Curse of the Dogs

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Chapter 7: The Visit

Third person P.O.V

Ashlen was unhappy and had a good reason to be. She should have been at school at the time but, because of Pein and Itachi, she was stuck at home for the next week. Pein had ordered that she stay home so that, if they if they turned into dogs while she was at school, they'd have a way to turn back without having to send someone to get her like they did a few days ago.

Itachi, with his Sharingan, was able to copy the hand writing of a doctor before he sent it to the school. He would have copied Ashlen's handwriting but he was smarter than that; he knew that it would have caused suspicion of her trying to skip out on school. Even though it would mean avoiding the kids at school, especially the three girls, Ashlen was upset that they would do this to her.

Pein was also still upset Ashlen had invited people over without his permission. He had demanded that Ashlen contact the Hayashi siblings and tell them she had a change of plans. The problem Ashlen had with that was she didn't know where Ayane and Akira lived or what their phone number was. So she had no way to contact them and, even though he and the others disliked the idea, they'd just have to stay as dogs while the Hayashi twins were visiting.

Of course the group of murderous men, and Konan, didn't want to spend the whole day as dogs, seeing as Ayane and Akira didn't say what time they'd be coming around by. Yet, since they didn't want to attract attention, they weren't going to kill them seeing as they didn't know anything about the world's law enforcement yet. Pein hoped, that once more was learned about this strange world, he'd have a lot more control until a way home was possible.

Normal P.O.V

I sighed as I laid in the grass on the front lawn of my house. Most people would think it was stupid, seeing as people who passed by would see me there and think I was skipping school. Well, remember that I have a huge, billionaire house; it is protected by gates and a wall. Besides it wasn't like I was out in town; the Akatsuki members weren't allowing me unless I let one accompany me.

I was still a bit upset that I was being forced to stay away from school for a week, even if it did get me away from the bullies. Like some kids, I didn't just go to school to see friends and goof off. I went to school because I wanted to become smarter and make something of myself. I want to prove all the people that think I'm stupid wrong. Well, there was nothing I could do about it now; that Akatsuki leader scared me and I knew he'd punish me if I disobeyed.

I had also wanted the Akatsuki to resume as dogs while Ayane and Akira came to visit. Although, as I knew they would, everyone refused. I was told that, when Ayane and Akira arrived everyone would just remain hidden. Although, even though I know I would probably get punished afterward, once their time limit ran out, and they returned to their dog forms, I'd keep them like that. I just didn't fully trust all of them yet; except for Itachi and Kisame, maybe even Konan.

I rotated onto my stomach as I let the falling leafs peacefully land on my back. It was a very lazy, chilly Monday afternoon and I wasn't sure what everyone was doing right now. I expected that most of them were inside, still exploring the house. Although there was one person outside with me; he was leaning against the tree that was not too far away from me, reading.

I honestly didn't care to much since he was actually someone I trusted but I was unsure if he felt the same for me. I mean he could have been reading in the house library, where it was warmer and much more comfortable. I honestly think he was only outside to keep a close eye on me to make sure I didn't ditch into town. That or he was just making sure I was safe; as his Narutopedia information said he was secretly good.

"It seems we have a visitor." Itachi's voice startled me out of my thoughts. I rolled back on to my back, sitting on by butt, and noticed that Hikari was walking through my house gates.

Hikari's P.O.V

Today seemed to be the perfect day to go back to Ashlen's to see the Akatsuki. It had been a busy few days since I had last been to that house and, seeing as I got the day off school today, I say this as the best time.

"Oh, Hikari, what are you doing here? Don't you have school?" Ashlen asked as I made past her gate to make my way into the front lawn. I smirked as I shook my head, stopping a foot away from her.

"No, not today. The gym teacher at my school died today so everyone gets the day off so the teachers can morn. What are you still doing home?"(1) I asked with a raised eyebrow. I actually already had an idea but I just wanted to make sure I was one hundred percent right.

