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Part 3

Then, as one of their officers approaches them they move aside. The officer looks at Arkan with curiosity like he recognizes him.

“Aren’t you the Janissary outcast who defected to the Christian side?” The officer asks Arkan.

“Yes, and I’m proud of it.”

Arkan answers. “You know the punishment for that?”

The officer continues. “No, a metal maybe?” Arkan mocks him.

“Let’s wait for his Excellency, MEHMED PASHA to announce your reward for your betrayal.” The officer answers ironically.

Next he looks at Leonidas on the ground. “And who is this man?” He continues. “I am Leonidas.” Leonidas answers proudly.

“Oh I see. You’re his accomplish.” He says pointing to Arkan.

A dragging metallic sound is heard from nearby. Then a group of Turks appear from behind a wall accompanying a high ranking officer. The officer is Mehmed Pasha. When he approaches closer and sees Arkan wounded on the ground a sarcastic smile shows on his face. Next he sees Leonidas on the ground and smiles.

“I’ve got you now my little birds, the Janissary and his Christian partner. Today will be your day.”


The main troop of Arkan and Leonidas men together with Murat and Dionysian and some of the town’s people who managed to escape from the Sultan’s army are hiding safe near the coast.

Murat covers Dionysian with his arm as support. They both look miserable. Dionysian’s head is covered with a black bandanna as she mourns for the loss of her brother.

“I can’t believe how this happened. Everything went so fast.

We lost track of Arkan and Leonidas at the same time.”

Murat says.

“I don’t know what happened to Leonora.

I didn’t see her at all.” Dionysian says.

Meantime back in the town of Petra on a rough platform, Leonidas is tied up around a pole, while Arkan is tied up a bit further. Blood runs from their wounds and their eyes are closed.

Around them a crowd of town’s people watch them with terror in their eyes while whispering prayers. Among them is Leonora with tears in her eyes. In front of the crowd are standing Turkish guards.

Next to Leonora is an older lady whose eyes are sad as she watches the two wounded prisoners.

Leonora touches the old lady’s arm to turn her attention.

When the older lady turns to her, Leonora whispers to her:

“Where that hideout door leads lady?”

She pointing at the spot where the gateway is. .

“To some distance away from here, near the coast.”

She replies, while Leonora’s face shows relief.

Then the lady asks Leonora.

“Why you ask that? Members of your family ran through there?” “Yes madam.” Leonora answers. The old lady looks at her from the top to the bottom in a suspicious way and then asks her:

“You look a stranger to me, when did you come here and why?” Leonora looks around with a worrying face before she answers to her.

“I came yesterday with some members of my family for a visit, but during the onslaught of the enemy soldiers I lost track of them as they ran through that gate.”

The old lady looks at her as she talks with a grief, and then she says: “Poor girl. The only way to find your friends is to go through that gate at dark and reach the sea coast.”

Leonora covers up her face to conceal her running tears.

The old lady looks at her with curiosity and says: “What’s the matter young lady, any of these two prisoners relates to you”?

Leonora bends her head in response. “Okay I’ll help you go

through that gate and find your other friends.” She closes her right eye in a scheming manner.

Then she adds: “Let’s go to my place now.”


Murat and his warriors together with Leonidas’ men make plans. “We have to go back and find out what happened to the Captain and Leonidas.”

“Yes Lieutenant Murat, it’s our duty. We lost our leader and you lost yours.” One of Leonidas man says. “I wonder who the leader of those Turks is. His military tactic to deceive us was clever.” He adds.

“I heard from some town’s people as they ran with us through that gate, he’s MEHMED PASHA.” Murat says and then continues. “From what I heard about him is the best military strategist in Sultan Selim’s army, which also means he knew in advance about us being here, probably from the spies.”

Then he turns on his side as Dionysian pulls his shirt.

“Enough talk my love. It’s time to work out a plan of saving the lives of our people.” As they talk, one of Leonidas men interrupts them.

“Look, a group of town’ people come this way.”

They all look and recognize among them Leonora accompanied by the old lady and some young men.

