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The story is like "The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" or like Genghis Khan. It describes the historical & ethnic customs of the old Ottoman Empire (present Turkey), during the 18th Century. How the Empire treated its subordinate Christian countries (slaves) around it. One of the Empire's ethnic customs was the so-called, "Paidomazoma." The force kidnapping of Christian boys and their use as special soldiers against its own subordinate Christian ethnic groups or slaves, under its dominion. Our story describes the adventures of such a child, of how he managed to recover back his freedom by defying the Sultan. (the leader of the country) He accomplished this with the help of his twin sister DIONYSIAN and their birthmark bond that both carry on their right chests since birth. The boy's name in the story is "ARKAN" and he's a Janissary Captain, serving SULTAN SELIM the Second. Arkan's twin sister is a slave dancer for a Pasha (Military nobleman). Dionysian and Arkan meet under unusual circumstances. When they accidentally discover the secret of their birthmark sign and its hidden extraordinary power, they used it to destroy their enemies and free themselves and their friends from slavery and build a new and free land for themselves.

Adventure / Romance
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Part 1



In a small room of the house there are holly icons of Saints and a crucifix hanging on the wall. Suddenly a piercing female scream of suffering comes from the next room disrupting the tranquility of the early dawn.

ANTIGONE early 20′s lies in bed and it looks she’s in labor. Sweat runs down her face. Next to her is midwife ANASTASIA 40′s who takes care of her. There is a bronze pot with warm water on a table next to Antigone’s bed. The midwife applies compresses on Antigone’s forehead who leaves another shriek of pain as the head of the newborn starts sliding out.

The midwife Anastasia helps it to come out and then she places it on a blanket. Antigone who observes Anastasia’s face sees a disappointed reaction on it as she examines the newborn and asks her: “Is it a boy?”

“Unfortunately yes.” Anastasia answers. Then Antigone replies in desperation: “Oh God, don’t let it live Anastasia.”

That moment, Antigone leaves another scream of pain as the head of another infant starts coming out. Now a smile appears on Anastasia’s face. Antigone who watches her asks.

“Is it a girl Anastasia?” She answers: “Yes, it’s God’s wish”

Next Antigone starts coughing and breathing faster as her face changes color now. Now her breathing becomes slower and her eyes start closing. The midwife’s face has a worry look. She tries to raise slowly Antigone’s head as her eyes now start slightly opening trying to whisper something. Antigone bends her face slightly to hear her. “Anastasia I’m dying, take care of my girl and don’t let the boy live, drawn it in the well.”

Tears run from midwife’s eyes now as she hears that.


The newborn twins lay in bed and covered with a blanket.

An iconostasis built in a corner of the wall under the ceiling contains some icons of Saints and a Crucifix.

Next to them a small lamp filled with scented oil is burning.

The midwife Anastasia is on her knees in front of the shrine holding a bible and praying.


Anastasia unfolds the blanket and holds the hands of the two infants together with one hand and with the other exposes their right chests then looks up at the night sky whispering something.

A moment later two identical little triangular marks appear on both infants’ right chests. Anastasia places her hand on both marks and says: “These will unite you forever”.


Captain ARKAN, early 30′s, with brown hair, and average size young man leads the unit. Next to him rides Lieutenant MURAT a child hood friend of the same age. When the cavalry unit reaches on a high ground, Arkan orders the unit to dismount then he and Murat study the area map.

After that, Arkan points down the hill and says: “Those Christian rebels are down there. We must get to them in time before they seize OSMAN PASHA’S fortress.”

Murat answers submissively: “Yes my Captain.”

Then Arkan orders him: “Send out some scouts to locate their position.”

Meantime the horses start whinnying and kicking on the ground. By this time Arkan looks tired and lies down to rest.

Minutes later his eyes close. Murat sees him and moves away in discreet.


Arkan’s dream sequence:

He dreams of a horde of wild riders as they spin their Yatagan swords up in the air shouting in Turkish language.

Meantime Christian villagers run out of their burning homes in every direction screaming wildly for their lives.

Some of them hold religious icons while singing psalms in Greek. Then the Turkish leader screams wildly an order to his troop. “Search every infidel’s house and snatch every boy you can find.”

Arkan sees himself as a small child in the arms of a woman who holds him tenderly, as they hide in a closet.

Next to them is a bed where a little girl is hiding under.

Suddenly the house door breaks wide open and a fearsome horseman enters in. His Yatagan sword cuts down the furniture to make room. His horse neighs anxiously and knocks over the bed where the little girl hides crying.

The Turkish horseman lifts his Yatagan to strike at the little girl, but at the last moment he loses control of his sword and it spins around the air a few times then it nails into the floor, inches away of the frightened girl.

The horseman’s eyes look bewildered at the event. He looks at the girl in owe and retrieves his sword back. Then he sees the cabinet where the woman is hiding with the boy and forces the door open finds them, grabs the boy away from her and leaves.


Arkan wakes up screaming. Murat approaches him with a worry face. “What’s the matter Captain, the same dream again?”

He asks. “Yeah the same damn one.” Arkan answers. Meantime the scouts return from their mission, carrying with them a prisoner tied up in ropes and throw him at the feet of Arkan.

Arkan looks at the prisoner with disgust. Then the head scout bows at Arkan in discipline and respect.

“Brave commander Arkan, the rebels haven’t attacked yet the fortress of Osman Pasha. Allah is great.”