Ashlen's gaze wondered to the left of her and, as I followed it, I noticed Itachi leaning against a tree. He seemed to be reading some book, which I couldn't see the title of. Right away I guessed Itachi must have done something to make it possible for Ashlen to stay home; maybe he copied the handwriting of a parent or a doctor or something.

"Hello, Itachi!" I called with a wave. The Uchiha didn't even look up; he just flipped to a new page in his book.

"Itachi, your time limit is almost over. If you don't want to go through the trouble of being a dog again, you'll need to take a shower now." Ashlen said from beside me. I pouted when I saw Itachi respond to her by standing, a lot more then he did with me.


Again, it was more than he said to me. It's so unfair. I sighed and turned back to Ashlen, who was rubbing the back of her head. I smiled at her as the two of us made our way into the house.

"So, did you have an interesting Halloween?" I asked as it would be interesting to know. It would be more interesting to know what the Akatsuki thought of the festive holiday.

"Yes, it was really interesting. I talked the Akatsuki in going to the Halloween fair that took place a few blocks away. I also met with two old friends from my orphanage life. They are coming some time today." Ashlen told me as a bright smile lit her face. Well, someone is certainly happy.

"Are the Akatsuki actually letting you have people over?" I asked in surprise. Knowing who he was, I was sure Pein would order Ashlen to allow no one over so this was a bit of a shocker.

"Well I kind of invited them over before asking permission. I don't want to give details but they do refuse to remain as dogs while I have friends over. Pein said they'd just stay out of the way as they don't want a repeat of last time." Ashlen explained, seemingly nervous as she continued to rub the back of her head. I nodded my head, understanding her while I opened the pixie stick I had in my pocket.

"Well if that is the case I wont stay too long so you can visit." I smiled while I ripped open my sugar candy, eating it up in one gulp.

Third Person P.O.V

"Pein, that one girl came back. I'm guessing our host is leading her to the same living room we took them to the first time." Itachi informed the Akatsuki leader after he was finished with his quick shower. The piercings man looked at the Uchiha, nodding his head once.

"Good, there is information that we never got out of her the first time. I would very much like to know what she meant by eight of us die." The Akatsuki leader replied as he brought his ring hand to his face.

'Everyone met in the main living meditatively.'

Everyone in the house heard the voice of their leader through their rings and quickly obeyed; but not without some complaints from Hidan. One by one each Akatsuki member wondered into downstairs main living room. Once seeing that the two girls were inside the room, every pair of eyes went straight to Hikari. Clearly none of them forgot what she said her first day here.

Hidan seemed to be the most excited in the group of dangerous people. His lips turned into a pleased smirk while he flopped down in the same chair he took the last time everyone was in the room. Everyone followed his example and sat in the same places. Since Ashlen and Hikari weren't tied in chairs this time, they had to share a couch with Itachi and Tobi; who purposely stole Kisame's spot.

"Alright girl, there are some questions that need to be answered that weren't answered before. Explain what you meant by eight of us are supposed to be dead." Pein ordered as he was once again standing in front of both girls; Konan once again by his side. Hikari looked at ever member of Akatsuki before her lips turned into a smile.

"Well, according to the Naruto story line, to where it is on the internet, only two of you are still alive. Sasori is the first to die and it is right after you take Gaara's demon. Two teams of ninja Konoha ninja, along with Chiyo attack Akatsuki. While one group is busy dealing with the protecting jutsu you placed on your base, the other group splits into two men groups.

One group go after Deidara, who takes Gaara's body, and a girl named Sakura, with Chiyo, kill Sasori after nearly dying themselves." Hikari began to explain and when Sasori heard the news about his grandmother he tensed slightly. Although he relaxed instantly when he noticed his follower members looking at him.