When Leonora and her group reach near them, Dionysian runs and embraces Leonora with enthusiasm and happiness, but when she looks at her she sees her eyes weeping.

“What happened? Why are you crying?” She asks her.

“Let’s hurry up and save them. They both are going to die soon.” Leonora says sobbing. “What? What are you talking about Leonora? Who is going to die? Did something happen to my brother and yours?” Dionysian asks her with fear.

“Yes they are going to be executed tomorrow.

The old lady says to her.

“Who are you lady and how do you know all that?” Dionysian asks her. Because I was there and saw them both tied up on a post.” Then Dionysian asks Leonora. “Tell me how all that happened?”

“When you all ran through that gate yesterday, the Turkish Army apprehended both our brothers as rebels and they are now prisoners of the Sultan and going to be executed today.”

Murat, who listens to all these dramatic news, lifts his hands up like berserk and screams in desperation.

“Not my Captain, the only trustful and reliable friend I ever had. No, I won’t let him die, I’ll die instead.”

Then Murat with his men and together with Leonidas, start marching back to town through the gate. Dionysian as she walks next to Murat her face suddenly brightens. She turns to him and whispers something into his ear.

“I have an idea my love.”

He looks at her with a wondering face. “No room for ideas. We go there and face any risk in order to save Arkan and Leonidas.”

“I know that, but I have a plan to limit any sacrifice and secure their lives.” Dionysian answers and whispers at the same time in his ear something that brinks a happy smile on his face.

“Right, why didn’t I think of that before my love?”

Murat comments.

“You see, it’s simple. If you can get me next to my brother everything would be easy.” Dionysian says.


Leonora talks to the old lady. “You madam and all of your friends stay here and only Murat, Dionysian and I will go through to the other side to investigate what we have to do. After that I’ll return back and give the signal for everybody to come through.”

The old lady makes a sign of understanding.

Next, Murat, Dionysian and Leonora dressed like town’s people go through the gate cautiously.

When the three of them reach the other site, they see a crowd of people crying and grieving. Leonora approaches an old man and asks him what’s going on.

“Τwo unfortunate young men will be punished this morning, what a tragedy.” He says. “Who are they?” Dionysian asks her.

“They say one of them is a Christian revolutionary chieftain,

And the other is some Janissary converted to Christianity.

As the old man says that, a group of people come screaming and crying. Murat stops one of them and asks him.

“What’s going on with you people, why you grieve and scream?” “They did it to him the devils, they did it.”

“Who did what?” Dionysian asks him.

The cursed Turks… they impaled him with a metal rod.”

The look of horror shows on the faces of our heroes.

“Let’s run before is too late.”

Murat screams to the two women.

When the three of them reach the spot, they see Leonidas all tied up with a heavy rope and placed on a wooden column while a metal round shaped rod is being penetrated though his rear-end leading all the way up through his left shoulder. A pool of blood runs out of his wounds. Nearby is Arkan all-tied up and naked from the waist up. Lash wounds show all over his body and a Turkish guard throws salty water on him with sadistic pleasure as Arkan screams of pain.

When Dionysian witnesses this brutal torture of the two men she pukes on the back of Murat’s shoulder. Next she looks straight ahead and her eyes look like firing balls.

“I’ll try to communicate with my brother.” She says to Murat, as he looks at her puzzled.

”Do What?” He says, looking at her. By now Dionysian’s concentration on Arkan is so tense that he starts moving his head around slowly.

Murat looks at Arkan as he revives slowly.

Next Dionysian whispers to Murat: “Now try to create a diversion with the guards so I can get close to my brother face to face and use our power?” Immediately Murat pulls a knife from under his belt and attacks silently the two

Turkish guards who stand in front of him. In the same time Dionysian moves fast and stands in front of Arkan holding him by his shoulders while whispers to him: “Brother wake up…” Arkan opens his eyes slowly and faces her. Then Dionysian whispers to him: “Now is our time. Let’s destroy the enemy.” In the eyes of Arkan a fast flashing spark shows. Next he looks further away at the Turkish guards and shakes his head in agreement. Then a sudden flame engulfs the guards who start burning.

