Curse of the Dogs

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Chapter 6: Halloween and old friends

It has been two days and Hikari hadn't been back to explain things. Instead I looked up things for myself on the internet. I went to that Narutopedia site I remember Hikari mentioning and looked up the characters that happened to be in my house, or I tried to. It was hard since not many names were mentioned. All I really remember was the names Pein, Konan, Tobi, Hidan and Kakuzu. (1) So thanks to that website I was able to lean about five out of the ten dog people that were living with me.

(2) The man named Pein, the orange dog I named Saber, was the leader of the group. It said he was sensitive, kind and prone to crying as a child, terrified by the idea of killing others. Yet, now that he was a man, he was calm, serious, aloof, and detached. He fought for world peace and even thought himself as some kind of god. It said his real name was Nagato and the body he was using now wasn't even his real one.

The one and only woman named Konan seemed to be childhood friends with Pein. Like when Pein was a child her personality seemed different than it was now. As a child she seemed bright, compassionate, and relatively cheerful. Yet now she was. It seemed that she had had a curse on Yahiko, the body that Nagato was now using. Now that she was a woman he personality was more serious and less talkative. It also said that Konan was considered a angel among the people of her village because of the power over paper she seemed to have.

Now, the man named Tobi, it was a surprise. (3) It said his real name was Madara Uchiha. It said he was one of the first Uchihas and one of the two that founded the leaf village with his brother. The website also told me he killed his brother, stole his eye and lived for over a hundred years. It said he was the true leader of Akatsuki and kept himself a secret by making the Tobi identity. So I would have to make sure I pretend not to know who Tobi really is or I could get myself killed.

Now for Hidan, he was the very same man that wanted to kill me and had tried attacking me a handful of times. He followed a religion called Jashinisum (4), a religion where he seemed to kill people in the name of his god. It mentioned that the man was an immortal, seemingly a gift from his god from all the killing that he did. It also listed a few of his favorite things so maybe this would be a way to win over his trust, or to the point where he doesn't want to kill me.

The last man I looked up, named Kakuzu, really put shivers down my back. It said he was in his ninety's and managed to live so long by stealing the hearts of other people. He was a foul tempered man that seemed to kill people around him because of that anger. It said he was a bounty hunter and seemed to be Hidan's partner.

Well right now I was in the downstairs living room, planing on how I was going to spend my night. It was Halloween night and I wanted to go out for some fun but the dogs were still living with me, and they had remained as dogs ever since Hikari had left. I already knew a bunch of them seemed mad at me for leaving them that way, by the way they would growl at me, but I still took care of them. Other then that, I now felt weird about being around them and would try to avoid them.

Third Person P.O.V

The Akatsuki members were annoyed, not just at the girl, but at Orochimaru. That damned snake bastard put a time limit on them. They couldn't remain human for very long without turning back into dogs. Also, while they knew the way to become human again, they couldn't do it without their host's help and, besides feeding them, she seemed to be avoiding them.

So Pein, Konan, Zetsu, Tobi/Madara and Itachi went off separately. The four were planing on talking privately on what they planed to do. They all knew that their host was scared and that other girl even told her not to turn them back into humans. (5)

"So what are we going to do about this? It had been two days since we've been human again and we are still dogs. She doesn't trust us so how will we turn back?" Itachi asked the other four members in the group. They all looked serious while they sat in a study that they had found.

Pein and Konan were sitting next to each other on the couch that was in the room. Zetsu was laying under the desk which was next to a potted plant. Itachi was sitting by the book case and Madara took his place in front of the fire place, which was missing the fire at the time being.

"I think we should go to the original plan and get her trust again. It is obvious she is scared about turning us back to normal, not that I can blame her." Madara said in his normal voice, his right eye shinning red with Sharingan while his other remained the brown it was. (6)

"That does seem to be the best situation. Itachi, I think you are one of the few she still trusts; both you and Kisame. I want the both of you to be kind and try to win her trust. If, and when, it makes her turn you human then the two of you can turn the rest of us human." Pein looked at Itachi who only had to nod his head twice. Konan managed a small frown in her dog body and sighed.

"We should protect her as well. Even though she knows who and what we are now she still takes care of us. I would have thought she'd through us out by now. Protecting her from the others is the least we can do." The four men dogs in the room turned their heads in agreement to the one and only female member. Although, though they knew that Konan was right, they all knew they still couldn't be too careful around the girl.

"Konan has a point about that. Indeed. Yet the only think I am really worried about is if she screams at us again. I agree; it was very a really impolite thing to do. It hurt my ears." Zetsu's side spoke together, for once in a long time actually agreeing with each other. This caused the others to look at him raising the eyebrows that hid in their fur.

It was rare for Zetsu to actually agree with himself; his sides argued at the smallest of things. So the four other members couldn't help but just stared at him for a moment. Although, not long after, their attention was driven away from Zetsu when they heard the door opening and they looked to see Ashlen entering.

"Oh, I am sorry, I was just looking for my bag. I'll... um, I'll leave you be." Ashlen said uncomfortably, feeling as if she walked in on something important. She turned around to leave the room but in seconds Itachi was by her side, lightly growling to get her attention.

Normal P.O.V

I looked down to my side to see Nightmare standing there and that he had followed me back into the hall. I didn't yet know his human name but I suspect I will find out soon enough. Oddly, when I looked down at him I noticed his eyes turned from that red color into a dark gray. Well, just by reading the information about the five others I already knew all ten must have had their own special power. This eye think must be his power.

I sighed and knelt down to be eye level with the man dog. I noticed that he blinked his eyes once before he sat and seemed to stare into my eyes. I actually felt nervous with him doing that, since the last person to look into his eyes was Becky and she had fainted. Yet I felt no effect from looking into his somehow eyes.

Since I knew nothing was going to happen from looking into his like with Becky, I allowed myself to try to read his emotions. Now doing this to a dog was actually harder than with a human since with a human I don't just look in their eyes but their face as well. Yet, though his body was of a dog, his eyes retained the emotion of a human's and I was able to figure a few things out.