Then he turns to the prisoner. “I brought this Christian dog.”

Then the head scout starts the interrogation.

“Tell us why your people didn’t attack the castle yet?”

The prisoner remains silent.

“Talk or you’ll die here now.” The prisoner spits at him in defiance.

Then the head scout starts carving the prisoner’s chest with

his Yatagan sword. The blood runs from the man’s chest while his face shows his suffering, but he still doesn’t talk.

He finally yields to pain. “Please stop in the name of God.

We decided to postpone the attack” because --

A hesitation shows on his face. Then Arkan drawing his Yatagan orders him: “Continue Christian dog or I’ll cut your head off.”

Prisoner: “There are many of us still captives in the castle.

We waited till they break away to join us.”

Then Arkan with a swift movement of his sword cuts the prisoner’s head off smiling. “Now go and join your people.”

Then he turns to Murat. “Get our men ready. We’ll take those

dogs by surprise. Our honorable SULTAN SELIM wants the heads of the Christian leaders on a stick as a gift to Osman Pasha.

In the name of the PROPHET, we will prevail.” Arkan says.

Then he leads his men down the hill dividing them in groups.

Soon they reach the enemy camp.


When Arkan and his men reach the Christian camp most of them are asleep and unaware. They are an easy target for Arkan’s men. Their surprised attack creates a disorder among them.

However, a number of them reorganizes and fights back, but as they are out-numbered and unprepared, they are slaughter and the rest chose to save their lives running.

It’s an easy victory for Arkan’s Janissary army.

Three of the rebel leaders are caught and have their heads cut off and impaled through a metal rod.


Arkan and his cavalry march inside the castle.

Osman Pasha and some of his officers welcome them at the gate as heroes. Osman Pasha walks ahead of his officers’ line to welcome Arkan and his troop. “Brave Captain Arkan, I’m grateful to you and your Janissary soldiers for saving my dominion. I’ll be honored to have you and your officers as guests in my court.”

Then Arkan shows to Osman Pasha the heads of the Christian leaders he curried on the stick.

“Honorable Osman Pasha, these are the heads of your enemy leaders. A gift of Sultan Selim to you.”

Osman Pasha bows hearing the Sultan’s name. “I thank the Great One for his generous gift and may the Mighty Allah reward him in the next life.”


As Arkan, Murat and Osman Pasha sit around the floor on colored silk pillows eating and drinking, Osman Pasha claps his hands to a nearby slave. The slave bends to hear what his Pasha has to tell him. Then moves his head in agreement and leaves.

Minutes later the man returns with a leather pouch and gives it to Osman Pasha, who shakes it in his hands.

A metallic sound comes out of the purse, indicating coins.

Arkan hears the sound turns around.

“Brave Arkan accept this humble appreciation of your bravery”

says Pasha. Arkan with greedy eyes takes the gratuity and hides inside his robe, adding: “It was my duty to my Sultan.”

Next a group of pretty female dancers comes out and start performing in front of them. One of the dancers, a 30′s brunette, excels. Her graceful movements and charm hypnotizes Murat.

But as she steps in front of him and Arkan she suddenly jolts out of balance and loses her step.

At the same instant Arkan experiences a similar phenomenon

and rolls all over the carpet, like someone pushed him.

Then the music and the dancers stop immediately, while Osman Pasha claps his hands and stops the dancers.

“Everybody leave now.” He orders. Next he turns to Captain Arkan.

“What happened Captain, did you get hurt”? He turns to the female dancer adding: “I’ll punish that slave dancer.”

“I don’t know what happened to me respected Pasha.”

Arkan answers.


Arkan and Murat discuss the event with the dancer.

“What happened Captain with that dancer?” Murat asks him.

“No idea Murat. I felt like a blow hit me from nowhere.”

“Something similar happened to that female dancer according to her Captain.

I’m going to call her and find out what she knows about it.” Then Murat leaves the room and goes to his quarters.


Murat sits comfortable on a divan when the door knocks

and a eunuch appears with the female dancer.

“Effendi Murat, here is the dancer you requested.”

The eunuch says and steps back presenting the slave dancer, whose face is semi covered with a red veil. Next Murat gives the eunuch some tip. “Well done. This is for you and bring us some refreshments now.”

A few minutes later the Eunuch returns with the refreshments and places them on a table.

Murat treats the dancer with the some of the refreshments,

as she gets ready to dance.

“Hold on, you are wounded. You should rest first.”

Murat tells her.

“I’m all right Janissary, thank you.” The dancer replies.

“But I saw you falling earlier.” Murat adds.

“I don’t know what happened to me tonight, but I can dance now.”

Then with an ethereal movement she unveils her face cover, takes a step back and starts moving in an exotic way.

Her moves create a magnetic-sleeping effect on Murat.

As her long dark hair moves swiftly around her, it reminds him a horse’s tail as it flogs left and right trying to rid itself from its flies. Finally Murat claps his hands to stop her from dancing. “Then Murat tell her: “Have a rest now and join me here.”

He indicates a spot on the Divan next to him for her to sit. As she sits, she pushes her long hair back in a provocative manner. Next, when the sound of her voice reaches his ears, his eyes become dreamy and his expression looks like he is in another world. “I hope you have a name to match your beauty slave girl.”

She smiles shyly and adds. “I’m Dionysian brave janissary and

don’t know if this matches my beauty or not. There aren’t any

mirrors in our chamber.” Murat smiles: “You’re also wise and modest, a good combination for a woman. About your name, isn’t it Greek?”

