had fainted while Hidan was standing over her in nothing but a towel.

Ashlen had followed the dogs to the bathroom to see what that thud and laughing sound was coming from. When she entered the room Hidan, of course, tried attacking her like he wanted to do ever since he first saw her. Yet Kisame, again, jumped in front of her and in a big puddle of water. At that moment he had turned back into a human while Ashlen fainted.

One by one as the Akatsuki members got into the water they would turn back into their human form, or as human as it got for some of them. Just like Hidan did everyone was surprised that simple water lifted Orochimaru's strange jutsu. After covering their lower halves, and Konan grabbing the closest house coat, the villeins took the two girls to the living room downstairs, found some rope and tied them both to chairs.

The dog trainer girl had been the first one the wake up but refused to answer questions and when she was threatened it was only laughed at. Hidan, still thinking she was a Jashinist like him, just laughed and commented how he liked her comeback.

Sasori was the first person to notice that the other girl was now awake. Everyone's attention was driven away from Hikari to eye their host. Seeing as her head kept dropping and her eyes kept narrowing, it seemed she had hurt her head more than they would have thought.

Speaking of Sasori he was deeply surprised when his body didn't turn out puppet but a human's. He realized that it must have been a side effect of Orochimaru's jutsu, if not a personal attack. For twenty years the man had been living in the puppet of his fifteen year old self and thanks to that snake bastard, Sasori had to go through all the trouble of turning himself into a puppet again.

Normal P.O.V

"Konan, heal her head. We need her to focus if she is to answer our questions." I heard another voice of a man order a what I guessed was a woman. I wasn't too sure since I wasn't an expert on Japanese names which it sounded like they were.

"Yes Pein." The voice was indeed female and in a second I felt someone touching my head. I managed to narrow my eyes to see a woman in my house coat.

As she was touching my head I was surprised as the headache and the heaviness started to go away. It was much faster than any aspirin would do to me. It was strange and make me think it might have been some kind of witchcraft.

"I didn't know you had a healing jutsu. It never said that in Narutopedia." Hikari's statement confused me as I heard the word Naruto again; wasn't that so post to be that anime she likes so much? I was able to lift my head a little more to see the eight men looking at her.

"Narutopedia? It sounds almost like that Kyubi brat." This time I recognized the voice that had spoken. It was of the blue man that had saved me a few times from Ghost; who seemed to be the silver haired man that had been laughing at Hikari.

"Indeed, what is this Narutopedia and what does it have to do with us?" The man that ordered the girl to heal me ordered again as I was able to finally lift my head. I could see more clearly that all the men were wearing nothing but towels around their waist.

"Narutopedia is a website that gives information about all of the character of the show and that includes you ten. Though what I don't understand since that eight of you should be dead by now." I gazed away from the half naked people to look at Hikari in confusion. I really wish I knew what she was talking about but my foster parents never let me read manga or watch anime; it will make me even dumber they said.

Third Person P.O.V

The ninjas were all shocked and instantly demanded that Hikari tell them what she meant. She was about to explain what she meant and all about the deaths but Ashlen cut her off before she could.

"Um... can you please get dress? There are clothes in the bedroom's upstairs." To her mumble, the ninja's glanced at her before down at the towels. Some of them looked uncomfortable and embarrassed about being under dressed but others didn't seem to care.

"I actually think they look better the way they are." Hikari said rather bluntly and caused everyone to look at her again, with odd looks this time. Hidan, though, started to laugh.

"The girl likes what she see's, eh? How about I get rid of the towel than and make you happier." The Jashinist questioned with a smirk, his hands slowly, teasingly, starting to tug at the rim of his towel. As both girls started to blush madly.

Hikari was blushing because Hidan wanted her to see him naked for the second time while Ashlen was blushhing because she was too innocent to see anymore nakedness. Kakuzu, however, quickly smacked the Jashinist over the head to stop him.

"Hidan, you moron! None of us need to see your dick!" He snarled in anger, the scars on his face stretching to make him look even scarier. Hidan glared right back into his partner's face, one hand on his head to rub the newly formed bump.

"Fuck you, you mother fucking bastard! You have no right in stopping me from what I want to do." The Jashinist snarled in a low, dangerously evil voice. The two men looked ready to fight until Pein stepped between them.

"But I can. Hidan, unless you wish to fight me, you will make off and go get dressed. As you mentioned before, I had little power as a mutt but I am no longer a mutt." The two ninja's glared at each other but with Pein's Rinnegan he won the glare contest and Hidan looked away. With that over with Pein looked back at the girl.

"Girl, which are the bedrooms that have the clothes you speak of?" He demanded an answer and made Ashlen flinch. Still scared and confused to what was going on, as well as embarrassed about seem eight men in towels, Ashlen kept her head down as she answered.

"They are on the third floor and go to the left. That is where the male servants stayed until they left and they left most of their clothes behind. The right side was for the females." She mumbled loud enough for the ninjas to hear and heard a hummed reply from the man

"Konan, you are already covered. Say with the hostages until we get back." Konan nodded to Pein's orders and sat calmly on a chair in the room, watching the girls as the males suddenly disappeared from the room.