His eyes had a cold and stern look to them but I also noticed a softness in them; he pitied me. I knew from that one emotion that I had high doubts that he would try to harm me. In fact, like he had been doing as a dog, I bet he would even go as far as protecting me when he could. Not to mention he was the one that untied me when Hikari and I were tied to chairs two days ago.

"You don't want to hurt me, do you?" I asked the man dog, looking into his gray eyes so I felt like I was talking more to a man than a dog. The man dog uttered a small growl while his head shook side to side, his way to tell me no since, of course, I wouldn't be able to understand his barks.

I nodded my head back in understanding before I took a look behind me to make sure no one would watch me do this. When I noticed there was no one else in the hallway besides the two of us, I stood up straight and wagged two of my fingers to single him to follow me.

"Follow me... I'll turn you back." I explained when he gave me a strange look. He stood from his sitting position a second after that and was by my side as I walked to my room.

Third Person P.O.V

If dogs had eyebrows, Itachi raised his as he shot the girl a questioning look. Yet she didn't even glance his way as she walked over to her wardrobe, falling onto her knees as she dug through her clothes. Itachi sighed softly as he sat in front of the door and just kept his eyes glued on her, watching her every move.

She had claimed that she was going to turn him back to his human form but instead they were in her bedroom. Yet now that he remembered, the first time he and the others turned back to human, everyone turned out naked. She was probably only preparing clothes so when he turned out human, she wouldn't have to worry about seeing him naked.

"Come here for a moment." Ashlen looked over to Itachi, holding some clothes in one hand while the other waved him over. Itachi stared at her in thought for a second, wondering what she had in mind, before slowly walking over at her.

'What is this girl up to? I thought she just preparing clothes for me to change into after I turn back.' Itachi thought to himself as he sat in front of the young girl. Ashlen smiled at him as she held up a plan purple shirt at him, one of her longest shirts.

"Sorry if I don't remember your height. I want you to wear these now so, even if the clothes will be wet after, you'll be covered and I will get the clothes I saw you wear two days ago." Ashlen explained to Itachi's questioning look. The dog's eyes widen a little as he tilted his head.

'Clever girl. I wonder why she said people think she is stupid.' He thought to himself as he nodding his head to allow the girl to know he understood. He sat down and raised his arms into the air, doing his best to help the girl get his dog body in the clothes.

Getting into the shirt was rather easy, it was slipping on the paints that was the hard part. Ashlen felt a little uncomfortable toughing the man dog there since, even though covered in fur, he was technically naked right now. If Nightmare was just a normal dog Ashlen would have no worries about doing what she was doing, but she knew she was actually touching a man in the body of a man.

"Um... perhaps shorts would be easier." Ashlen said once the two gave up trying. Itachi nodding his head in agreement as he watched the girl dig in her wardrobe once again.

As the girl was digging through her clothes, Itachi had time to think to herself. He understood why she seemed to trust him most of all, seeing as he and Kisame had shown her the most kindness out of the group. Yet he was a little disappointed in her; she knew nothing about him or about any of the others so, in his eyes, she was much too trusting. Not that he wasn't grateful for being turned back: he wanted her to be a little more on her guard.

"Nightmare." Ashlen called him by his dog name to get his attention. Itachi raised a doggy eyebrow as he looked at the girl with another questioning look in his eyes, making Ashlen blush.

"Sorry, I do not know your human name. I actually only know a few of the others' names from that one day." She explained why she addressed him as his dog name. Itachi's eye softened a little as he nodded in understanding to the girl.

'I think all of us should tell the girl our names. I doubt any of us like our pet names and want to be called by them. Well I think Kisame doesn't mind his.' The Uchiha thought to himself as he once again helped the girl help him into the shorts. This time it was a lot easier than it was with the pants and Ashlen started giggling at Itachi afterward.

"Sorry, I just have always thought animals in clothes was really silly looking." Ashlen apologized with a small blush on her face. Itachi didn't even bother to roll his eyes, he just gave the girl a blank stare.

Normal P.O.V

I sighed as I brushed a hand through my hair, frowning. I hated how childish I could be in front of others since it made me feel like people thought I was a moron. It seemed like there was no one I could really trust enough where I could act like myself. Yeah I trusted this man dog, Nightmare, but, even though he seemed kind enough, I still knew nothing about him.

"Just follow me to the bathroom, alright?" I asked the man dog while I stared down into his face. He gave a low bark as if he was agreeing with me and seemed to follow me without hesitation.

I didn't bother talk to the man dog as I lead him to the bathroom, as he also kept quiet. All that I heard from the man dog was his claws clicking on the tile floor when we got into the bathroom. I walked over to the tub and turned on the shower, covering the tub with the curtain so the water wouldn't spray out onto the floor. I stuck my hand between the curtain to feel the water and when I was sure the water was warm enough I turned to look at the man dog.

"Alright, get in please." I asked, pulling back the curtain enough that the water wouldn't get out but enough so that the man dog could get in. The man dog nodded his head once and didn't even seem to hesitate as he jumped into the tub, his fur getting soaked.

A moment later the room was filled with think white steam, like that last time, and Nightmare was replaced by that raven haired man from before. He himself turned off the water as he stepped out of the tub, the clothes I gave him soaked and his hair, which I noticed was in a pony tail, was dripping wet. Now that he was standing right in front of me I was able to see that he was around my height if not an inch taller.

I only looked at him for a moment before I realized he was still just staring at me. I blushed slightly and reached over where the towels were, grabbing a large sized white one. The boy, or man since I was still unsure of his age, took the towel without saying anything and started to dry his hair.

"You shouldn't be so trusting. All of us have done our share of killing and some members do it just for fun. You are lucky that our leader ordered us from harming you." The man's voice surprised me out of my thoughts and I looked at his face to see him looking at me, the towel around his shoulders. I felt a little uneasy and I gazed at the ground as I shuffled my feet.

"No mater what anyone says, I am not just a stupid girl. There are things I don't know about that others my age do know about but I know how to read people. I have been betrayed so many times in the past that I need to know what someone is thinking of me." I explained as I avoided his gaze. Now that he was a man and not a dog anymore, it felt weird to look at him and tell him about my feelings; I never liked doing that kind of thing to people.