“It is, brave janissary…”

“Stop calling me janissary all the time. My name is Murat.

Now how long have you been dancing here?”

“Since my teens, when I was taken by slave traders and sold to Pasha.” She answers.

His masculine looks and coarse voice attracts her.

“How long have you been a Janissary?” Dionysian asks him.

“Since I now myself Dionysian.” He answers.

“Have you known your parents?” He thinks for a moment, then:

“I can’t say I do.” “They say all Janissaries’ are born of Christian parents.” She continues.

“Don’t say that. It’s an insult to the Janissary code.”

He comments in a serious way.

“Forgive me Brave Murat. I’ll go to my quarters now.”

She adds and tries to move away with a bow.

He smiles and waves his hand to her.


Murat and Dionysian walk laughing, giggling while holding hands.

Next they sit on a wooden couch and start chatting.

“You are a very interesting woman Dionysian, I’m glad I met you.”

“I do too brave Murat.” She answers to him.

“I’m not brave, my Captain is. Just call me Murat.”

“Yes, M u r a t…” She whispers.

As she pronounces his name leisurely and provocative, Murat becomes

sexually aroused. He grabs her in his arms and kisses her with

passion. She kisses him back.

“Your charm bewitched me Dionysian.”

“Happy to hear that Murat, my heart is yours.”

As they keep busy with each other they don’t see a woman hiding behind a tree spying on them.

Moments later Dionysian leaves.


The woman that spied on them talks to Pasha now.

As you predicted Effendi Pasha. They were at each other’s arms.

“Good job slave.” Then he gives her some coins.


Pasha and Arkan sit on embroidered floor cushions and

across to each other having Turkish delights. The place

is beautifully decorated according to the times.

“You asked to see me Effendi?” Arkan says him.

“I appreciate your prompt respond brave Arkan.”

There is a favor I would like to ask you,” The Pasha says.

“I’m at your command Effendi.” Arkan says.

“It seems those Christian rebels who ran away they start

recruiting new men.” The Pasha says.

“Give me all the information and I take my unit and go after them.”

Arkan says with pride.

“No need for you to get involved Captain. Send Murat he needs

to gather some glory. This mission is not so serious” Pasha adds

in an hypocritical manner.

“As you wish Effendi Pasha” Arkan adds.


Murat sits on a bench. A grounds-keeper just passes around pretending cleaning Murat’s spot then looks around carefully

and gives Murat a little paper note, the he disappears.

Murat looks at the man strangely as he tries to read the note.

The note reads: ”Murat my love, pasha locked me up in the

Eunuchs’ quarters and away from you, be careful, Dionysian.”


Murat with a small unit of Janissaries, and some of Pasha’s Scouts

search the area for the Christians rebels.

“How far are we from the rebels area?” Murat asks the head scout.

“About half an hour Lieutenant, don’t worry we know the area well.”

Half an hour later the head scout orders his men to dismount and

says to Murat: “Take two of your men and follow us Lieutenant, the

rest of your men can stay here till we return.”

Murat follows the advice, takes his two men and follows the head

Scout and his men down the hill.

When the group disappears down the hill the head scout whistles

a signal and a group of men appears behind some bushes and

attacks Murat and his men.

Murat reacts fast and draws his Yatagan and together with his two men defend themselves bravely and manage to kill some of them.

But unfortunately Pasha’s scouts ambush Murat and his men from

behind killing the two Janissaries and wound Murat seriously

then kick his body down the hill.

“I’m sorry Janissary, it was Pasha’s orders. May Allah welcome you.”

The head scout says.


The Pasha smiles as he talks to his head scout.

“You made sure that Murat is dead”? “Yes Osman Pasha.”

“I killed him myself and threw his body down the cliff.” “Excellent and hope you got rid of your men who helped you in this.”

“I did, noble Effendi and Murat’s men didn’t suspect anything.”

Then Pasha gives the scout a pouch of gold coins.

Osman Pasha smiling adds: ”Nobody comes in my Domain and lures

away my dancer and doesn’t pay the price.” Now go.

Then the head scout bows and turns to leave the room.

But before he reaches the door Pasha stabs him from

behind then calls his guards. When they come: He points to the

dead scout on the floor and tells them “Get rid of this treacherous

snake. I just caught him stealing from me.”

His guards search the dead man’s pockets, find the pouch

and give it back to Pasha, then they remove the body.


Arkan is listening to Pasha whose face looks sad.

“Brave Arkan, I have disturbing news.”

“Today it’s a very sad day for all.” Arkan’s face shows worry.

“In the name of Allah, Pasha Effendi don’t keep me in suspension.

I had a bad dream about my friend Murat last night.”

“Murat fell in an ambush….the Christian rebels...”

Arkan interrupts him. “What happened to Murat?

You said it was an easy mission, and now…”

“That’s what I thought, but a group of Christian rebels

ambushed him and a couple of his men together with my scouts

and ran away.”

“What about the rest of Murat’s men? Why didn’t they help them?”

“They were stationed behind waiting.” Pasha adds cunningly.

Arkan walks up and down the floor thinking.

Then he says in rage. “I am going to find those Christians rebels

and slaughter them all.

”I sent special trackers in the area to locate them, when they

return you can go.”

When Arkan leaves, a wicked smile shows on Pasha’s face.


