That Time I Fell From The Sky

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Roz gets off work exhausted and goes straight home to bed but next thing he knows is that he is falling from the sky and he is a girl. What could go wrong?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 : AHH!!!!

The door opens and the exhausted Roz walks in barely walking straight. “agh...!” he cries, “I am quitting that job tomorrow” he says this while heading straight to his bed.

He reaches his room and starts taking off his clothes 1 by 1 as soon as he opens his bedroom door and just throws himself onto the bed and lets out a satisfactory ‘Uhh...’ and falls asleep in mere seconds.

A cold breeze sneaks into his ears a few minutes later but he ignores it. Then his legs, he folds them. But now his entire body is cold, “damn it.”

He reaches for the blanket but grabs nothing but a cold breeze. He wakes up and he finds himself up in the wide blue open sky just above the clouds and he is falling. Fast.

“Ahhhhh!!!” He screams in terror to this bizarre predicament. “Am gonna die, am gonna die, am gonna die...!” he screams.

He falls and falls and he passes the clouds and now the ground in all of its glory comes into view.

As he falls, he panics desperately looking left and right, up and down for a non-existent solution.

“Ahhh...!” he squeals like a little girl at the top his voice as he falls to his death and as much as he screams nothing changes the state of the ground that keeps coming at him as he falls.

He screams and screams until he finally hits the ground sending a burst of dust clouds far and wide and then silence...

A few minutes later he wakes up confused, “am still alive?” he pants “of course I am” and he lies back down to take a breath and think about what just happened and slowly falls back to sleep like nothing happened.

* * *

An hour later the cold wakes him up again, “damn it.” It’s now night time and everything is dark.

“Some light would be nice,” something immediately glows on the ground when he says that. He picks it up and it illuminates everything near him, “damn, that’s pretty convenient,” he says to himself.

He looks around to find any signs of civilization but there’s nothing. Only a thick jungle around him, “nice,” he says sarcastically.

“Rule No.1 of survival in the jungle kids, go high and see a bird’s eye view,” he climbs up a nearby tree while jokingly saying, “of course you have to make sure you’re still alive and well after falling from the freaking sky.”

He gets to the top of the tree and looks around. “There you are,” he sees a small spot of light not so far from him.

“Time to get going,” he starts to climb down.

He slips. “shit”

He falls off the tree.


He comes down to a quick painful stop when he falls onto a thick rock and rolls around on the ground in excruciating pain.


Some brunches break behind him. He gets up instantly.

He watches. Quietly.

He listens to minute sounds in the night’s code breeze and smells the air for subtle hints of any predatory animal like a lion or leopard.


He takes off. Fast. Running as far as his legs can take him.

He runs. Boy does he run.

And he does not look back, he just focuses on running.

After a good measure he comes to a small ground clearing and takes a quick look back and those glowing eyes are still following him and their coming in fast.

He keeps running, heading for that spot of light he saw. He runs.

But now those eyes feel closer.


He looks back.

Those eyes are now right above him.

By instinct he shields his head with his hands and claws fang at him an incredible blow that sends him falling to the ground. But he gets up almost immediately and runs away again. Fast.

But he doesn’t run far before he gets 2 more blows to his torso that send him flying off the ground coming to a cushioned stop on some nearby branches.

He gets up and continues running, Persistently, but he feels weaker, his speed reduces and he feels heavy. The light from his staff begins to glow a little more faint by the minute.

So he stops and looks back to observe, “where are you big boy?” he pants.

He looks back to the lights but they are now off.


He takes a deep breath and calms himself and he listens while simultaneously thinking of other solutions incase the ‘light destination’ turns out to be of no help.

As he figures out what he is going to do with no feasible means to fight whatever the crazy hell this is, this beast now taunts him in the dark with not so much of a roar or anything to say that am bad ass.

“Argh..” he cries “what the f*ck are you. Your beastly friends like the dramatics. Atleast roar damn it so i can know where you are.”

Footsteps. Behind him.

They are faint but he hears them.


Above him!!

He dives below them and hears beastly footworks land behind him.

He quickly turns to face the beast and the faint staff light illuminates it and he sees part of its dark brown fur and it stands boldly tall with yellow glowing eyes.

“Hello there” he says without a whiff of fear.

“They are coming,” says that voice again.

“Who’s there?” he calls out but gets no response.


“Shit i forgot!” he braces for claw impact but something hits the beast. It roars. “Yeah motherf*cker... now you know how it feels,” he snaps.

Another couple wave of hits reaches the beast and a final one ignites it and it bursts into flames before exploding right in front of him and the explosive force of the burst knocks him out. But before losing consciousness he finally sees the legs of his savior.

He faints.

* * *

‘Why am i this weak?’ he lays out the obvious thought in his mind.

“Wake up” a voice speaks.

“Wake up!” it’s now louder.

He opens his eyes, “Argh” he snares and squints his eyes at the morning sun that burns his eyes.

“hey, the pretty little lady is awake” says a small arrogant girl in funny looking clothes.

“huh.. that’s a first” he chucks it off.

“who are you and what are you doing here?” says another girl and her ample breast jiggle a little when she speaks.

Roz’s inner thoughts: perverted laughter, “hmm..hmm.. hmm..hmm..” Outward expression: red cheeks and perverted look.

Frustrated at this the short arrogant girl quickly slaps him.

“Aye, why are you so mean!!!?” he cries.

“Mean, are you serious?” The short arrogant girl snaps at him, “you witches are the reason life is unbearable in the kingdom. Now every adventurer is stuck in the shitty mess you created and you’re telling me I am mean!? Had I known you were a witch i would’ve let that monster eat you, you witch,” she draws her sword and lashes at him but her friend stops her and pulls her over to the side.

“Hey remember we need to know why a witch is here of all places. There could be others nearby,” her friend reasons with her and calms her down.

While they talk Roz starts to piece things together that don’t quite add up, “her? Witch?” he thinks.

He looks down to see what he’s wearing and finds that he is wearing a bright red dress and the ground is much much closer to what he is used to.

His hands are very tiny.

Confused. He gets up and picks up the nearest bucket of water and looks in. The reflection is very clear.

He’s a girl. “Huh!!!!?“”

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