It seemed like the man was going to reply but a growl made the both of us looked at the door to the hallway. There I saw Shark, the big blue man dog, human name also unknown. looking at the both of us.

Third person P.O.V

Kisame looked at both the girl and Itachi, who was now in his human body. He had actually spent the last hour looking for his partner, seeing as he had just wandered off with a few others somewhere. The Shark mist ninja didn't really know that Itachi attended privet meetings so when the Uchiha disappeared from the room they had been in he went looking. Now here he found the Uchiha with the young girl, human.

"Aw, come on, that is not fair; changing him but not me. It's because I am blue, right?" Kisame complained but all the two heard was barking. Itachi and Ashlen looked at him for a moment later before looking at each other.

"I think it would be wise to change everyone back before they get upset about this. Even as dogs we can be very violent." Itachi warned as he took another glance at his partner. Kisame was grinning as he understood Itachi while he walked over to the tub. Ashlen only nodded.

"Right; I will let you do that. I will go get clothes for everyone." She agreed as she was already walking out the door. The two Akatsuki members didn't stop her as they let her leave; Kisame wasn't wearing clothes and they knew she didn't want to seem him naked.

Time skip -Getting bored

After a full hour everyone was back to human and fully clothed. Pein had ordered that everyone go down to the same living room that Ashlen was tired up in two days ago to talk things over and ask questions. Although this time they didn't tie Ashlen up since they needed her trust as she would probably corporate a lot better that way.

Ashlen was sitting in the middle of the main couch with Itachi on her right and Kisame on her left. Kisame didn't even have to listen to Pein to agree to protect her from the others; Ashlen didn't think or look at him as if he was a freak so she was OK in his book. Itachi wanted to protect her for his own reasons.

Deidara and Sasori was sitting beside each other on the smaller couch to the side of the room. Sasori was just rubbing his hands over the couch fabric, testing the feeling of it and Deidara was looking through Ashlen's sketch book. Though his art was the opposite of hers, he has to admit she wasn't half bad and he even had his own favorites. Tobi was sitting leg crossed against the wall while Zetsu had half of himself in the wall, the front half out so he was able to look at everyone around the room.

Hidan was sitting in the puffy arm chair, grumbling how he didn't have his scythe, and giving Ashlen, who he still wished to kill, evil looks. Kakuzu was just leaning crossed armed against a shelf of glass vases, pictures and other things breakable. He was looking bored while his thoughts were on how much money this girl probably had. Seeing how big this house was it had to be at least a few million yen.

"Alright girl, lets start off by you telling us what village we are in." Pein ordered, standing in front of the couch as Konan stood as his side. She, like Itachi, felt pity for the young girl but she would never show that with Pein or the others around.

Normal P.O.V

I was really uncomfortable with all of this. I had been forced into the same living room as before and sat on the couch. Though, this time I wasn't tied up, the blue man and the raven haired man sat beside me. I wasn't really scared with these two; the blue man saved me from the silver man a number of times and the raven haired seemed kind enough. Now the man named Pein had been pacing slightly before he demanded I answer questions.

"This isn't a village, it is a city. As Hikari don't you before, you are in a different world, in a country called Canada, province Alberta and city Whitelaw. Which is in the lower part of North America. If you need prove there is a map of this country over there." I said and pointed over to the bookcase that held history books. I already knew that if he thought I was lying something bad could happen to me.

I saw Pein look over to the man named Kakuzu, who had a scarf wrapped around his face, and he nodded his head. The scarfed man nodded his head back before going where I said the map was. Seeing as it was the only non-book there it seemed really easy for him to find; as he grabbed it and walked over to the man named Pein, opening it for him to see. They both, with the woman named Konan, seemed to study the map before looking up from it.

"It seems that other girl wasn't lying; we are indeed in a different world. " The man told the others and I lightly bit my bottom lip. The new seemed to upset the group of men since they were all talking at once and rather loudly.

Third Person P.O.V

"Fuck it all, Jashin damn it! That snake bastard still has my scythe in his damned base! I'll never get it back now!" Hidan swore rather loudly, snarling with anger. The others with large weapons, as Kisame, agreed with the Jashinist but without all the swearing.

"I was Orochimaru's partner in the Akatsuki so I know he collects forbidden jutsus. Yet, I doubt any of us thought there would be one that would do this." Sasori told, crossing his arms across his chest as he looked down at the light green colored carpet. Pein and Itachi, seeming to know the most about Orochimaru besides Sasori, nodded in agreement.

"Yes, it's going to be tricky to find a way home. Without that scroll to tell us how to travel through worlds it will almost be like we have to invent the jutsu ourselves. This can, and I assume it will, take a really long time." Itachi spoke out calmly, his arms crossed over his chest like Sasori had his. Itachi was one of the few, along with Sasori, that didn't show his emotion about this on the outside, though on the inside he was really worried.

How was he so post to protect Sasuke if he was trapped in a different world? If the elders of the leaf village find out about this, though it was more believable that they would think he was dead, they would go after Sasuke and kill him. Yet, ever since Sasuke joined Orochimaru, Itachi knew his little brother was slowly turning into a S-class criminal. He didn't want that for Sasuke; Itachi wanted his brother to kill him and, in his death, he would let out a hint of the truth.

"I call dibs on killing that damned snake fucker. I would just love see see what happens when I blow him up, yeah!" Deidara, who had dropped the art book on the ground, shouted in pure anger. Out of anyone in the Akatsuki, even Sasori, no one hated Orochimaru more than he did.

Deidara had great respect for his partner Sasori and the way Orochimaru betrayed him made his blood run cold. The bomber didn't even want to be a Akatsuki member to begin with and only joined since he lost a challenge against Itachi Uchiha. Though now that he was used to things he'd admit that the Akatsuki were like a new family to him; he wasn't only fond of Sasori but Kisame as well. (7)

"Fuck that! Who says you get to kill that bastard?" Hidan demanded as he stood up from his chair and, with his ninja speed, was in front of the younger man. Deidara narrowed both his blue eyes, though only one was visible, at the Jashinist.

"If you dare take my victim I will turn your balls into my works of art, un." Deidara threatened darkly, causing everyone else to quiet down to watch the reaction of the Jashinist. Unknown to the others, Kakuzu was smirking behind the scarf.