The wild barking of three sheepdogs breaks the silence of the

evening. The dogs surround the body of a man as he lays wounded

in front of a thick bush. A moment later two men arrive dressed

like shepherds and look at the body.

They bare a resemblance to each other. MITSOS, the younger brother in his 30′s, bends close to examine the wounded man.

“He’s a Janissary and messed up, but he looks like he’s still alive.

What do you say, leave him for the wolves?”

PANOS the older brother rejects it: ”No Mitsos, it’s inhuman.

What the bible says?”

“How can you say that Panos? He is a Sultan’s soldier, an enemy,

not a Christian.”

“I say no. Help me now to put him on the horse.”


Murat sleeps on the floor near a fireplace. He seems delirious.

He repeats the name of Dionysian and Arkan.

By his side is Panos. He places compresses on Murat’s forehead.

Murat opens his eyes slowly and looks around the room.

He looks at Panos.

“Who are you? Where am I? What is this place?”

“Take it easy, Janissary, you’re badly wounded and need to recover.

You are in a shepherd’s home now.”


He follows Pasha’s scouts with a couple of his men.

Suddenly behind a thick bush, some armed men jump them.

Then the scouts attack them from the back. He sees himself

fighting, then gets wounded and rolls down the cliff.


Murat mumbles: “That dishonorable traitor Osman Pasha is behind

this. He set me up to the trap, but why? Oh, yeah Dionysian’s

note, she warned me.”

Panos listens to him and says: “What are you mumbling Janissary?”

“My name is Murat. I am a victim of Osman Pasha’s treachery.

Can you help me? You’ll be rewarded generously.”

“Me, what could I do?” Panos replies.

Write a letter for me I dictate you.”

“I don’t know how to write, my younger brother Mitsos does.”

Then Mitsos walks in and starts writing the letter.

When Murat finishes dictation, he takes a pendant from his neck

and gives it to Mitsos.

“Go to the town and find Captain Arkan, show him the letter

and the pendant, tell him about me and take this.”

He gives him some coins. “For your services”


Pasha enters Dionysian’s room where she’s been hold captive.

The Eunuch guard bows at the Pasha’s presence and moves away.

“I warned you about Murat not to encourage him, but you

disobeyed me and now he’s dead and you’re my prisoner.”

“You’re an evil man Pasha. Murat was the only man I ever loved.“

“Shut up. From now on, you’ll be locked up in the dungeon

of the castle. Your defiance killed him.” Pasha adds with sarcasm.

Then he claps his hands. The Eunuch guard appears.

“Take this slave girl and throw her in a cell with rats.”


Mitsos rides on his horse cart through the Gates.

“You stop. What you are carrying?” The gate guard asks.

“Fresh goat milk for the Pasha.” Mitsos replies.

The gate guard goes around the cart and checks the load.

“Okay drive ahead.” Orders him.


Mitsos enters the tavern. Heavy sounds of musical organs

are heard in the room. Men are drinking wine in the company

of women. In a corner is a group of Janissaries drinking.

Mitsos sees them and moves close to eavesdrop. He hears one of

them saying: “I don’t know why we’re waiting and don’t go back

to our base since Lieutenant Murat is dead.”

Another one says: “I still can’t understand how Murat died like

that. The whole thing looks so strange to me.”

Mitsos approaches their table and speaks to them:

“Brave Janissaries I bring you good news about your Lieutenant

Murat, he’s alive. But, I must see your Captain Arkan first.”

The Janissaries look at him with inferiority.

“Who do you think you are peasant that you want to see our Captain

and how do you know about Murat?”

“I am a shepherd from down the valley and have a very important

letter for your Captain.”

Then one of the Janissaries says: “Stay here, I go to fetch him.”


Captain Arkan enters in with the Janissary.

“Who is this shepherd who wants to see me?” Mitsos stands up

in respect. “Me, brave Captain. I have a letter from Murat.

He is still alive in my cabin. This is his letter and this is

his pendant Captain.” He hands him the two items.

When Arkan finishes reading, his face becomes hard like steel.

His men are watching his expression.

Arkan whispers to them: ”Lieutenant Murat is alive. Spread

the word to our men in discreet. Osman Pasha tried to kill him.

He turns to the shepherd: “We sneak tonight to your cabin.”

Next Arkan gives him some gold coins.


Pasha is at Dionysian’s cell and says to her in sarcasm:

“How is your vacation here? Any regrets for disobeying me?

Would you beg now for my forgiveness?”

She looks at him arrogantly without fear.

“What about you Effendi? Any shame for punishing an innocent

girl for pleasure and power? I guess not eh?”

“Still defying me, instead of going on your knees for mercy?”

“Effendi, you killed the man I loved and buried me here alive,

how much more you can do to me?”

“You gave your heart to a soldier and you’ll pay for that.”


Arkan is happy to see Murat alive.

“Captain I’m so glad to see you and I’m sorry for my

clumsiness to fall victim of suck a stupid trap.” Murat says.

“It was my fault to believe the Pasha. He’ll pay for his

wickedness. So you say all that happened for just a dancer

who is locked up now?” “Yes Captain.” Murat says embarrassed.


Their camp consists of several wooden stalls.

Their cavalry unit is assembled in several groups in front

of every stall. Arkan is in charge of half of the men

and Murat the rest.

Arkan to the men: “Men you know your positions. We take

the critical locations of the Pasha’s men and create havoc.”


