Rise of the Fire Wolf

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This is book 2 of the playing with fire series. Before you start this book, you have to read the first book in the series, Dancing Flames. Alex has finally found her mate and has three children already !!! Now comes the difficult part. What will she do ? She has a duty to the werewolves as the wolf of fire element but then what about the duty to her children as a mother ? Will she be able to survive the war ? What about Shadow ? Will Shadow finally reveal her identity ? Levstorm too has secrets. It seems like Alex isn’t aware of this. And what about his crazy ex girlfriend ? Will she ever leave ? Or will she make things difficult for Alex and him ? To know what’s gonna happens read ahead !!!

Adventure / Fantasy
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Character List

Jacob Xavier Black ( Jake )

Code name : Beast

Wolf name : Storm

Mate : Samantha Reign

Gang name : Phoenixes

Alexandria Victoria Black ( Alex , Lexi , Dria , Alexi )

Code name : Shadow

Wolf name : Blaze

Mate : Levstorm Reign

Gang name : Silver Roses

Jayden Nathaniel Black ( Jay )

Code name : Stallion

Wolf name : Asher

Mate : Clarissa (Clary) Harper

Gang name : Silver Roses

Brian William Black

Code name : Stone

Wolf name : Denver

Gang name : Phoenixes

Willow Claire Black ( Will )

Code name : Scorpio

Wolf name : Letty

Gang name : Phoenixes

Levstorm Nash Reign ( Lev )

Code name : Pitch Black

Wolf name : Chase

Mate : Alexandria Black

Gang name : Black Wolves

Samantha Clarissa Reign ( Sam )

Code name : Dawn

Wolf name : Harmony

Mate : Jacob Black

Gang name : Black Wolves

John Salas Reign ( Jo )

Code name : Tech

Wolf name : Tergo

Gang name : Black Wolves

Jonathan Carter Reign ( Jace )

Code name : Prime

Wolf name : Hugo

Gang name : Black Wolves

Parents !!

James and Amelia Black

Code names : Rock and Dark Emerald

Wolf names : Domnic and Stacy

Children : Jacob , Alexandria , Jayden , Brian and Willow

Gang name : Phoenixes

Nicholas and Isabella Reign

Code names : Ghost and Static

Wolf names : Kyle and Autumn

Children : Levstorm , Samantha , John and Jonathan

Gang name : Black Wolves

I think that’s about it. Have a fun read !!

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