"Kakuzu dies next, soon after you capture and seal the two tail demon cat. While on a bounty hunt before the sealing progress, you attack a Konoha ninja named Asuma Sarutobi, the very son of the third Hokage, and his three students. Well, as it turns out, Asuma does end up dying, by Hidan's Jashinist curse, but the leader calls you away before you can deal with the rest to seal the two tails.

Three days later, two groups of Konoha ninja come and attack the both of you. Kakuzu gets three hearts stabbed by Kakashi Hatake, one by Hidan and Naruto Uzumaki gives the final blow. Now after Kakuzu's death, Hidan is the next to die. He..."

"Hold of a fucking moment! What do you mean; I die? I'm fucking immortal!" Hidan interrupted with a shout. Others also looked surprised as looked at the dead Jashinist before back at Hikari.

"Yes, that is something I am actually interested in. I wasn't aware there was an actual way to kill him." Pein said with crossed his arms crossed he looked at the Jashinist with an annoyed glare.

'So there is a way to kill him, hmm? Interesting.' Pein thought to himself while gazing at the Jashinist a moment later. Now with this information maybe death could be a punishment; if he could find a new immortal to be Kakuzu's partner that is.

"Well, technology Hidan, you are still alive; just slowly dying. One of Asmua's students, a boy named Shikamaru Nara, vows revenge on you for killing his teacher. He knows you are immortal as he witnessed your ritual. So he tricks you into the Nara forest, blows you up and burred you in a deep hole; where you are slowly starving to death." Hikari smiled at herself, proud at her knowledge but felt slightly guilty. As a Hidan fan girl she hated Shikamaru for killing him.

"Am I one of the ones that die?" Pein suddenly asked with a raised eyebrow. All the other Akatsuki, besides Sasori, Kakuzu and Hidan gave the same look.

Everyone was now becoming curious to who it was that was still alive. Pein wanted to know if he completed his goal before he died; which probably would be out of sickness from his true body. (2) Itachi was curious to know if his plan had worked and Sasuke managed to kill him before his sickness did. Madara wanted to know for the same reason as Pein; he wanted to know if he managed to take over the world and if he was still alive.

"Yes, you do die. I wont give too much detail, as it seems a little personal, but I will say this much; you sacrifice yourself." Hikari said with a slight frown glued to her face. No, she wouldn't tell everyone how he really dies; Madara would kill Pein himself if he knew the six bodies user had a good side.

So Hikari went on with telling everyone how they died. Deidara in suicide while trying to kill Sasuke, Itachi losing so much sight it cased his death against Sasuke; Hikari wouldn't mention Itachi let Sasuke kill him. Hikari told how Kisame also committed suicide but for the loyalty of Akatsuki so the Konoha ninja couldn't get important information.

"So that leaves Konan, Zetsu and Tobi. Fuck, I would never think Tobi would out live any of us, yeah." Deidara complained as he gazed at the masked ninja. The others did the same while Tobi just tilted his head in an innocent matter.

"Konan, I'm sorry, but you are the next to die. To put it simply, you are murdered by a Konoha ninja after nearly killing him and yourself in a battle." Hikari said with a slight frown while her eyes narrowed at Tobi. Well technology Madara was an Uchiha and they did come from the hidden leaf village.

Konan kept a straight face even though she was frowning inside. There were only a few people she knew that had enough power to kill her, Jiraiya, Madara and Pein. Seeing as Pein was more then just her leader she knew he'd never betray her. With Jiraiya Konan knew Pein would come to her rescue. Madara, however, had no problems killing her and Konan knew it. She knew she was being used, along with Pein, so it was just a matter of time before the elder Uchiha got tired of them.

"What the fuck? Why the hell is that retard still alive? He's not even immortal and yet I'm the one fucking dying?" Hidan shouted, jumping from the chair while his hands balled in fists. Everyone else gazed at Tobi in amazement; what was it that he could really do?