Arkan’s archers hide behind trees and get ready to strike,

while Murat’s swordsmen hide on top of the terrace covering

the guards. At Arkan’s sign, a cloud of arrows flies to the

direction of Pasha’s guards who are taken by surprise.

A confused screaming is heard among them as many fall.

Then Murat with his swordsmen jump off the terrace and land

in front of the enemy and start cutting.

Several of Pasha’s men drop their Yatagans and surrender.

Arkan to the surrendered men: “Wise choice men. Your lives

will be spared if you join me.”


A large brick building with horses tied up in the barn outside.

Murat and his unit surround the two exits of the building.

Both of them are guarded by the normal night shift men, as

the rest of the men are in their quarters sleeping.

Murat and his men surprise the guards and cut them with their

Yatagans. The survivors surrender.


The battle cry alerts the Pasha’s men inside who rush out

with their Yatagans raised up in the air but surprised to

see the Janissaries surround them. Arkan’s men expecting

their move raise up their Muskets and start shooting at them.

Osman Pasha’s Saray is across the cavalry quarters. He hears

the screaming shooting and commotion and comes out to

investigate. At that moment Murat comes out with some of his

men and his prisoners.

Osman Pasha stares at Murat with frozen face and says:

“YOU? You didn’t die after all, Janissary traitor.

“How dare you attack my men? You’ll lose your head for that.”

“You won’t be around to see that but I will and see your head

rolling down the basket.” Murat says.

“You sent me to a trap eh? First things first. Where is my

Dionysian, where do you keep her?” Murat asks in a demanding voice.

Then one of Pasha’s men stands out and says: “She’s is in the

dungeons Lieutenant.”

“Take a couple of my men and bring her here.” Murat asks him.

A few minutes later Dionysian comes out. She looks around

trying to figure out what is going on. She finally recognizes

Murat and runs to him. Murat gets off his horse opens his arms and kisses her.

“My love I never expected to see you again.” Murat says and

pointing to Pasha says: “Thanks to this sneaky worm, I almost died,

without knowing why.”

“That’s because he’s in love with me and don’t want anyone else to

have me.” Dionysian comments.

“Well now he must beg for his life.” Murat says.


Arkan and Murat assemble their men.

All of Pasha’s men who are caught prisoners are tied up.

Arkan takes the stand and addresses them: “Prisoners, you are all

free to go, I’m not going to hurt you.”

The prisoners look at each other surprised. Then gaze at

their leader uncertainly. Their leader seems confused for a moment.

Then: “Brave janissary you’re merciful leader. My men and I

thank you for sparing our lives, but we have no master now

and nowhere to go.”

“What’s your name and rank?” Arkan asks him. “I’m TORKAL and ex-

Captain of Osman Pasha’s guards.” The man replies.

“So what you decide to do Torkal?” Arkan asks him and continues:

“Osman Pasha will be executed and his Pashalik will end,

till a replacement arrives.”

Torkal after thinking: “I have to consult with my men.”

After a few minutes, he turns to Arkan smiling:

“Brave Arkan, why don’t you stay here and replace Osman Pasha?

In that case we would like to stay under your command.

Osman Pasha was a tyrant.”

Arkan takes a moment to think. Then looks at Murat, who

nods in agreement.

Then Arkan says: “If I remain here and replace Osman Pasha,

the Sultan in the PORTE will know and treat me as a traitor.

You know well what that means to all of us here.”

“You are our leader now Arkan and must find a way to handle

this situation, we depend on you.”

“I appreciate your faith and trust on me.”


Many people gather to witness Pasha’s public execution.

For that a wooden platform was placed in the centre of the square.

In middle of the platform a wooden stall is built and an

executioner with a large Yatagan stands wearing a mask.

A few minutes later the Pasha arrives chained and accompanied

by two guards. They help him get up the stairs of the platform

and take position before the stall.

Then Arkan gets on the platform and stands next to him

and pronounces the sentence.

“Osman Pasha, you’ve been found guilty of dishonesty and

conspiracy against the officers of Sultan Selim the 2nd.

For that you’re sentenced to death. Do you have anything to say?”

In a furious way: “You are all traitors of the empire.

The Great Sultan Selim will know about this and you will all

be perished.”

The guards help Pasha to bend his head on the stall.

The executioner lifts his Yatagan and with a swift

movement he thrusts the big ax on Pasha’s neck and cuts

his head off.


Many workers work to reinforce the walls.

They excavate trenches, dig traps and do anything to be

ready for a possible attack.

Arkan supervises the works, as Murat arrives on horseback

with his lover Dionysian on the back.

He dismounts and helps Dionysian to get down.

He approaches Arkan followed by her.

Captain I like you to meet someone very special to me.

Arkan turns around and looks at Dionysian.

“Let me guess. That must be the girl you almost lost your

life for and Pasha his head. I guess she’s special.”

Arkan says ironically. “She’s indeed Captain.” Murat adds.

Meantime as Dionysian and Arkan stand a few feet away,

suddenly start jerking uncontrollably both of them.

Murat looks at them puzzled.

“What’s happening to you Captain?” Murat says confused.

“What did you do to him, Dionysian?” He asks her next.

Then he stands between the two trying to hold them apart.

But as he does that he starts shaking himself in the

same way. When he finally manages to break away from the

center he lands on the ground.

He looks confused, trying to analyze the situation.

Finally, his face enlightens.

“Captain, move away from her, she affects your balance.