Normal P.O.V

Hostages, he called us hostages? Don't people normally keep hostages as some kind of threat for the police or to get money out of someone? Besides what did I do to deserve this? My dogs turned out to be some weird men and one woman... how is that even possible?

I just sat there and watched as the blue haired woman sat there staring at me and Hikari. As there was nothing else to do I looked over this woman's look. She did seem quiet pretty though looked to be more of the serious type. Also, even though her face might have seemed emotionless, I could see a little bit of pity in her eyes.

Every since I got tired of people befriending me for my money I taught myself how to read people. All I had to do was look in their eyes and I could tell what they were really feeling. I taught myself to recognize lust, in both sex and money, sadness, happiness, friendship, anger, jealousy and kindness. This woman was looking at us in pity but for either being tied up or seeing the men naked I do not know.

"Oi, bitch, don't you have any normal clothes?" I turned my head back to the door as the first man came back; the man that wanted to kill me no less. He was wearing tight blue jeans but no shirt or socks.

"Those are considered normal clothes." I answered quietly, scared that this man will do something to me and any minute. The man tsked and walked a little closer to us as the other men started to come back.

"Still why the hell is Tobi the only one that came back with anything at all?" the voice of that blond man, formally know as Wofly the dog, was demanding the red head as they both walked into the room.

"Maybe his mask is layered in chakra or something. I don't know, Deidara, so shut up. You're just mad you don't get to see his face; none of us have so shut up about it!" The red head sounded annoyed as he walked past Hikari and me. I watched the blood give a slight sigh as he followed right behind.

The blond was wearing a black T-shirt and a pair of Cargo Pants. His hair was in a high ponytail and he had long bangs that hung over tilted shaped, blue eyes. This Deidara looked more like a teenager than a man and maybe he was. The red head was wearing a red shirt and dark blue, snug looking pants. I didn't know the name of the pants or the fabric but I know they were not jeans.

Soon all the men and come back in full clothing, Kakuzu even found a scaff for his face. The only one that didn't was the one named Hidan since he wasn't wearing a shirt. Some of the men commented and complained about the style being weird but it confused me since the style was normal for this country. Then again it confused me even more to think these people used to be my dogs….. hold on, wasn't there so post to be one more person?

Third Person P.O.V

"Stop all you damned complaining! Yes, you at least all have clothes that fit." two voices, coming from the ceiling above the two girls, called out. The first voice was dark and harsh while the second was lighter and more gentle.

Ashlen and Hikari turned their heads back as far as they could from being in tied in a chair. What they saw made Hikari look in surprise but Ashlen screamed in the site of the strange man. To her he was more odd than the blue man that had protected her from the silver man a number of times now.

Up there was a man with black and white skin on ether side like Skully did. His eyes were a golden yellow and his hair was a short grass grin. Yet, the thing that really freaked Ashlen out was the green things that surrounded his shoulders and over his head.

Zetsu narrowed at the one girl in annoyance while a few others snickered. Before he had entered the Akatsuki everyone that would look at him would ether stare, scream, scream and run or whisper to the people beside them. It was why he started life as a spy, first doing small jobs for people that would hire him before he was found by Madara Uchiha and agreed to work as Akatsuki's spy. (1)

"Did you really have to scream like that? It wasn't very polite, you know." Zetsu said as his body slowly sunk back into the wall only to rise up through the floor boards not far from the girl's feet. Hikari looked down at Zetsu in amazement while Ashlen was still crept out.

"Enough of this. We have questions that need to be answered. Do so and we might just untie you." Pein ordered, annoyed that the subject had gotten this far from the original one. Hikari chuckled lightly and looked at Pein with a slight smirk.

"Well maybe we don't like being tied up so maybe we'll refuse to tell you anything until we get untied." Ashlen turned her head at Hikari in surprise. She was already scared of these people, unsure what they would really do to her as one wanted to kill her, so why she would bring her into this Ashlen didn't know.

"You already told us somethings; why stop now?" Sasori asked as he crossed his arms before uncrossing them. He was still not used to the feeling of touch and the fabric of the shirt felt weird to him.

"So what? It gave me something to do." Hikari asked, starting to get irritatingly angry from lack of sugar and the robs were starting to dig into her skin. Pein narrowed his eyes at the dog hunter, walking cover to bring her face to her's.

"Why should we trust the both of you wont run if we untie you?" He demanded, his Rinnegan eyes glaring into her one see able redish purple eye. Hikari only looked back onto his eyes unafraid.

"Because I am not afraid of you and I have no idea where I am; this house has to have over hundreds of rooms; I could easily get lost. Now, unless you really want me to corporate, you'll until me from this fucking chair so I can get some fucking sugar!" the girl suddenly screamed and her eyes narrowed into a glare. As a few ninjas stared at her, some smirking and others surprised by her out burst, Pein moved to Ashlen.

Normal P.O.V

This was one of the men that really crept me out the most. His eyes just seemed too unreal but then some of the others appearances also did. Of course there was that blue man but it was his sharp, inhuman teeth that was creeping me out the most. Then there was that man with all the nasty scars all over his body and the bad aura he was giving off. I even noticed some masks on his back before he had put a shirt over it. The last two was the man that wanted to kill me and the man that had sunk in from the floor boards.