"I actually wouldn't mind seeing that." Kakuzu said with a dark chuckle. A few others snickered with him while Hidan gave them all his death glare.

"Why don't you say that to my face you fucker! I'll slice all of you heathen bastards to pieces before you can lay one finger on me." Hidan snarled in a threat, reaching behind him for his scythe but swore, remembering it wasn't there when his hand grabbed open air. A couple others laughed at the Jashinist while the others were ether annoyed or bored about this.

As for what Ashlen thought, though she had a fear in her stomach, she couldn't help but be interested. Being a girl that loved Halloween she loved all things weird and unusual. Yet there was still a difference between monster and creatures of the night and weird looking people that murder for the fun of it.

Normal P.O.V

"Enough! This isn't the time to start a fight! We all need to keep our heads clear." The man named Pein shouted, causing everyone to instantly be quiet and look at him. I myself shuttered slightly as I knew I would have to be very careful around this man.

"Pein is right, we all need to stay calm about this; if there was a way here there will be a way home. Right now we need to focus on how long we can stay human before turning into dogs." The woman named Konan said in a rather calm, almost emotionless voice. Besides the two sitting beside me I felt like I could trust her out of everyone; maybe more than the two beside me.

Though at this point I was starting to get uncomfortable and wished I never turned the raven haired man back to his human body; as much as I knew he wouldn't hurt me. It's not only the fact that I was around people that murdered for a living, five of them I knew about and five I didn't, but, since I was bullied had harassed through my life, I was just no comfortable being around any people for every long. Even to the people that were nice to me I still preferred to be alone; animals were the acceptation but now I knew they weren't real animals.

"Girl, if you willingly allow us to stay here until we find a way home all of us will insure you your safety." The woman said and I looked into her eyes. Even though she seemed good at hiding emotions I just had to look into her eyes like the first time and I was able to see that she meant what she said.

"Hold on a fucking moment! Why should we let the fucking bitch live? We don't need her fucking help! We were doing just fine before she came along. If she hadn't followed Kisame to the fucking alley we would never be here in the first place!" The sliver man, or Hidan as I remember, shouted rather angrily. Why he hated me so much I wasn't really sure; I did nothing to hurt or threaten him so I didn't really see the reason in it.

Though I let that thought sink to the back of my mind as I glanced at the blue man. So his name was Kisame, thats good to know. Now when I have the time, probably when they turn back into dogs like the last time, I can go back on that website and read up about him.

"Hidan, if it wasn't for her, we would all be dead by now. I doubt it would have made much of a difference that, if she didn't follow Kisame, those men would have still caught us. Besides we need someone to help us when we are dogs again; now that we know what turns us human again." The raven haired boy, who's name I didn't know, replied and I looked at him to see his eyes almost closed , looking as if he was thinking of something. The silver haired man, a Jashinist as the website called him, tsked.

"Like fucking hell anyone could kill me, Uchiha. I am immortal bitch. Also I don't need a bitch..." The man was suddenly cut short as Kakuzu, who I learned was Hidan's partner, smacked him over the head.

"Shut up already you idiot. Keep your mouth shut before I sow your lips together!" Even though he wasn't speaking to me I felt a cold shiver go down my back. He was something I was planing to avoid.

Third Person P.O.V

"Back to the subject that matter's, do you agree to our terms? This means none of us will hurt you, and those that do will be punished servilely." Pein said with a serious voice, narrowing his Rinnegan eyes at the other member threateningly. Some glared back at him; mostly Hidan, a few actually seemed nervous about the glare and others just seemed to ignore it.

He knew the others wouldn't like accepting the help of a child younger than Deidara to help them out; he didn't ether. Yet, since this was probably going to be the best place they could stay while in this world, they needed this girl. Pein knew if they could get her trust, she would willingly turn them back to humans whenever they were turned back into dogs. She would take care of them and do as they asked while trapped here and her trust was all they needed for that.

"I have been living on my own for six years. I don't know if I can handle living with people again; before a few days ago I thought you were all dogs. I guess I could accept it on a few conditions." Ashlen replied and Pein narrowed his eyes slightly. He really didn't want to follow the rules if a child but if it would get his own way in the end he would allow it.

"Very well. What are your... conditions?" Pein asked almost unwillingly. Some of the men grumbled in displeasure about this by a sharp glare from Pein stopped them all.

"I do not know much about any of you but from what I understand from Hikari you are all basicly criminals from a different world. All I want is for you to lay low and not drag me into anything; there are some rotten cops that just want a reason to put me in jail to get at the money I was left." Ashlen said while looking only at Pein. It was obvious that, if he was the leader, he had to be the most reasonable.

"How much money do you exactly have?" Kakuzu asked, a eyebrow raised in interest. Of course as the Akatsuki's treasurer AND a person that the best thing about life was money, he would want to know.

"The family that adopted me were one of the richest people in this area of the country. From what I understand I around five hundred million to one billion dollars." Ashlen said thoughtfully for she truthfully didn't know the accurate answer. Though Kakuzu was more then statistic with the answer as his eyes widen and one of his hearts almost gave out.

"Very good, now for our terms. Whenever we are turned back into dogs you will turn one of us back to human like you did with Itachi. So he can turn the others back like what happened today; I wont make you see us naked. As for Konan, I myself will be the one to turn her back." He said and shot Hidan a angered glare when the Jashinist complained. As Pein gave the other members the evil eye, Ashlen was able to do some thinking.

'So his name is Itachi? Didn't Hidan call him Uchiha? One must be his first and the other his last; I will have to look it up.' She thought as she glanced at the raven haired man to closer inspect him. What stuck out to her was that he looked rather young but the marks under his eyes looked like wrinkles; like he was overly stressed about something.

"Is that understood?" The man's voice snapped Ashlen out of her thoughts and she looked back over too him again. The girl had a feeling she had missed him saying something but she didn't want to ask him to repeat himself so Ashlen just nodded slowly.

So with that all over everyone just introduced themselves. As Itachi thought before no one actually enjoyed their dog names, as it made them feel like pets. They rather the girl know their real names, in hope that is what they will be called when they were dogs again. In return Ashlen told them her name in hopes nun of them would give her her own so called pet name.

