Max and the Forgotten Island

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Chapter 5

Ashfaq sent one of his men to guide the kids to their resting area for the night whilst he retreated back to his chair. It was certainly exhausting trying to entertain kids while not thinking of disposing them. He was surprised to see there were other people on this island, especially kids their age. He spent a few minutes, concocting ways of how to handle the kids. Maybe it would be best to have them around to have a fresh perspective on the island. He had been there for a month and was not progressing as he would have liked. However, he had to be patient. When he took a glance at the kids, none of them stood out. They were probably telling the truth about not having found anything yet. Everyone except the boy, Max who hesitated before agreeing with his pal. He has garnered enough experience in life to know that Max was hiding something not just from him. As he was busy deciding on how to acquire the necessary information from Max, he sensed Klivert approaching from the back.

“Sir, we have investigated and noted everything in this report.” Klivert passed Ashfaq a report then proceeded to stand further away from Ashfaq, waiting for Ashfaq to dismiss him.

Ashfaq nodded his head and allowed Klivert to leave the tent. From the report, it seemed that the group came from the south. It was quite a distance that they had travelled. They discovered a run-down village which one of the huts was used as a gathering for meetings from the way it had been decorated. What was more interesting to him was the picture of the broken chair located in the centre of the room. It was interesting as it seemed as though the way the chair broke happened naturally. Compared to the rest of the hut whereby they were trashed around. It reported that they had their boat docked further down the island in the abandoned pier. There was also a picture of their captain which intrigued him. He felt as though he had seen the captain before but did not exactly when or where. Deciding not to ponder on it further, he placed the report on the report on the table and leaned back on his chair. Several thoughts crossed through his mind. He stood up and headed straight for the exit. He needed to see the chair. He needs to find clues about this island and the thing that could lead to a discovery is the chair. It could be a breakthrough for him as he was at a loss of why they could not find anything for so long. Before leaving, he stationed two of his men to guard the group in case they suspected anything.

The journey took him a few minutes as he was in a hurry. He could not delay it any longer as he feared any clues might be gone over time. When he reached the destination, he darted straight for the hut with the broken chair. There he saw it, the chair that was once stood up with all the magnificence now lay broken on the floor. He could feel it inside him, there was something else in this room. He ordered the men to search more in this room, to uncover any untouched places to see if there was anything hidden. His men made a mess out of place. Throwing the non-essentials outside, feeling every part of the hut and digging every corner of the floor.

After what seemed like eternity, one of his men called up to him and pointed to his hole. Ashfaq ran to him and was ecstatic upon what his man had dug up. It was a small wooden box. He opened the box and saw that the box contained an old parchment. He took out the parchment and opened it. The content of the box gave him excitement as it was finally the first step forward. The blood written parchment did not shock or surprised him one bit as this was common in his line of work. It states that there lies a prison deep inside a mountain located at the west side of the island. The prison was said to hold a danger to the world. A danger that would consume anything that stood in its path. Before he could analyze the parchment further, another one of his men called out, holding another piece of parchments in his hands. He took the parchment and opened it. Similar to the first parchment, this was also written in blood. However, the content piqued his interest. In this parchment, it states of treasures that could not be grasped by the hands of men. These treasures were large in quantity and said to be guarded by beasts that could not be swayed by any forms of persuasion or coercion. These beasts were ferocious and would tear man apart, eating them to fuel itself.

Asfaq was intrigued by the two contents. He was more interested by the second than the first due to the mention of treasures. Despite the mentioned treasures, he could not discard the first parchment easily. He was deep in thought as to why there were two letters with different contents. There was one common mention in the two parchments that it represents a pandora box. He wanted to uncover what the prison or treasure is and this could be his ticket to greatness.

He looked back towards the chair and had a feeling that one of the kids might have something to do with breaking it. As it was also part of the room, he felt that there was a connection between all the three items. He decided to wrap things up and return back to his tent whereby they could prepare to journey towards the west and find more about the ‘prison’.

As he walked towards his tent, he still could not calm his feelings. Multiple feelings are swimming in his heart, all trying their best to burst out. He had ordered his men to rest early as tomorrow will be a big day, whereby they have to be on alert on any instances that could jeopardize their mission. He would use the kids until he was sure they had little to no value, to which then he could dispose of them. Since he was unsure of what Max had seen or touched, he was sure Max had inherited the true meaning of the chair. He would continue to probe further into Max, and for that, he would spare Max’s friends for now. He knew that threatening them would not work as it incurs heavy backlash. He had sacrificed too much just to reach this island.

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