Normal P.O.V/Time skip

Well, Hikari left half an hour ago and the Akatsuki members still seemed upset about the information that was given to them; all besides Tobi and Zetsu that is. I don't blame them; I mean if I was told I was descend to die a weird death I would be upset as well. Although, what's different between me and them is they are evil and I'm not. For all I know they could take out their anger on me; even if I was promised protection against harm.

To make matters worse, Hidan, Kisame, Kakuzu, Konan, Zetsu and Tobi all turned back into dogs only moments before the door bell went off. Itachi, Deidara, Sasori and Pein, who all remained human -so they must have showered- disappeared through out the house as they didn't have time to turn the others back.

"Hello, Ayane, hello Akira." I greeted my two old friends, waiting outside the door. My greeting was seemingly replied by a bone crushing hug from Akira.

"Hello, Ash! It's so good seeing you again." The man, who looked to be in his mid twenties, said in a cheerful voice. I only sweat drops as I felt myself start to come short of breathe.

"It's good to see you as well, Akira but can you let go of me now?" I asked with what air my lungs allowed me. Chuckling, Akira released his tight grip on me and I allowed air to fill my lungs.

"Wow, so this is where you live. It must be lonely living all alone in a house like this." Akira commented as I stepped to the side to allow the Hayashi siblings inside. I only shrugged and closed the doors when both of them were inside.

"Well I've been alone since I was ten so I am used to living alone. I'd actually be more uncomfortable if I started living with people again." I admitted as I rubbed the back of my head while I lead the siblings into the first floor den.

The den was supplied with one couch, two love seats, a rocking chair and a puffy chair like the most used living room. The floor was carpeted a greyish brown while the walls were a light, brown, and wood. There was a TV which sat against the wall in front of the big couch and a computer desk to the back of the room.

"Oh? Then who were those ten people that were with you last night?" Ayane asked and I turned around to see her standing above the wooden rocking, one of her eyebrows raised questioningly. I sighed and sat on the love seat farthest away from the door.

"Oh, those people? They were..."

Before I could continue Kisame, Konan and Tobi, three of the Akatsuki members that had turned back into dogs, came into the room. I didn't know if it was worse or better that they did; all that I knew was that I no longer had to answer Ayane's question.

"Oh, you have dogs?" Akira asked, getting up from the puffy chair he seemed to have sat on when I wasn't looking. I watched him walk to the three dogs that seemed to just stand their and watch.

"Huh, odd looking dogs. Where did you get them?" Ayane asked as I watched her kneel down in front of Shark/Kisame. I noticed that he gazed at Ayane in a weird way so I just gave him a pleading look to not do anything.

"I got them from the pound. The people running it were going to kill them because of violence. I couldn't just let the dogs die so I brought them home with me." I answered as I sat on my knees beside my two old friends. Ayane was kneeling in front of Kisame, Akira was kneeling in front of Konan so I was left with Tobi; Aka Madara.

"Is this one female?" Akira asked and I turned my attention towards him, only to see him pet Konan on her head. I hid my sweat-drop as I saw Konan's annoyance and I nodded my head.

"Yeah, Wendy is my only female dog. Beautiful, isn't she?" I asked with a pleased smile. Akira nodded while all three dogs looked at me; probably because of my comment.

Third Person P.O.V

"So, the girl is kissing up, huh?" Kisame asked with a bark, grinning the only way he could as a dog. Konan only rolled her eyes as she turned her head to the blue dog.

"You didn't think she was kissing up when she deemed you one of her favorite dogs, Kisame. She was just complementing me." Konan backed right back. The blue ninja dog rolled his eyes with a slight pout while the three humans looked at them.

"You know, it looks like Wendy got something that looks like dirt, or maybe paper, in her fur. Have they had baths since they were here?" The man that was named Akira asked. Ashlen nodded her head with a uncomfortable smile, though it seemed to go unnoticed.

"Oh yeah, they've had baths since they've been here." Ashlen replied. She had a little difficultly hiding her uneasiness so both Hayashi siblings looked at her questioning.