Time skip/First Person P.O.V -Writers block.

It was seven at night and I finally had my plans on how to spend Halloween night. A fair had opened up a few blocks away and there was so post to be a few rides, people in costumes scaring guests, lots of candy -and a big shopping bag given out to everyone at the exit- and a huge haunted house. So now all I had to do was look though the attic for my costume.

"What are you doing in here?" A sudden male voice caused me to jump in surprise, hitting my head on the shelf that was above me. Rubbing the new bump that was forming on my head, I pulled my head away from the shelf before standing up and looking to see the red head, who I leaned had the name Sasori, behind me.

"I am just looking for a Halloween costume for tonight." I answered and looked behind me to the costumes I had found. There was a witch costume, a werewolf costume, a zombie costume, a pumpkin costume and a vampire costume.

"What's a Halloween costume?" Sasori asked confusingly which made my look at him in surprise.

How could he not know about Halloween, the best time of the year? I mean it is just the scariest day of the whole years; as well as one of most sugar filled days, besides Christmas and Easter; though that is pretty much only chocolates and candy canes. Speaking of Christmas and Easter I wonder if he doesn't know of those as well. Well maybe his world doesn't have any of the fun holidays.

"Halloween comes once a year. Around night time little kids dress up in costumes and go to house to house for free candy; which is called Trick or Treating. Most teenagers will dress up as well but it is mostly for attending parties or going to scare other people. Halloween is my favorite time of year, as I like the creepy and scary, and I am wanting to go to the Halloween fair that is only a few blocks away from here." I told him, smiling proudly as I reached down for the witch costume, all besides the warty nose; I was going as a Harry Potter style witch.

"Sounds annoying. I don't see the point in scaring just for fun and too much candy will make you sick." I heard his reply. Holding the costumes in my arms, I turned around to see the boy leaning against some dusty boxes, crossing his arms.

Before I had went looking for the costumes I had used my computer to look up info about the rest of the men that introduced themselves to me. The main thing I found out about Sasori was that his parent died when he was at a young age so, slowly, he lost all emotion. Narutopedia also said that, at age fifteen he turned himself into a living puppet; a man made out of wood; so he looked fifteen but was really thirty five. When coming into this world I guessed he body turned into flesh and blood so he seemed to be a real teenager. The only thing that shocked me was that Narutopedia said that Sasori was so post to be dead; according to the Naruto story line a few of them should actually be dead.

"I just love this holiday. All of the others are religious and family based. This is the one event of the year that doesn't need a family." I told him as I walked past him to the attic stairs. Bringing up the subject made me thing of all the bad times I had during the years the Smith people were still alive.

Because of the embarrassment and abuse I got I was barely allowed to celebrate many holidays. I wasn't allowed to do Easter egg hunts, I wasn't allowed to go trick or treating, I was only given one Christmas gift which would be a doll -probably one of the nicest things that they would do for me.- I wasn't even allowed to celebrate my own birthday, no cake, no gifts. Not even a happy birthday greeting.

"You mentioned you had a foster family. What happened to your real parents? Why weren't they there to protect you?" I stopped walking half way down the stairs as I stared down. I guessed he was just curious since he had lost his parents at a young age so I understood that he wanted to know; it's just not a good memory even if I don't actually remember my birth parents.

"They abandoned me ever since I was one years old; so I was told. I lived in an orphanage until I was six and adopted into this family; who did nothing but abuse and harassed me. Now, if you excuse me, I need to get ready for the fair." I answered and continued my way down the attic stairs. I didn't hear Sasori following me so I made my way to my room in comfort.

Sasori's P.O.V

'Damned emotions!" I cursed myself as I stood on the attic stairs even though the girl was long gone. Not only had I gotten my human body back when we entered this weird world but my emotions seemed to have returned as well.

Strangely and unknown to me, I pitied this girl for not getting the love a parent should give. I knew what it felt like to not get the love a child should from a parent; my own parents were barely home when I was young and there was only a couple times were I spent time with them. Other than that they were always away on missions and I was left with my grandmother. This girl had been without parents ever since she was a baby; even though my parents died when I was six years I had it a lot better than she did.

"Why do I care so much! Damn it!" I grumbled to myself to myself in annoyance. Really, I was Sasori of the red sad, puppet master and killer of hundreds; there was no one I actually pitted before.

I sighed and put my hand through my hair, still surprising myself by how soft it was. After twenty years of living in a wooden body it was weird to have my scenes of touch again. I forgot how different things had their different feelings, rough, smooth, soft, rough, scratchy and more. I could even feel my heart beating in my chest.

Well I guess I can always make myself a new puppet body. If I did it once I can do it again; it wasn't hard. I will just have to be really careful about inserting my chakra in the puppet. The only thing I might need help with is putting my heart in it's container and in my puppet chest. Kakuzu would be the best choice for that but the only issue about that is he might take the heart for himself.

Time Skip/Third Person P.O.V

"Where are you going and what are you wearing?" Pein called out from behind Ashlen, stopping her from grabbing the door knob of the front door. Sighing inwardly, Ashlen turned around to face the pierced man.

"I am going to spend Halloween night at the fair. It's only four bloods away and I should be back in a couple hours." Pein narrowed his eyes more at the response. Though he was unsure what Halloween was he DID understand that the girl wanted to leave the house, something he didn't like.

"That is no acceptable. We have no idea when we will turn back into dogs. Last time we lasted for five to six hours. It's been four hours now; we need you to stay here so you will be able to turn us back." Pein ordered and grabbed at Ashlen's arm to prove he was serious. Ashlen sighed and didn't bother try to jerk free; he wouldn't hurt her if she didn't resist.

"Then come with me. You seem to turn human if you are wet so your time limit could be prolonged if you get wet again while you are still human. I don't want to miss this event; it is my favorite through out the year. It is filled with scary fun and sugar filled." Ashlen tried to convince himself and Pein's forehead wrinkled in thought. So he demanded that she tell him what this Halloween thing was before he made up his mind.

