Darkest Defender (Revamped)

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What do you do when you discover that your whole life is a lie? Do you sob and cry about the fact that you've been lied to? Or do you take the liar by the throat and attempt to kill them? Or do you calm down and ask for the ugly truth, no matter how heartbreaking, nerve-wracking or confusing it may be? If you chose one of the violent options, congrats! You're just like me. And if you didn't, it's fine. Just means you're weak and need to outgrow your kindness. Because the world isn't kind, at least not to me anyways. I've been a pawn in someone's game and it's high time that changed. I tried to be kind and caring, to be the light in the dark. But I think it's time to accept that there's a reason there's darkness all around us. And I intend to use it, or paint the world red as I try. There's a reason the Holy Book said, "Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth." And am I wrong to take his advice and obey? After all, I'm here to reap what discord and despair has sown.

Adventure / Scifi
AC Rodriguez
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Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I've been working really hard on this, trying to find the right words to write, editing scene by scene and figuring out in which direction all of this should pan out.

Despite starting this story ORIGINALLY as a Marvel fanfic, this story has gone through MANY edits, re-writes and the like. But with that being said, and with talking to my dear friend and sister, it was her advice to take this story and write it as its own original story.

As such, many of the themes written here are probably too harsh for some of you.

Although there have been times, I myself have flinched from reading what I've written, cried while staring at the keyboard or cursed at the character I'm writing about- I just want you to know that even though its a story, I don't advocate/ condone any of the things written.

A story is simply meant to be a story. Taken as fantasy, science fiction or the like. But I should issue a warning despite that.

A) There will be depictions of abuse, (despite how terrible I am at writing graphically/ explaining in detail) as in domestic violence. Although I have seen domestic fights between parents and children, the things I wrote here are overly exaggerated for the sake of the story.

B) The mentioning of Death is a subject that I'm on the fence about, so to some its triggering, to others not a big deal. Take the subject as you will.

6/22/2022- 10:21 pm (Since I'm still not done with chapter 7.2, this is all the trigger warnings I think will concern my readers the most.)

My hope is, despite what I write, you all enjoy the story. Feel free to leave a comment about it or whatever you feel. Hope you are all safe.


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