"What's wrong? Do they hate water?" Ayane asked, raising another eyebrow in thought. She had caught the younger girl's first uneasiness and it made her curious; just what was wrong with Ashlen and just who where those people with her the other night.

"Huh? Oh, no. The dogs actually love taking baths." Ashlen said, stretching out the word love in her own secret meaning. This made Akira grinned as he stood up.

"In that case do you mind if I give Wendy a bath?" The twenty five year old man asked with a goofy grin. Ashlen almost looked panicked while Kisame barked in laughter.

"I wouldn't give any of us a bath if I were you, kid. (4)" Kisame said with a snicker. He seemed to be ignored from the humans and his fellow dogs.

"Oh! Tobi wants to be human again! Change Tobi back!" Tobi barked happily and jumped towards Akira. Although Ashlen grabbed the man dog around his stomach right before he could tackle Akira to the ground.

"Whoa there, boy. Be nice to Akira." Ashlen scolded the dog. Tobi, of course, only whimpered while Ashlen put him down back next to Kisame.

"Sorry about that, Akira..." Ashlen trailed off as she saw the man nor Konan were no longer in the room. "Damn it! Ayane, where did your brother go?"

"My brother took Wendy to the nearest bathroom to give her a bath." Ayane answered with only shrugged as she sat herself down in the rocking chair. While she seemed unbothered by it Ashlen's eyes widened in shock fear.


Ayane looked at the younger girl in confusion while she ran out of the room... in a panic no less. What could Ashlen be so scared about with giving a dog a bath? Unless... Ayane got up from her seat and used surprising speed to suddenly appear in front of Ashlen.

"Ashlen, tell me why giving Wendy a bath scares you." Ayane demanded, staring the girl dead faced in the eyes. Ashlen only shuffled her feet, feeling uncomfortable under the older girl's intense gaze.

"I... look, Wendy is just a fighter when it's bath time. I don't want to risk Akira getting hurt." Ashlen lied as convincingly as she could. Ayane, although, easily detected the lie and the older girl's eyes pierced into the young one's coldly.

Ashlen flinched in discomfort when Ayane's eyes dug deeper into her own. The look seemed so out of place on the Hayashi's face; it looked almost evil. Ayane took a step closer to Ashlen, never taking her eyes off of her. Stopping a few inches away, Ayane opened her mouth to speak.

"You can't hide anything from me, Ashlen. You can't; I'll find out sooner or later so don't lie." Ayane said and was suddenly back in her normal stat, her eyes turning dull once again.


Both girls turned their head's in the direction of Akira's shout. Ashlen's face turned pale in realization while Ayane looked curious; yet, although the girls shared different reactions, both of their thoughts were similar. At the same moment, the both of them ran for the same bathroom.

Once there both girls saw a beet colored Akira staring at a blue haired, naked woman, sitting in a tub, who was currently using her arms to cover her boobs. Both Ashlen and Konan thought they saw the boy's eyes turn black but nether of them were sure since Akira was covering his eyes with his hands moments later.

"Do you think I can get a towel before anyone else walks in?" Konan asked, eying the youngest of the girl's. Shaking herself out of the shock, Ashlen rushed to the side of the bathroom and grabbed a towel to give to the woman.

Ayane's P.O.V

So I was right, Ashlen's dogs are the Akatsuki. That means that blue dog must be Kisame and that black dog with the orange face was Madara. That also means there should be seven more dogs somewhere around the house.

"Hey, what th..."

I turned to look at the bathroom door when I heard my older brother trailed off, followed by a thump of something falling. I blinked once before I walked towards the exit of the bathroom, allowing Ashlen to be alone with Amegakure ninja.

"Akira? Where are you?" I called for my brother older brother as I walked out of the room. As I looked to my left, I saw Akira unconscious on the ground only three doors down.