So Ashlen repeated her Halloween speech which she told to Sasori to Pein, including that it was her favorite event out of all the holidays. She what people did and how it can be fun for them. The Akatsuki leader agreed that getting wet made the time limit longer made scenes but he wasn't one hundred percent sure about the Halloween fair. Finally, after ten minutes of thinking about it, Pein had agreed that everyone would go to her and they would experience this event called Halloween.

He had called everyone to the same living room as before and explained that everyone would take a short shower before getting ready to go out for the night. A few of the members did complain about going to something as stupid as called Halloween fair but a sharp glare from the leader shut all of those people up. Madara decided to use his Tobi act at that moment and act like a hyper child at the mention of candy; it was only to be as expected as he himself didn't like too many sweets.

"There is one small problem to all of this. If we really do come from some manga, or anime, world wont other people recognize us, hmm? What are we going to do about that?" Deidara asked, pulling everyone's attention to the obvious. The others began thinking he was right, all but a few.

"If people are going to wear costumes tonight wont they think we too are in costume?" Itachi asked, slightly raising a smugish eyebrow in Deidara's detection. The young blond glared and balled his hand into a fist.

"Damned Uchiha." The bomber growled under his breath narrowing his eyes in anger at him. No one paid attention to this as everyone already knew Deidara hated Itachi.

"Alright, now that that is settled, everyone make sure you get wet before we leave. We need to prolong the time limit so everyone go find a bathroom and than meet at the front door." Pein ordered and waved his hands in dismissal. Still grumbling about this the Akatsuki members left the living room to follow the orders of the leader.

Time skip

"Is this what all Halloween fairs look like? It's interesting." Konan said while she and the others looked around at the weird surroundings. The others agreed with nod or comments.

"There is so many weird creatures here. It's nice knowing we aren't the only ones any more. Oh but didn't the girl say they are only costumes? At least we don't stick out; we fit in here." Zetsu spoke to himself as he watched some kids dressed as a skeleton, werewolf and pumpkin run off to a cotton candy stand.

"Tobi sees so much candy! It looks yummy to Tobi!" Tobi shouted as he past everyone to run to a game stand where the prize was a bag of candy. Madara wasn't truly interested in the candy, he was more interested in figuring out how this world worked; that and it was fun to annoy others when he acted hyper on sugar.

"Why did we let him in the Akatsuki again?" Konan asked Pein as she watched the over sized child using his ninja skills to win the game. Pein grimaced as he was also watching the man.

"I can't, for the life of me, remember." The Akatsuki leader replied, rubbing the bridge of his nose in annoyance. Of course they knew the truth but they couldn't let the other members find out.

A few other Akatsuki members started to wander around the fair with their partners, making sure they stopped each other from attacking so they wouldn't draw attention. Zetsu, who would normally go off on his own, followed after Tobi to make sure the man didn't get overly hyper and did something stupid. Kisame and Itachi found a water squirting game, which Kisame secretly cheated at, which won him a fish toy.

Deidara and Sasori went to a pumpkin carving contest. Thanks to Deidara's sculpting skills and Sasori's carving skills they easily tied for first place. The prize was a pumpkin pie and a bag of different little candies. Both he and Deidara shared the pie as they then looked for something else to do. Sasori was surprised at the taste at the pie and was enjoying it, even if he might not have looked like it; he wasn't going to let the others know he actually had emotions again.

Hidan had forced Kakuzu to the food stands and ordered the man behind the stand give him some ribs or he'd get sacrificed. Of coursed this caused Kakuzu hit Hidan over the head for nearly breaking their cover and he had to apologize to the man. 'he is just really in character right now' He explained to the man and used the money Ashlen given them to pay for the ribs.

Pein and Konan themselves stayed with Ashlen. They didn't inertly trust the girl yet, as they feared she would run to get help. Though so far the girl seemed to be doing the smart thing and kept quiet about them. There was also the fact that no one in this world had chakra so, if this girl did get away, they wouldn't be able to find her as fast as they would want.

The Akatsuki leader and his childhood friend were allowing the other Akatsuki members wonder around for now. When they were needed Pein would contact them through the rings to regroup. Yet right now he will let the members explore and have a little fun; it wasn't often you got to go to a different world where everything is different.

First Person P.O.V/Small time skip

I was staring at the haunted house that stood in front of me. It was a lot bigger and creepier than I would have hoped for. The front yard was littered with grave stone, cobwebs and dust on the windows, skeleton's dangling from the trees. There was even fake zombies pushing themselves from the graves and creepy background music. There could be screams heard from inside the house so I knew he had to be scary.

Everyone had rejoined as and when I got confused to how they knew where to find us so fast, Konan explained to me that they had an energy source they called Chakra they could follow. It was still confusing but I didn't really care anymore about that; not right now at least. I just wanted to get inside the haunted house to have some fun.

"Do people really find this enjoyable? It looks like somewhere Orochimaru would live." Zetsu said as his face was poking out from his fly trap plant part. I noticed that a few members agreed with him while others, mostly Hidan, grinned.

"Fuck this is going to be fun. Jashin-Sama would be proud of a place like this. The screams would be like music to her ears (9)." I shivered slightly as Hidan snickered evilly as he grinned when another screamed emerged from the house. I watched as Deidara looked at the Jashinist in surprise.

"Jashin is a girl? Never would have thought that; you are a sexist womanizer so following the commandments for a female god seems hypercritical." I was confused again but didn't bother think about it as I watched the blond man get glared at by the Jashinist. Kakuzu grabbed his arm as Hidan tried jumping towards Deidara.

"Shut the fuck up, girly man! If I still have my spike with me I would shove them up your freak hands!" I had no idea what he was talking about but it was frightening and I saw it made Deidara angry. I was getting uncomfortable and didn't like where this could lead; all I wanted to do is go into the haunted house already.

So when they were busy with their fight that is what I did; I walked for the door to the house. I could hear the Akatsuki leader shout behind me, demanding that they shut up and there would be a punishment if they didn't. Yet I stayed focused on the Haunted House, all the grave stones, skeletons and more. Now that I was at the front door I saw it even had an old style knocker, with a bat body on it. I was about to open the door when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Hold it now, you aren't going in alone. We are all going in with you." I turned my head at Sasori's voice and he took his hand off my shoulder. I sighed softly and nodded.

