Saving Destiny

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A story of a overconfident, strong-headed, cocky wolf named Destiny. She's not likeable by many and wants to rule over Knysna as soon as possible. Both her parents are hesitant to give her the alpha power. Pride ruined, Destiny runs off into the forest, away from her home. But what happens when she stumbles across a campsite of humans? They trap her and takes her to who knows where. But however, they treat her well. Alone, hungry, and angry, she accepts their food and care. But will she ever find her way home? Will she still want to go home? Updates weekly: Sundays :)

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Dark stormy nights aren’t my forte. But alas, I was born on a night like it. Hiya! Name’s Destiny.

First Year...

My head lays back in exhaustion. I whine as the coldness of the ground surrounds me. My eyes stays shut. I whimper as a clap of thunder sounds.

“Hi my little one.” A soft voice speaks. I whine. I know she’s my mother. And I know that I am hungry. Something touches me and I yelp and flop over onto my back. It takes a minute before I can get back onto my stomach. My fur is all wet and sticky. I ease towards the bigger fur covered body: my mother. I snuggle on her warm body and clumsily climb over her. My mouth finds the food source. The warm milk hits my tongue. It’s the most satisfying thing in the world. A thing touches me. It also feeds from Mother. It’s another goofball, soft, like me, my brother.

“What should we name them, my sweet?” A male voice asks. Father.

“Oh Kylo, I don’t know. But aren’t they the sweetest?”

“Of course, but you are sweet too.”

“Aw Kylo.” Mother speaks. “Oh, how about Destiny? After my grandmother.”

“Lovely.” Father says, “And Zen, after my grandfather.”

“Destiny and Zen, beautiful.” I can hear Mother’s smile even as I keep my eyes shut and drink the milk.


One month later...

“Mama, mama!” I yelp. Mother licks my back. Zen groans next to me. He tries to run away, but Mother picks him up by the neck and set him down next to me. He grumbles.

“Why must we be cleaned every day?” He complains.

“Listen to Mama, Zen.” I nudge him with my nose.

“Eek! Your nose is so cold Destiny.” He growls. I growl back. He gets ready into a jump attack position and I do the same. We both jump at the same time when we hit our heads; Both of us falling on the ground.

“Ugh, it’s your fault!” I snarl at him.

“No, it’s yours!” Zen uses his paw to sub his nose.

“Children, stop fighting.” Dad walks in and nudges mom with his nose.

“Daddy!” Zen barks before jumping up and down at his feet, interrupting the moment. I’m almost grateful. Almost.

“Good morning Zen. Stop fighting with your sister.”

“No fair, she started it.” He growls.

“Did not.” I growl back, my nose scrunched up to show my fangs. Mother yawns loudly before laying down.

“Stop fighting and come eat.” I jump onto her stomach, sucking and drinking the breast milk while glaring at Zen. It fills my empty belly and such a good sensation fills me. I burp loudly.

“What? How did you get to eat before me?” Only then did Zen realize it was time to eat. He rushes up to Mother and I dart out of the way just in time before he runs right into me. I stroll up to dad and rub my head against his leg.

“Hello darling.”

“Hi daddy.”

My annoying twin brother follows me.

How did he finish eating that fast?!

“Zen, stay with Mom, I’m going to take Destiny around for training.” Dad says.

“Why??” Zen groans. “I don’t want to stay; I want to go too. It’s the first time exploring, I wanna be there!”

“No Zen, Destiny is older, so she’ll go with me first.” Zen whines before sitting down by mom, who’s licking his head again. I smile at him and he bares his fangs at me.

“Bye mom!” I yell before following dad out. It’s not long before I trip on dad’s footprint, my clumsy four left feet.

“Come on Destiny!” Dad calls.

“Coming!” I scramble up again, my nose hitting the dirt before I climb up. My paws are all dirty now. I run as fast as my four legs will carry me. I finally catch up to dad, who is walking slowly. Only a few wolves are in sight, it’s still early. But I’m full of energy already.

They lower their head when Dad comes by, he is the alpha after all; Alpha Kylo of Knysna. We, or dad and mom rules all of Knysna. The prey is all for us to take. As a clumsy wolf, I stumble all over the place. Dad laughs and uses his leg to prop me up from the floor. My front paw hits the floor before I let out a whine. A sharp pain pokes at the bottom. I lick it but it doesn’t get better.

“What’s wrong darling?”

“Daddy, my foot hurts!” I whine.

“Come here, let me see.” He comes over and sniffs my little paw. He uses his teeth to bite something and I feel a sense of relaxation when he removes his snout from my paw.

“What is it?” I ask, my head tilting to the side.

“It’s a thorn.” Dad says. He spits it out for me to see. I smell it. It smells like roses as I wrinkle my snout. I growl at it and stalk away, head held high. I go into a run when I notice Dad is already far away. I follow dad up to the top of the hill.


After an eternity and lots of complaining, we make it to the top. My tongue sticks out to release the heat on my body. I collapse onto my stomach and pants quickly. Dad nudges me and I stand again, whining.

“How much further?”

“Not long now, Destiny. Come on!” He urges and I groan. I stand and follow and I’m met with the most beautiful land I’ve ever seen. I stand on top of a green hill and look across the horizon. The sun is barely peeking over the green mountains. The Knysna waterfall sparkles yellow and orange when the sun shines over it. I can’t believe one day it’ll all be mine.

The pack is just waking up, everyone yawns at least once. I see my brother Zen playing around underneath the hill I’m on. My eyes widen when a cawk sounds above my head. I scream and duck under dad’s stomach.

“Destiny. Come out, it’s just a crow.”

“Aw daddy, I’m scared.”

“Come out, it’s okay.” He whispers and I look at him from underneath his chest. He looks down and licks my head.

“What’s a crow, daddy?”

“It’s a big black bird. They aren’t dangerous, they’re just loud.” He bares his fangs. “Sometimes they’re so loud that they wake me up from my beauty sleep.”

“You don’t need beauty sleep daddy, mommy does.” I laugh and roll onto my back. Dad lays down next to me.

“Of course I do, darling. Beauty sleep is needed for everyone.”

“You’re just lazy daddy.” I nuzzle my nose in his neck.

“Well...there’s that too.” After a few seconds of silence, I ask,

“Daddy, am I to rule this land one day?”

“You’re only a month old, Destiny. Not anytime soon.” He laughs, “Just enjoy your childhood.” His words ring out in my head as I stare out into the horizon. The sun now halfway risen and I feel the warm rays on my face. The wind blows back and I shuffle back a shiver.

“Come on Destiny, let’s get back.” Dad already took his leave and I yelp, jumping up to follow him.

With that, was how my boring life started.


Hey guys! This is my new book :)

I wanted to try something new and different. This book’s character names and setting are made by my seven-year-old sister; dedication to her! So, because of that, there might not be wolves there, nor snow in fact. Or...if you never heard of the place, just pretend there are wolves and snow there haha.

I was going to make it a children’s book but I guess my confusing brain decided it was better to make it intermediate. I do hope you are enjoying Blinding Light (my first ever published book!!). If you aren’t, well I guess :(

Just kidding! I’m happy for all the support of the book already.

Thanks for reading! Love lots,


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