That’s what happened the night at the dance floor.”

Arkan tries desperately to move away from Dionysian but he’s

pulled back to her. Murat goes to him and grabs his hand

managing to pull him away. Then both fall on the ground.

“In the name of the PROPHET, what’s going on Murat?

Who is she? An evil spirit or something?”

Murat starts laughing. “No Captain, she’s the dancer I fell

in love with. Dionysian is her name.”

“I know that. But how she can possess this energy on me?”

“That’s something we must find out and why it doesn’t affect me.”

He turns to Dionysian:

”What kind of magic trick you’re using and why?”

“I don’t do anything my love. I experience the same energy on me.”

Murat goes to her and takes her hand. Then to Arkan:

“Captain hold my other hand.”

Arkan holds his hand and Murat is between the two.

But to their surprise energy doesn’t flow though.

It looks like Murat acts as a neutral field.

“That’s interesting Captain.”

He looks at Dionysian smiling. She releases her hand

from his to pick her hair pin that fell on the ground.

Her move exposes part of her right breast.

Murat and Arkan look at each other like lost. Then they

point with their eyes to the direction of her breast.

“Did you see that Captain?” Arkan shakes his head in agreement.

“I...I sure did, Murat! It’s… It’s impossible.”

What they saw it’s a triangular birthmark on her breast.

“Where did you get that mark girl?”

“What mark Captain?” “That mark on your breast?” Arkan answers.

She looks at her breast in puzzle.

“Oh, that? I always had it since my birth. My twin brother

Alexis had the same when he was taken by the Sultan’s men.

Why you ask me that Captain?”

Arkan’s face looks like Dumb. He looks at Murat for support.

Murat smiles and faces Dionysian.

“Because Captain Arkan has the same, in the same place as yours.”

She looks at Arkan with an unbelievable expression.

“What did you say Murat?” Then she points to Arkan.

“Did you say he’s got the same mark as mine?”

“In the name of Allah, what this woman is talking

about Murat? Can you tell her to shut up?”

Then Murat asks her: “You’re annoying Arkan. What this

birthmark thing is all about, explain it to us.”

“I have to see his mark myself first.”

Then Arkan annoyed shows her his mark.

“Here, are you satisfied now?” He says.

She goes closer to look at it but the energy field pulls her

towards him forcing her to embrace him.

When they fully are in touch each other, the vibration stops

immediately and a relieve shows on their faces.

Dionysian exhales in astonishment and says: “YOU?”

“You are Alexis, my lost twin?” Then she raises her arms up.

“Oh! thank you God, you listened. I finally found him.

Now our mother she can rest in peace.”

Next Dionysian takes Arkan’s hand and places it on her

birthmark and then she puts her’s on his.

This simultaneous touching of each other has a powerful

effect on their faces. They both shake and watch each

other’s eyes widely. From the expression of their eyes

they seem to experience a similar feeling.

They see in their minds through each other’s eyes how their

lives evolved from the beginning to the present in a form of

fast passing images. Murat watches them like hypnotized.


She sees a rapid passing of pictures from his early life

to his kidnapping, then to his introduction to the Islamic

faith, to his janissary training, battles, romances up to

the present day. Then a powerful sensation of peace settles

on her face.


He experiences a similarity of synchronous images of her

as a young girl living with an older woman in a poor village.

Next her abduction by slave traders and subsequent sale of her

the late Osman Pasha. Then her dance training up to the

symptomatic discovery of her as a dancer.

The impression of her images on his face is of fear and horror.

“After this experience there is no doubt in mind that you’re my

twin brother Alexis.” Dionysian says with weeping eyes.

What kind of witchcraft is this? Get away from me sorceress.”

Arkan says pushing her away.

“No Alexis, it’s not black magic.

We are connected with the same mark since birth for a reason.

I saw your past life in

your eyes as you saw mine. Together we are strong.”

She says in a serene voice.

Arkan’s face becomes calm now when he speaks to her.

“The things I saw in you are hard to believe. It’s like

a black magic. Who was that woman I saw you with?”

“She was the one who took care of us after our mother died in

child birth.” She answers.

Arkan’s eyes look straight ahead in nostalgia.

“It all makes sense now. The repeatedly frightening dream I

always have, being a child in the arms of a woman before I

was taken away.”

“That’s right brother Alexis. I saw that moment.” She says

with tears in her eyes. “Unfortunately we didn’t enjoy

our youth as family on account of our forceful separation

of the Paidomazoma.” She continuous.

Murat looks mesmerized with the word she said and jumps in.

“The what, Dionysian?”

“You never heard of Paidomazoma my love? The forced snatching

of Christian boys?” You as a Janissary are also a victim.”

“I think I heard of such a rumor but didn’t pay attention.”

“You mentioned earlier that <together, our birthmark

makes us strong…> What did you mean by that?” Arkan asks her.

“The woman who took care of us used to tell me after your

abduction that if I ever find you it would be through our

birthmark, which would be the symbol of our strength.”

“What strength, what do you mean?”

“it’s simple by joining hands together and call each

other’s name mentally and think of a common wish, that

wish will materialize immediately. Let’s try it brother.”

Murat listens to all this laughing.

Dionysian whispers something into Arkan’s ear. Then both

hold hands and mentally call each other’s name.

Suddenly Murat starts rolling over. He tries to hold himself

steady but he can’t and keeps rolling.

