Darkest Defender (Revamped)

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What if, at times, it's darkness that has to defend us? All of my life I believed happiness was a lie, that it was a dream I would never reach, a wish my heart yearned for, but my mind knew was impossible to fulfill. All of my life I had only known sorrow, darkness, fear, terror. It was always about knowing what to not say, what to think, or when to stay quiet. One little word could cost my safety. One wrong move could cost my life's chess game. Everything had to be perfectly calculated. I was forced to be ten steps ahead if I was to survive another day. So you can imagine my surprise when someone suddenly appears and tells me I can be happy and have peace? That there are people out there that actually care for me without even knowing who I truly am? Y' know what my first reaction was? I tried to kill them, and I would have, if I had been stronger. Suddenly I was pulled into a world much more dangerous than what I was already living. Oh, and I found out the reason my family really wanted me was to have control over my abilities and make me some braniac's defender and maid. Brilliantly executed plan, don't you think? Now I'm supposed to be someone's savior and do something good with my life, for the first time. But what happens when you can't use good to fight evil? What happens when what can really defeat darkness isn't light, but darkness itself? And what i

Adventure / Scifi
AC Rodriguez
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Somewhere out there,

there's a girl waiting to be rescued.

There's a girl who wants to escape her prison, a girl who hates the life she's living and would give anything to leave and never come back. She can't be much older than 12, she's smart for her age.

But woe, those eyes of hers have seen torment.

Woe, her ears have heard curses and hatred; and yet her heart yearns for something else, something other than what she has.

She won't admit her pain, of course. She hides it, buries it deep inside herself and prays no one will ever see how broken she really is. But she yearns for a better life, a life where she can be happy with simplicity. She doesn't want extravagance, she doesn't want riches, she doesn't want diamonds or gold.


She wants happiness, a place to call her own and safety.

And I plan to give it to her.

I am her great grandfather and I have searched for her. I have given years of my life and more to find my beloved grandchild, I want to give her that life she's been yearning for.

But no matter how hard I've searched for her, she hasn't been found.

If only her father hadn't abandoned her.

If only her mother hadn't been killed.

If only her remaining family cared enough for her as I have. If only I had been strong enough in the past, she would be with me and she would be living the life she deserves.

But that's not what fate wanted.


But I will tempt fate and break it. I will get what's mine and make sure to give my great-granddaughter what's rightfully hers.

I want to break free from this hell I'm living in.







Those are words that I've been called for as long as I can remember.

Words that I've gotten accustomed to. Words that roll off of me like soap and water. But sometimes, just sometimes, those words pinprick me and harm me... just a little. But I'm determined to not let them define me.

There will come a day, there has to come a day where I can leave this life all behind.

A day where I can walk out in the world and be free. A day where I can be whatever I portray myself to be. But for now, I hide behind a mask, a mask of indifference and silence.

But there will come a day where I can show the world who I really am. And you know what?

They will fear me.

"I hide behind masks. I hide behind lies. I lie low in wait, waiting for my moment to strike. To strike when my enemies least expect me... who am I?"

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