"I already figured that, I just didn't want to continue to watch the fight any longer. I came here for this Haunted House and nothing will stop me from going in." I told him as I could still hear the others argue behind Sasori. I hope this wasn't a normal thing for them or else I will have to be extra careful and keep a case of pain pills with me.

"You might as well get used to it. Arguing like this is normal for us. We already gave our word we wouldn't hurt you, as we need your house to live and you are our source of information about this world. Though I will give you some friendly advice; stay away from Hidan and Kakuzu; they have foul tempers. Don't disrespect or disobey the leader when given an order. Everyone else has much more patience; but I myself hate to be kept waiting and everyone else does have their limits." I gulped lightly to the warning and nodding in understanding. I took one more look at the other Akatsuki members before opening the door and walked in with Sasori following behind me.

Third Person P.O.V

The Haunted House was much better than Ashlen would have ever thought it would be. Each room seemed designed for a different theme. In the living room the furniture was ripped up with chunks missing. The couch was on his side with two legs missing. The wall had scratch marks everywhere and the carpet was destroyed while a werewolf sat in the middle of the room, a couch leg in it's mouth.

The kitchen was a terrible mess. Pots, pans and broken dishes littered the ground. The kitchen table was knocked to it's side, the cloth dangling over it. The curtains over the window were broken and the sound effects of wind came through the broken window. Yet the most scary thing about the kitchen was the three dead, bloody bodies on the ground. The kitchen knives stuck in their chests and one body was missing it's head; but it was found in the open over; with a apple in it's mouth let a roasted pig.

Next the hallway had it's wallpaper pealing off the walls, some of it scratched with three long claw markings. Old style pictures of stern men and woman, who looked like they were glaring at you, filled the walls and was covered in a layer of dust. Sound effects lets out wolf howls and creaks of the floor boards under their feet. A side table held a vase of dead flower, gathering dust and cobwebs.

The child's room was one of the most creepiest of them all, even if there was no creature to be seen. Like the other rooms this room looked completely destroyed. The walls were scratched up with blood splattered on all walls. Toys and the bed's blanket littered the room, scattered everywhere. A crib missing some of it's bars was tossed to it's side. In the tossed over crib there was a visible doll with one eye missing a crack down her face.

A activated jack-in-the-box swayed back and forth on a broken spring, his face splattered with blood. Doll clothes were ripped and torn into pieces. The pages of a child's books was scattered around the room. Stuffed animals were ripped open and there stuffing was among the rest destruction.

It all it looked like a battle went down in here and the results were not good ones. The one thing that completed the creepiness of the room, and possibly the saddest, was Brahms lullaby that played in the background.

"This is insane! Not even any of us would do this kind of thing." Konan said as she remembered that baby doll. Hidan tsked.

"Says you, bitch. Doing this kind of thing would make Jashin-Sama so proud she might make me a god herself." The Jashinist laughed darkly, sending shivers down Ashlen's back. Kakuzu snarled and smacked Hidan on the head.

"Even I wouldn't be as heartless to steal the heart of a child! You idiot." The heart stealing ninja snarled while Ashlen was leading the way downstairs to the basement. Itachi was silent as kept his face emotionless.

Because of his orders to kill his entire clan, that included young children and babies; he wasn't allowed to keep one Uchiha alive. The elders had wanted him to kill himself once he was done and, seeing as he was such a good and kind boy, he would have out of guilt. Only he had left his brother alive out of pure love to be killed by his hands. By that time he knew Sasuke would be powerful enough to survive the village elders.

"That is because you are a pussy, you bastard. Jashin-Sama just love children; they become good little demons." He said with another snicker, licking his lips evilly in the thought of how much Jashin-Sama would reward him for the souls of children.

"This is all fake. Vampire, werewolves and so on aren't real in this world. Though people can do horrible things to children. Some people will kill others just to eat their eye balls." Ashlen said and shuttered in disgust. There had actually been an article about that happening a month ago; the man had been caught but it left three children, one man and one cat all dead.

"How odd. The rest of the body would go to such a waste; what a pity." Zetsu smirked to himself, actually feeling his stomach rumble to the mention of human meat. Ashlen felt herself tense up as she looked behind her at the weird man.

When she had time to look up the rest of the Akatsuki members she found out there was better reasons to fear him rather than his looks. He was a cannibal that ate raw humans after they died. He was the spy for Akatsuki group and his different sides would always talk, or in better words, argue with her. So if she ever died in front of him she could bet she'd end up in his stomach.

First Person P.O.V

I ignored the men as they talked to one another as I looked around the basement, which was rather big for a basement. It was cold, damn and dark, with only a few light bulbs dangling from the ceiling. Seeing as the background sound effect was of bats I could only imagine vampires were involved; they were the only creature we hadn't come across.

The room we were in now actually had fake backs hanging from the ceiling, a few of them with wings spread out. The walls were made of gray stone, which looked shiny from the moist and green patches of mold. There was even a manikin man shackled to the wall, shirtless and scared as if whipped; or attacked by bats.

Further across the room the sound effects of bats missed with screams and evil laughs. I felt shivers of excitement crawl down by back as I made my way to the other side of the basement. On my way there I noticed more manikin but not all were chained to the wall and even some looked dead; the only thing in common with them was they all looked pale with marks in their necks.

Even though I didn't chose that costume vampires were my all around favorite creature, witches and wizards coming into a close second. There was around thousands of different stories for vampires. like, they burn in sunlight, they sparkle in sunlight or sunlight does nothing. There was also the mirror thing which seemed stupid to me; vampires have solid bodies so why wouldn't they would up? If I have to say my favorite kind of vampire it had be to be vampires from Vampire Knight.

Vampire Knight had to be my favorite manga of all time. It had romance, drama, humor and all that. The vampires were put in five levels; Purebloods; vampires with not one drop of human blood and can turn humans into vampires by biting. Aristocrats; vampires born vampire but with some human blood. Normal vampires, or Level-Cs; vampires that have can be half breeds or products of x-humans. X-humans; humans turned into vampires and Level-Es; vampires that go crazy for blood if they don't get the blood of the vampire that turned them.