"Why would I run from my own house? I have nowhere else I could go and I would probably put those people in danger. I am not as some people claim I am." I told them and the man, so called Pein by the others, narrowed his eyes before looking away from me. Things got a little quiet as the men, and that woman named Konan, thought about what we said.

"She has a point; there is no harm in untying them. Besides, we are much stronger and faster than they are and it will be easy to catch them if they are lying." The voice was dark, velvet and rich yet somehow sounded young. I turned my head to see a raven haired boy looking at us and, just by his eyes, I knew he had been Nightmare the dog (2)

Third Person P.O.V

It didn't take that long for the others to finally agree with Itachi and they decided to untie the two girls. Hidan untied Hikari while Itachi was the one to untie Ashlen. Even though he would never admit it to the others he felt pity for this girl. He could remember how she spoke of her parents as well as her sister and could tell how lonely she really was.

"It's about freaking time." Hikari grumbled, rubbing the rope marks on her arms as they stood up. Ashlen kept sitting but put her hands on her knees in a more comfortable position.

"There, you got what you want now answer our questions before I make you wish they tightened the rope instead of released you." Pein ordered and didn't bother to hide the annoyance from his voice. He had been hoping these girls would corporate better than this but it seemed he would have to resorts to threats.

"You are in a different world, in your world you come from a story from a manga and anime, I know this since I have read and watched it. As the years go one you all die one by one. If you want proof I can always show you the manga but right now, I need sugar!" Hikari said quickly and ended with a shout. The ninja's just looked at her in annoyance, all but Hidan who was smirking, before they turned to Ashlen who was glancing around the room.

"You can get some soda in the kitchen. Turn right at the door then turn another left at the first turn. Go to the end of that hall and turn a right and the kitchen will be the first door on the right." Ashlen knew where she was after she was able to glance around so it was easy for her to know her way back into the kitchen. Hikari smirked and she quickly walked out of the room with Hidan following her.

"I'll make sure the bitch doesn't make a run for it. I'll bring her back later." The Jashinist called out with a deep chuckle. Some just would roll their eye but a couple were actually concerned about Hidan being with the girl; they needed both girl's alive.

Ashlen on the other hand was nervous been alone with some many of these people alone. True they used to be the dogs that she trusted but that seemed change. She could feel there was still a few of them that she could trust, like the man that untied her, but she would keep her guard with them; she wouldn't let them bully her like the others.

This was just creepy, being here all of these men and woman all alone. I wish they had just stayed dogs; when could trust them. Though, because of my ability to read people I could see that there was still a couple that I could trust. Yet I would just feel better if they were all dogs again so I had a safe way to get their trust.

Soon, everyone in the living room seemed startled when we heard a scream. It was obvious they it must have been Hikari, unless Hidan had a girlish scream. The man with the scarf cursed before he ran out of the room. Other in the room had looks if annoyance and disappointment on their faces.

"That idiot; what is he doing to that girl?" one of the men asked another girl an annoyed look on his face. It seemed they temporarily forgot about me since they were all now looking at the man that spoke. I watched as the blue man chuckled and showed off his blue teeth.

"It will be anything but kill her. He thinks the brat is a Jashinist is like him; I guess it is part of his stupid religion to kill fellow members." He sounded kind of annoyed but he was grinning none the less. The raven head that untied me replied with a one nodded hm.

"He likes her; this is obvious if you play close enough attention." Something about his voice made me shutter. It deep, velvet and rich like it was before, but I couldn't sense emotion in it; I knew he was hiding something and I hoped I could figure it out in time.

Suddenly, to my shock, there was a big poofing sounds, with big white cloud things, and one by one, everyone was turning back into a dog. (3) I watched in complete shock as everyone was a dog again, with the clothes that they were wearing, around their dog bodies.

"What the hell is going on here? Hidan and Kakuzu are dogs again... and so is everyone else it seems." I looked to see Hikari rushing back into the room with Ghost and Frankenstein at her side.

"I have no idea how this happened. You seem to be the Naruto expert so can you explain this?" I asked, looking as everyone, in their dog bodies, was now staring at the same girl I was. Hikari looked at the dogs, as if in thought, before she looked back in me.

"Yes, I think I can but there is only one problem with that. It has been hours since I got here, way past my work time limit, and my parents will be worried by now. I can come back in a few days and help explain but, if you don't want them in their human form, I suggest that you don't get them wet." Hikari explained and walked out of the room as the dogs growled. I went to follow her to the front door. She gave wave and left the house before anyone could stop her.

Sighing, I looked back at the dogs turned human, turned back into dogs again. They were staring back and I started to chew my lip. Now that I knew how they seemed so weird, that they were really all human, I had little idea what could happen next.

(1) I do not know if this is true or not. I just thought it sounded good.

(2) Remember Itachi is still young; he is only two years older than Diedara

(3) Yes, it is time limited. I think I might make it they were human for six hours; I do not know yet.

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