"Uh, Akira?" I called out, more to myself than to my brother. Of course he couldn't answer as he was unconscious.

I suddenly had the feeling that someone was standing behind me and it wasn't Ashlen. I knew that, the person standing behind me, was someone not of this world. I even had an idea to who it. As if to prove myself right I turned around to face the man but only met Sharingan eyes.

'Hah, I knew I was right.' I thought to myself before I found myself falling into darkness.

Third Person P.O.V

Pein was really unhappy, so unhappy he wish he could kill the Akira man here and now. Normally he would have no problem in fulfilling that feeling yet, as a "god" and a person aiming for peace, he would keep his promise to not to harm Ashlen's friends. What kind of god would brake his own promises? None; they just make you look pathetic. Even Hidan's god, real or fake, kept her promise in making him immortal.

So, once Itachi put both Ayane and Akira in a deep sleep with his Sharingan, Pein had ordered that the both of them to be tied up for questioning. Pein had personally tied the ropes around Akira to release some of his anger. He may not have been in love with Konan but, as her childhood friend, he would always be protective over her.

Ashlen was sitting on the couch apposing the chairs Ayane and Akira were sitting and tied in. She felt extremely guilty for getting her old friends into this mess, as well as guilty for having Konan appear naked to a man she didn't know. That must have been extremely embarrassing for both of them. Ashlen knew that seeing Konan naked really upset the Akatsuki leader but she pried he knew that she tried to stop Akira so he wouldn't blame her.

"What the hell happened? My head is killing me."

Everyone turned their attention to the Hayashi siblings as Akira's voice broke through the silence.

"Akira, shut up. My head hurts and you're too loud." Ayane voice was only a little louder than a mumble and was drained even quieter as a few snickers echoed through the room.

"Looks like someone is awake. Itachi, did you attend to have your jutsu last that long?" Kisame asked with a sharp toothed grin. Itachi just looked at the two siblings blankly.

"I didn't place a time limit on my jutsu." The Uchiha explained as he continued to stare, unblinking.

Ayane's P.O.V

I lifted my head and turned it to where I heard the familiar voices. There I saw Kisame Hoshigaki, in all his blue glory, standing next to the one and only Itachi Uchiha. He was the very same man that hypnotized me with his Sharingan eyes. So I was right from the time I saw Kisame, Konan and Madara as dogs.

I glanced over to my older brother to see him also looking at an Akatsuki member and, who wouldn't know it, it was Konan. I noticed a red tinge on my brother's face, showing everyone that could see that he was still slightly embarrassed.

I once again looked away to look down at my body. It seems as if I was tired to a chair and my brother was in the same position beside me. I just smirked inwardly to myself. These ropes were nothing to worry about; I'd get out of them later. For now I'll stay like this and allow the Akatsuki to think we are defenseless.

"So, I was right from the beginning. You are the Akatsuki from Naruto and you were the group that went to the Halloween fair with Ashlen."

Every head seemed to look at me; every head except Ashlen. She was sitting on the couch apposing Akira and me, her head hung in shame. It became clear why she didn't want Akira to give Wendy a bath. Wendy was really Konan and Ashlen must have known this kind of thing would have happened us.

"Fuck, more people know about us. Can I at least kill them?"

I narrowed my eyes at the Jashinist in annoyance. Out of all members of Akatsuki Hidan is the one both me and Akira disliked the most. I wonder if he would still be an ass if he knew we owned Jashinist necklaces.

"Hidan, no. We can't go killing people just yet; It will cause suspicion that we don't want at this point. Although I do demand answers from these two." The great and powerful leader of the Akatsuki, Pein, looked at the Jashinist with his Rinnegan eyes. I blinked at him once before hiding my smirk; although before I could say anything in response, my brother did first.