The thing I really liked about them was that they didn't have many of those weaknesses most movies and books claim they do. For example, the vampires in Vampire Knight can go outside, the worse they get is sunburn. The vampires can eat human food so garlic will do nothing to them. They can see themselves in mirror and touch water, as they take baths. They aren't the monsters most people would think they are.

As I neared the back of the room I noticed coffins around the wall, some of them closed while others were open. A few of the coffins were empty but a couple had what looked like sleeping vampires inside. There was vampires scattered around the room, looking like they were feeding off men and woman; which is where the screaming was coming from. Yet, my attention was driven to one certain vampire, a female.

She had dark violet hair that went down to her waist, where it got a little wavy at the ends. Her bangs were covering half of her eyes, still able to see they were a red color. Besides that blood thirsty glare on her face she looked rather young and not to mention really familiar.

I took a few steps closer to get a better look at this manikin. I swear I saw her somewhere before but where it was I couldn't clearly remember. Yet all those thoughts left my mind when the vampire manikin let go of her victim and jumped out at me with a hiss. I screamed and stumbled back until I tripped on my cloak and fell on my butt.

In seconds I saw that the Akatsuki were now standing all around me. One of them even lashed out to the girl that jumped out at me but all the so called vampire did was dodge the attack and laugh. I don't know how she got past my Akatsuki guards but the girl got past them and she was suddenly kneeling in front of me.

"It's nice to see you again; it's been such a long time, Unknown." My eyes widened as I watched her poke my forehead, his lips twisted into an amused smirk. There was only two people that had even called me Unknown but not since my day's in the orphanage. Not to mention only two people had called me that.

Third Person P.O.V

The Akatsuki were slightly confused. This weirdly dressed girl had jumped out in attack but all she was doing now was laughing as if it was nothing but a joke. Now she was talking as if she had known Ashlen from somewhere before. Well at least they knew they could relax a little, though they would keep their guard. Though seeing that girl poke Ashlen in the forehead brought back memories for Itachi and he felt slightly saddened but he kept his eyes emotionless.

"Ayane, is that really you?" Ashlen asked, voice filled with surprise. She extended her hand to the girl in the vampire costume, who grabbed it to help her up.

"Sure is. The last time we saw each other was two days before my brother and I moved. We heard you got adopted soon after that. Have they been good to you?" Ayane Hayashi in curiosity having hoped the best for her friend. Before Ashlen could give a straight answer, or any kind of answer, a boy looking to be in his early twenties entered into the room with a fake smile on his lips.

"Hello, Unknown. It's good to see you again." Ayane's older brother, Akira Hayashi, greeted, attacking Ashlen with a tight hello hug. Ashlen, Ayane and Akatsuki member's all sweat dropped at the scene, though unlike the two girls, they were still confused.

"What the fuck is going on here? You two know this bitch?" Hidan shouted and pointed a slim finger at Ashlen. The Hayahi glared at the silver haired man with their red, vampire like, eyes.

"You know you remind me of an annoying bastard of a character from Naruto called Hidan." Ayane said rather bluntly and calmly, a small smile on her lips. Hidan glared at her and took a step forwards but Kakuzu grabbed him and covered Hidan's mouth with his hand.

"They used to visit me while I was in the orphanage. They first starting coming around when I was three years old but stopped two days when I was adopted. Erm, Akira, can you please let go of me now?" Ashlen explained before looking back at Akira who still had her in his arms. The young man looked down to see his arms still around her before letting go.

"Sorry about that." He said with another smile, this one slightly less fake. Ashlen shook off her embarrassment to look back to her friend, two of which she had forgotten about for so many years; shameful really.

"Nice costumes by the way. Though it looks like you are missing some pieces. If you really wanted to be the Akatsuki for Halloween you should have gotten the cloaks, the right clothing or at least your weapons. Since the facial looks are right. You even got the hair and skin colors right." Akira commented and gave the Akatsuki a cheerful thumbs up.

"Thank you. It took hours to get everything prepared. Though now we should probably get going now; it is past Ashlen's bed time." Pein played along with the act and placed a hand on her shoulder. Yeah Ashlen wasn't happy about this; she wanted to stay, catch up and have more fun at the fair; though she knew better than to test this man's patience.

"Hmm, yeah it's been hours and I actually want to get a couple bags of candy before we go home; they give out huge bags at the door and I want to see if I can at least get myself two. But will you come to visit me some time? I live at St. James Drive, 3245." Ashlen said and gave her address. The Hayashi siblings nodded in agreement though the Akatsuki members seemed annoyed; one girl besides Ashlen already knew about them, they didn't need two more.

"We can come over tomorrow. We just need to finish up tonight. I actually have to get back into position now; before someone else comes." Ayane sighed softly as she walked back over to the male manikin. Ashlen nodded in understanding.

"See ya later kid." Akira smirked, ruffling his hair before walking back to the control room where he worked. Ashlen bid both her old friends goodbye before she left for home with the upset Akatsuki.

(1) There might be a few more

(2) Yeah, I will warn now (even if this is at the bottom of the page) that am I not going to give perfect descriptions about the characters. I am using the Narutopedia website but not using everything.

(3) Erm, yeah, I didn't really look him up. I just didn't want to go into the details to how he was really Madara Uchiha and why

(4) Is this spelt right?

(5) I had some trouble writing this small part

(6) -Please answer what you think- Now is Madara blind out of his right eye or is it actually missing?

(7) I read that somewhere that he also respected Kisame a lot.

(8) I actually forget the family name but I am going through the chapters to edit them so I will see

(9) I read a story where Jashin is a woman, so I want to try that out for this story

(other) I am sorry if a couple things repeat; I made this on separate days. Also sorry for so many POV changes and time skips; got bored and writers block. Writers block is also used for the other reasons some things might not make sense; I had a hard time writing it

Now sorry if the beginning is boring and that it took me over a month to update. I was working in AidoRockz. OH and also for OC requests that didn't get picked for a pairing do you still want a part? I want to keep the Akatsuki in character so that means murder and rape. Also if you also want a part it might be a one chapter appearance

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