Saving Destiny [Under Construction]

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A story of an overconfident, strong-headed, cocky wolf named Destiny. She's not likable by many and wants to rule over Kanzya as soon as possible. Both her parents are hesitant to give her the alpha power. Pride ruined, Destiny runs off into the forest, away from her home. But what happens when she stumbles across a campsite of humans? They trap her and takes her to who knows where. But however, they treat her well. Alone, hungry, and angry, she accepts their food and care. But will she ever find her way home? Will she still want to go home? Updates weekly: Sunday :)

Adventure / Children
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Beforehand Note:


Hi guys! Yiona here :)

Welcome to my second book! It has nothing related to Blinding Light. This is a book completely made up by me and my little sister. Soooo dedication to her hehe.

Characters & some names are made up by her :D

I’m taking this story down for some editing as I’m finding it hard to continue it in the first person POV as it is a book about LITERAL wolves, not werewolves. Sorry! Not a big fan of those...

This book is completely and wholly owned by me. Everything planned out is completely based on my own imagination. It is a work of fiction, so please don’t take offense if something isn’t right in real nature/life.

Fast Passes of this story are available on Patreon! Just click on the support me button on my profile and it’ll redirect you there! Hope to see all you guys’ support :)

See you guys then!

Thank you and love lots,


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