Third Person P.O.V

"Huh, what? Ashlen, you knew about this? Why wouldn't you tell us? I thought we were your friend. Or..." Akira trailed off and the fake betrayed look in his eyes changed as the man was suddenly smiling sadisticly. Although, it was so small, only Ayane noticed it.

Realizing that his sister caught him smirking, Akira quickly turned his smirk into a fake frown as he didn't want anyone else seeing his smirk. He wanted to avoid the any possible questions to why he was suddenly smirking, especially in such a sadistic way. Then, after uttering a soft sigh, he made eye contact with Ashlen.

"So does this mean we aren't really friends? You didn't trust us to keep the secret? You know, that really hurts us, especially me." he said in a realistic, though fake, sadness as another sadistic smile tugged at his lips. Ashlen felt even more ashamed and she opened her mouth to reply but someone beat her to it.

"Oh shut up already, you brat. She wasn't allowed to tell; by orders of the leader." Sasori snapped as he hit the back of Akira's head. Both of them weren't expecting the pain that came to their bodies afterward.

Because it had been so long, twenty years to be exact, since the puppet master had the the sense of touch, his new body wasn't used to hard contact. His hand throbbed but he ignored the dulled pain to just keep glaring. A dark, dangerous and clearly annoyed growl was heard by everyone in the room; everyone besides Ashlen that is. Everyone one only heard it because of their advanced hearing and because Ayane was sitting beside her brother.

"I'm sorry, Akira, Ayane. I really did want to tell you, but, as it was said before, I wasn't allowed." Ashlen apologized and kept her head down so she looked at her feet. Ayane, tired of her brother acting like a immature jerk, just shook her head.

"Ash, it's alright; you don't need to apologize. Believe me when I say you are not the only one keeping secrets. In fact, I apologize in advance." Ayane said in a soft, quiet tone. Akira blinked in innocent confusion.

"What secret." He asked dumbly, having obviously known perfectly well what his younger sister had meant. Ayane rolled her eyes as she glanced her brother.

"Teeth." She said as she looked back at Ashlen and in hope he would understand she wanted her to know; maybe not right now but in time. Akira knew perfectly well what his younger sister was doing but he decided to continue to play dumb.

"Eh? Teeth? What about teeth?"

Ayane turned her head to Akira sharply to glare at him. She knew he was purposely acting like an idiot and just because he didn't want to give up the secret. Ayane could understand why but there were better ways than by acting like an idiot.

The Akatsuki, however, just stood -or sat- where they were as they continued to watch Ashlen and the other two. Normally Pein would have enough of useless talking, and stalling, but what Ayane said interested him. There was also the matter of the growl

"Wait, what do you mean by teeth?" Ashlen asked in pure confusion. Akira laughed, pulling his hand from out of the ropes to rub the back of his head.

The Akatsuki members were shocked beyond belief when the ropes easily slide off the man. Pein himself had tied Akira up so how the hell did the man get free so easy? It was hard to escape if you are trapped by an Akatsuki member; harder if you weren't a ninja; so they knew something was wrong with the man when he escaped the ropes without braking a signal sweat.

Curious to why everyone was looking at him in shock, Akira looked down to see that the rope pooled around the chair he sat in. Once again the man laughed, although this time sheepishly, while he rubbed the back of his head.

"Whoops. It seems I was just a little too careless." He laughed in an innocent tone while his younger sister only rolled her eyes. Ayane just stood up in her seat, allowing her loosened ropes to pool around her chair, just like what happened to her brother.

"How is it you so easily escaped the ropes?" Pein demanded as he was just as, if not more, curious as the rest of the Akatsuki and Ashlen. Akira looked over at Pein with a smirked and a simple shrug of his shoulders.

"Obvious, we are human. We're just professionals." He said with a slight chuckle and a secret like wink. Pein''s eyes narrowed as it began to become harder to keep his temper.

Normal P.O.V

"How can we be sure that we can trust you two? It would be easier to just kill you." Pein said while glaring at my two old friends. I just chewed on my bottom lip worryingly as I looked over to Ayane and Akira; didn't he just say he didn't want them to be killed.

