Max and the Forgotten Island

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Chapter 2


Max was flung from his bed, crashing his head on the floor. His head stinging with pain,he looked around and saw everything was moving rapidly and without rhythm. With much effort, he managed to find his balance and began treading towards the deck with the help of the walls and handles. As he opened the door, he was hit with an outburst of air smashing unto his face. It was lucky that he was gripping the handle on the door, otherwise he would have lost his balance and could have incurred heavier injuries. Suddenly, Max heard his friends screaming. With a storm going at it with her might, after much squinting, he could finally see what was causing the commotion. It did not take long as he was hit with splashes from the ocean. He looked around and saw John, struggling with the wheel. Max quickly went to John’s side to help.

The winds were howling as hard as it could, trying to topple anything in its path.

“Where’s the captain John”

“Beats me. When I woke up, it was already a disaster. I didn’t go to the captain’s quarters as this is much more important. I didn’t know steering a ship could be so hard!” John exclaimed, competing with the noise of the storm. Max could now see that John was using everything he had to steer the wheel. Veins were bulging on his arms as he held the wheel in place.

Max and John struggled as best as they could. Things were sliding everywhere. Max watched the items being hurled overboard, there was nothing that could have been done to retrieve them. It was like an obstacle course with the items being flung around. Thunder kept roaring in the skies, trying to exert its dominance. It was as if there was a ferocious battle in the sky. Lighting kept making their appearances, illuminating the sky with their brilliance. Bolts of white protruded the dark and gloomy skies, it treated the sky as its canvas. Max was not sure of how this was going to end. He could only hope that they would be able to survive this ordeal safely. The sea kept rising, towering over them as if looking down on them. As if the water was taking their rage out on them, unforgiving and turbulent. Then it came crashing down on the struggling boat, trying its best to capsize the boat. When the water hit, the group was flung around. His head was hit against the side, Max tried to stand up with the help of the railings. Before long, the next wave hit them once again. Gasping for air, Max tried desperately to struggle back to the steering wheel.

“Max! The weather is getting worse. Do we head back or…” John said while crawling towards him, his face showing signs hoping that Max would choose to return.

Max knew he should choose to return but the destination stumped him. He was unsure of their location and even if he chose to return, which direction do they head towards. With the captain gone, he could not navigate towards the sea as he was inexperienced enough.

He looked towards John and shook his head. “We push through! We’re too far in to know where we are and I believe that if we continue moving forward, we can survive through this weather.”

John looked at him for a few seconds before nodding, “Though I knew you were going to say that, kinda hoped you went a different direction.”

The battle between the ship and the storm was similar to that of tug of war. Neither side wanted to lose.Water levels kept rising while Haley and Wilhem kept chugging water off the boat. Their faces were weary and their arms were crying in pain, but they knew if they stopped or stopped for awhile that it would not only sink the ship, it would leave them swimming in the middle of nowhere trying to survive the dangers of the ocean. The group of them had the same question buzzing – when was the storm ever going to subside.

Out of a sudden, the group was bathed in sunlight. The rain was nowhere to be seen. Each of them slumped to the ground. They were exhausted, gasping for air after the intense battle. They looked at each other, trying to sound words but none seemed to make a sound. Their throats were sore from all the shouting. Some of them cried, mostly feeling relieved they had managed to survive. A few of them had started to give up hope as they could not hold on any longer. That was the first time in their lives that they had to face something of that calibre. Max shivered as he started to think about his journey back. Alas, there was so little he could do. He decided to take things one step at a time. Now, his goal is to move forward and venture on to discover the hidden island for the treasure. Only by finding it would it make the whole trip and their sufferings worth it.

Max woke up after a while. His body was filled with pain and he struggled to stand. He limped on towards his room. Out of nowhere, an arm rested on his shoulder.

“Hey boy. Nasty storm isn’t it? Luck it may be but we managed to survive eh!” the captain said while laughing.

“We?! What is all this we stuff? Before that, where were you? What we needed was you. You, the captain, who had a ton of experience with disasters like that and you’re not even there! What did we hire you for?” Max shouted with rage. So much pent up emotion in him, he vented out on the captain. He thought that the captain would take the lead, steer them through the storm but alas all his expectations were crushed.

The captain shrugged his shoulders. “I was tending to all your items, kid. I was checking to see if anyone needed help in your rooms.” The captain tried to reason with Max along the lines, his eyes kept staring anywhere but Max’s.

Max looked at the captain in disbelief. Thoughts kept running through his mind but he could not voice them out. He was in utter shock at the captain’s answers. Too tired to continue the argument, Max turned around and headed straight towards his bed. All he desperately need now is to lie down and sleep somewhere more comfortable than his previous place.

The ship sailed smoothly forward, giving Max and his friends a comfortable rest as if rewarding them. Max stretched his arms, having enjoyed a good sleep. He walked towards the deck of the ship. Max realised the ship had stopped moving. He saw John at the helm holding binoculars.

“Why did we stop, John.” Max asked.

John turned towards Max, handed him the binoculars and answered, “You would want to see this for yourself.”

Max took the binoculars and pointed it towards the area John was looking. He was surprised. In his view stood an island. Somewhere towards the front of the island, there appears to be an abandoned port, made of wooden planks and there lies torn flags on the poles. Furthermore, there were many boats that were wrecked. Max gazed towards the island with feelings of excitement.

“Did you reckon we have found it?” John broke the silence to ask Max.

Max looked at John and nodded, “I think we did John, I think we did.”

John broke the news to the rest of the group. They decided to celebrate and rest the night, to gain their energy before heading towards the island. Perhaps they had watched too many movies, but it would not hurt to be prepared for the adventure that is to come.

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