Then he finally stops, looks around, sees them both

laughing and he laughs too.

“Oh yeah, you two think you are strong? Wait until the

Sultan sends his troops, then I want to see how you two

play your brother and sister game.” He says enviously.

“Don’t worry, my brother and I can face anything together.”


The Palace auditorium is a large room with high ceiling, walls

decorated with Previous Sultans, military battles and Yatagans of

all sizes.

Large Divans with lavish embroidery and fluffy floor carpets

everywhere. A Grant Vizier approaches Sultan’s throne in respect.

He kneels down the floor and says:

“Long lived Lord Master, with your permission if I may speak.”

The Sultan signals him with his right hand to talk.

“I have bad news of Osman Pasha’s Pashalik.”

The Sultan bends forward curious saying: “Go ahead.”

“Our trusted Janissaries you sent to help Osman Pasha turned

against him. They captured and executed him…”

When he finishes his report, the Sultan gets up in rage.

“What did you say? I told you I don’t want to hear bad

news first thing in the morning.”

“Yes my grand master, I apologize for my omission. However

if I wouldn’t report this on time, it might be a little late.”

“Explain you reasons.” The Sultan asks disturbed.

“The Janissaries forced Pasha’s men to join them, then

they recruited Christian rebels in their command. They have

sufficient power now to be a thread to us.

We have to crush their mutiny immediately.”

The Sultan thinks for a moment.

“I agree. Assemble a force and send them to put down the revolt.

I want all the traitors’ heads on a spit.”


Arkan, Murat and Torkal the leader of the old guards sit on

silk cushions and have a discussion. A minute later a door

opens and LEONIDAS a 50′s man, with bushy beard enters.

“You’re just on time Leonidas for our war council.

Get a cushion and sit next to us.” Arkan tells him.

Torkal looks at him suspiciously, then at Arkan.

Arkan smiles to Torkal to reassure him.

“Leonidas was our enemy before as the leader of the Christian

rebels but now he’s our ally. We need him against the Sultan.”

“Anyone who is Sultan’s enemy is our friend now.” Murat adds.

“While you men sit and talk, the Sultan is sending an army of

five thousand of his best troops against you according

to my information.” Leonidas says.

“If we’re united and make plans we can take them, don’t worry.”

Arkan says closing an eye to Murat.


It’s a dark night, with a heavy rain and thunderstorms falling on

the tents that cover an enormous area where soldiers rest for the

night. An impressively decorated big tent with guards outside,

reveals the troop’s commander tent.

He is OMER PASHA, a man in his 50’s. He is dressed according to the

times of Ottoman noblemen. He stands in the middle of his officers

discussing the coming battle. They all look at him with respect.

“You all know your duties I believe. Those Janissary traitors

must not be able to run. Crush them with your firepower.”

“Yes Omer Effendi, we’ll see to that.” They agree.


Arkan listens to reports of his scouts.

“Arkan Effendi, the enemy is camped down the valley, a few hours

ride from here.” The first scout says. Arkan nods with his head

and turns to another man next to him.

“What’s the situation with the trenches?” he asks him.

“Everything is ready Arkan Effendi. The area is booby-trapped.”


A flat area with trees at the end. Arkan and Dionysian stand

at the center holding hands and try to concentrate.

“Okay Christian sister, now is our chance to use our magic.”

“You see those trees down there right?” She asks him.

“Yes I do sister.” “Well, let’s concentrate to burn them down.”

Seconds later the trees start burning on their own.

Satisfaction shows on their faces. Arkan turns around and

sees some large rocks on the other side of the valley.

“Would you like to try with those?” He asks her.

She follows his direction. “Sure why not, anything you say.”

They concentrate their minds towards the rocks. Seconds later

the rocks start rising from the ground and are thrown away

in a distance.


In a big room Arkan, Murat and the other leaders make preparations

for the coming battle. Then loud voices are heard outside.

A guard opens the door and an unknown man enters the room.

Arkan and Murat turn their heads at him and they smile as

they recognize the man immediately. The man is wearing a

warrior’s uniform.

He approaches their table with respect and bows at Arkan.

“Captain Arkan, I’m glad I found you. I rode for two nights

and days to find you.”

“I’m surprised to see you MUSTAFA. What good wind brings

you here?”

“The wind of friendship. I bring you bad news.

Guess whom the Sultan sends against you.” “Whom, Mustafa?”

“The OMER PASHA, the Sultan sends him to destroy you.”

Arkan’s and Murat’s faces become sullen.

“Why him?” Arkan asks.

“Omer Pasha requested this mission.” He replies.

“I appreciate your trouble coming all the way here to tell me

this. But I’m not afraid of him. I’ll crash him and his army.

His face is angry as he says this.


It’s a dark night and Arkan waits under the window of

AYLA, the beautiful daughter of Omer Pasha. Ayla opens

her window and sees him, Arkan’s horse starts neighing.

Then Ayla jumps into Arkan’s arms.


Murat’s face is serious when he looks at Arkan.

“I would worry if I were you Captain. Omer Pasha is a

heartless man and I bet he asked for this mission personally.”

“I’ll face him Murat no matter what is the cost.”


Arkan and Murat inspect their trenches and fire power.

Dionysian follows them and points an area.

“That is the best spot brother we should be when the

attack starts. Arkan follows her suggested location and nods

in agreement.


A rider arrives at the gate. The guard stops him.

“You stop. State your purpose.”