"We have our own secrets to be kept; nether of us are stupid enough to run around the world, screaming that the Akatsuki have come to life." Ayane said with a roll of her eyes. I glanced back at the Akatsuki leader and left even more tense when he looked annoyed at her sarcastic tone.

"Why don't they just move in? That way you can make sure they are trustworthy." I spoke up before something bad would happen; which I wasn't sure of. Everyone seemed to glance at me before they looked at each other.

"We would prefer our privacy. As my sister said we have our own secrets and we'd like them to keep that way." Akira was the one to reply and, unlike how he had been all day, it was more serious than anything else.

"You can take the west wing of the third floor. No one is using that floor right now since it used to be the servant corridors. The west wing even has its own kitchen... I wasn't the only one my foster parents were rotten to." I trailed off in a mumble. It was true in a way.

While they weren't as mean to anyone as they were to me, my foster family was rotten to ninety percent of the servants that had worked here. It was part of the reason the servant corridors had their own kitchen; so that ninety percent of the servants couldn't enter the main kitchen downstairs. Also, only about five percent of the ten they did like ate downstairs with them; the other half were too loyal to their friends.

"How is that going to work? If they stay here too long, wont someone get suspicious? We may not be allowed to kill right now but, if there really are rotten cops out there, as Ashlen has said, wont she be charged with kidnapping?" Kisame pointed out and I looked down to my feet. He was right about that.

If Ayane and Akira didn't get permission from their parents to move in, I could be charged with kidnapping. It didn't matter if Ayane and Akira told them they moved in on their own free will. There is actually five cops that I know of just wanting any excuse to put me away in jail.

"Ha, I can't be kidnapped by a fifteen year old. I am twenty five and do not need the permission of my parents to live anywhere." Akira said with a smug smirk on his face. Well that's one problem solved but there is still Ayane.

"I don't think it matters. No one is going to report us kidnapped no matter what we do." Ayane said in a dull like voice. I looked at her in confusion; her voice had been so serious.

"What about your parents? Wont they care?" Sasori asked, one of his eyebrows raised. I also looked at the Hayashi siblings, curious to what their answer would be.

"Our mother died years ago." Ayane mumbled lowly under her breath; so low that I almost didn't hear her.

"What about your father? Wouldn't he care if you start living with nine psychotic men?" Konan asked. Her voice was dull like Ayane's but I caught a wave of concern.

To my surprise, and everyone else, both Akira and Ayane glared at Konan with cold eyes. Their look, even though it wasn't on me, put a shiver down my back. Their glare could even rival Pein's.

"Don't you ever mention that bastard to us again. The next person to mention him will find themselves in a bottomless pit, buried alive." Ayane threatened and I think made everyone, including me, speechless. I wonder what their father did to make them hate him like that.

Time Skip~

Well things had slowly calmed down after about an hour. Although some of the people continued to be speechless from Akira and Ayane's outburst as well as Ayane's death threat. I think Konan had been the most surprised out of everyone by Ayane's outburst while Pein was most angered. I swear that that man may secretly love her.

I never had a friend that would so protective from a simple glare; as the death threat was meant for everyone. Although, since I didn't have a friend even close to like that, I guess it could happen without being in love.

So Akira and Ayane, after leaving for fifteen minutes of talking about it amongst themselves, decided to move in. Although they did have their own conditions. For one no one could bother them early in the morning. For another people had to knock and wait for a say so before they could enter into the bedrooms. There were a few others but those were the two most important. Well, things are going to get a lot more interesting now.

(1) Yeah they go to different schools

(2) Another of his bodies is taking care of the real one. I am planing to make his real body appear at one point.

(3) Is this spelt right?

(4) Remember Kisame is in his 30's . I'm making him call everyone who is younger than him kid; it makes him feel more mature.

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