The Caged Girl

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Chapter II

Snow fell softly and melted on her arm. She looked up at her mother. "Is this snow?" She asked. Her mother smiled warmly and nodded. "Does it feel good?". The girl nodded but then Whimpered. "Cold.". Her mother laughed. It was a beautiful sound and the girl joined in.

"I like snow.Ith fun." She exclaimed.

"It is."

"Can you eat it?"

Laughing earnestly, her mother nodded and smiled again.

"Momie? Where does it come from?"

"It comes from your father..." Her voice faded and grew farther away. And then..

Lena woke with a jolt. He muscles were sore but she dismissed it as she tried to remember her dream but it faded away as quickly as the mother's words.

Finally she gave up and walked to the gate to see a bowl of porridge still warm on the floor. Gratefully she sank onto the ground and began to eat. It had been miday when she fell asleep and now she was counting the stars.

Picking two stars she tried to connect them in the shape of a heart. After finding this she wandered about until she heard the click of a lock. Running to the gate she saw Jacob.

"Yer wanted in th' atrium." He said, giving up his smooth tones, used for luring customers in. "A very special guest."

"Who is it?" She questioned.

"Wait till tomorrow."

"You said I'm wanted in the atrium." She said confused.

"Tomorrow." He said and locked the door. So she had to wait till the morning Star dawned.

She wasn't summoned at dawn when Jacob brought her porridge. Or at noon. She was beginning to give up hope when the click of the key in the lock sounded.
"Yer wanted." That was all she needed to hear. Giving him a hug she ran into the sun.
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