“I bring a message from Omer Pasha.”

“Wait here.” The gate orders him.

Then he appoints two guards to escort him. The guards bring

him to Arkan’s quarters. Arkan and Murat are having a

conversation when the messenger arrives.

The man stands in attention in front of them and the guards

announce him to Arkan.

“Captain Arkan this is a messenger from Omer Pasha’s camp

and carries a message from him.”

The man bends in front of Arkan and hands him the message.

Arkan holds the message that carries the seal of Pasha.

The word MANIFESTO is written on the front.

The message reads:

“Allah’s worm, this is Omer Pasha.

You’re surrounded by the superior

forces of Sultan Selim the Second.

I’m offering you a choice. Surrender

with your men and arms and I’ll let

go free, resist and I annihilate you.”

Arkan’s face looks angry when he talks to the messenger.

“Wait I’ll prepare my answer for your master.”

He goes into his tent and a few minutes later appears with a

sealed message. The man takes it salutes Arkan and leaves.


The Pasha opens Arkan’s message and reads it.

“If you make a move against me and

my men this site will be your burial

ground, Sultan Selim’s slave dog.

I’ll personally have the pleasure

to cut off your head and dispose

it in the sewer of the castle.”

Sign: Commander Arkan.

The Pasha looks very furious reading it. He holds the

message up in the air and a curse comes out of his mouth.

“I swear in the name of Allah I will tear your flesh

in pieces and feed them to the dogs, son of

Christian pigs.


Arkan and his friends discuss the coming battle.

“Mustafa would you like to join us in the upcoming

battle?” Arkan asks his friend.

“Certainly Arkan, I would love to.” Mustafa replies.

Arkan smiles at Torkal and says: “Your help will be

crucial against Omer Pasha.”

“I am honored to hear that Captain.”

Then Leonidas the leader of the Christian rebels speaks.

“Brave Arkan, my men and I are at your disposal.”

Arkan’s face looks happy for the support of his friends.

“Captain, we have sufficient power now to stand up to

Omer Pasha’s troops. What would you say if we try to

surprise him and attack him first?” Murat tells him.

Arkan smiling:”That’s what I want to ask you.

If you all agree let’s do it.”

Then the rest of the leaders Torkal and Leonidas stand up.

“Yes, we agree, let’s attack first and finish with him.”


Dionysian and Arkan practice their telepathic skills.

“Now you believe me brother that our Christian God

protects us?” “Christian or not, we have to win this enemy.

Personally I want to punish that monster Pasha, make him suffer.”

Arkan adds. “Murat told me that you and the Pasha had some

bad blood. Is it true brother?

“Murat should keep his mouth closed. Well it’s true.

Several years ago, I was in love with Pasha’s daughter.”

Then Arkan starts describing his affair with Ayla.


Arkan holds Ayla’s hand as they walk next to their horses.

Finally they stop and sit under foliage of trees. Arkan holds

Ayla tenderly and kisses her and she responds beck.

As they enjoy their moment, suddenly a noise of galloping horses

is heard and a group of Pasha’s guards appears in front of them.

The head guard dismounts and approaches Arkan.

“Captain Arkan you’re under arrest by order of his Excellency

Omer Pasha. Surrender your Yatagan peacefully and follow us to

the dungeon where you belong.”


Arkan is chained to the wall. There are some food leftovers

in front of him. A guard stands outside the door.

Meantime in Ayla’s room.

She’s lying in bed crying, when the

door opens and her father Omer Pasha enters angry.

“I told you before no to get involved with that Janissary.

You disobeyed me and now he’ll rot in jail for ever.”

Ayla rises from her bed. “But I love him father”.

“Shut up. I don’t want to hear that.” Then he leaves her room.


Ayla talks with her trusted eunuch.

“Amir, you’re the only one I trust, help me.”

Then she hands him a pouch of money.

“This is your reward for Arkan’s release.”

Dionysian hangs on his lips to hear the story.


The Pasha talks to a head guard. “Pasha Effendi, the janissary

prisoner is gone. The guard responsible didn’t show up today.”

Pasha’s face is in rage. “What? That dirty dog, go find him.”

“I already sent someone to his residence but couldn’t find him.”

“I’ll pay a hundred Piasters whoever finds the guard and

a thousand more for the Janissary.”


She lies in bed when her father enters in.

“Your Janissary lover has escaped. You know anything about that?”

Ayala’s manages to hide her joy and pretends surprise.

“What? My Arkan escaped?”


The Pasha talks with a nobleman friend about Ayla.

“Omer Pasha, your proposal of marrying your daughter with

my son honors me. It would be a great opportunity to join

our families together.”

Ayla who’s hiding behind a heavy curtain in the big salon,

eavesdrops their conversation.


A harem keeper of Pasha, an older lady nocks at Ayla’s door.

She nocks again and again, but she gets no answer from insight.

Then a locksmith arrives and manages to open the door.


They find Ayla in her bed with her eyes closed.

A white foamy liquid runs out of her mouth to the floor.

The harem keeper lady starts screaming.

“Ayla is dead… Ayla has suicide…. Oh Allah, Allah help us.”

Arkan ends his story sobbing.

“But how did you find out about all that?” Dionysian asks him.

“It became a common story later in Omer Pasha’s court.”

Dionysian hugs Arkan with affection.

“I’m sorry to hear that Alexis. It’s a sad story and you

sound that you suffered so much about it.”

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