Next his ropes fall down and his wounds start healing.

Murat’s observes that in wonder.

Next, Arkan and Dionysian stare at Leonidas dying body.

“We must help him Dionysian.” “Yes of course brother.”

Then their eyes emit sparks of light directed at Leonidas immobilized corpse-like body. As all of that happens, the townspeople around them watch in terror in their eyes.

Then slowly the impaled half dead body of Leonidas starts moving around its metal rod.

Subsequently the rod comes out of his body through his lower part and he starts moving around.

When Leonora witness all that, she jumps with joy and happiness to her brother’s side and embraces him with love and enthusiasm. “What a miracle of God brother! I love you so much.” Leonidas embraces and kiss her with tears in his eyes.

Murat smiles with happiness.

Their brief moment of joy and happiness is cut short as the appearance of Mehmed Pasha with his escort guards shows up.

When the Pasha sees the massacre of his guards and the revival of Leonidas and Arkan, his face looks like a lightning struck him. He points at the scene with his hand and looks at his guards for an answer. But Arkan and Dionysian without wasting any moment, stand face to face with each other and concentrate their power on the Pasha’s guards.

A sudden flame engulfs them and they all burn.

Then the Pasha kneels on the ground like praying, looks up in the sky and screams: “Oh Allah almighty, what is happening here? Why you sent your fire from the skies to punish your faithful believers?”

Arkan jumps in front of him and grabs him from the neck.

“You murderous bastard, you tried to kill me, and impaled my friend.

Then Arkan asks Murat to summon his men and Leonidas.

“You killed many young men of this town and sold their women to slavery and now you dare to complain to your God?

Wait and see what is coming to you.”

When the men are assembled in front of Arkan, he orders Murat to decapitate Pasha’s head. When the Pasha hears that he shakes from fear and says: “What! How dare you offend me Christian worm? I am a representative of the Sultan.”

Arkan ignores him and continues to Murat who listens to the conversation astonished. Arkan repeats to Murat. “Cut his throat and then have it delivered to the Sultan with my regards.”

Murat draws his Yatagan lifts it up in the air and with swift movement cuts Pasha’s head. The body twists and jumps for a few seconds until it stops.

Next a band of Turkish soldiers rush in the spot wanting to talk to pasha, but when they see his decapitated body on the floor a panic surprise shows on their faces.

Immediately Dionysian stands in front of Arkan, then both of them engulf the guards in flames, but leave just two of them unharmed. Next Arkan says to the two guards: “Take the head

of your Pasha and bring it to your Sultan.

Then Dionysian and Arkan walk to the end of the bastion and look down at the Turkish Army, concentrate their minds and banish them with fireballs.


Arkan, Murat, Leonidas and several of their men are here together with many inhabitants of Petra town.

Arkan stands in the middle and talks to the inhabitants.

“People of Petra, we are honored to be here with you and celebrate the rescue of your town.” A senior citizen of the town takes a step forward, smiles and addresses Arkan and his men. “We are fortunate that you saved us and our town from the barbarian invaders who finally received the fate they deserved.

But why don’t you stay here with us a few more days to celebrate the event?” Arkan looks at his friends who shake their heads in agreement. “Okay we will and thank you for the invitation.”


Everybody is drinking and dancing. Arkan and Leonora are dressed in local outfits and dance in a romantic style. They look at each other’s eyes smiling. “You look so handsome my love in this outfit, without your usual Janissary uniform.” Leonora says to Arkan who smiles timidly. “And you look like a pretty peasant girl Leonora.” Leonidas watches them with a happy smile.

Murat and Dionysian are also dressed in plain town’s outfits and are in each other’s arms kissing.

After the dance is finished they take their places for dinner. During dinner, the same senior citizen who invited them stands up to propose. He lifts up his glass and addresses to Arkan and Murat: “Honorable ex-Janissaries, we heard all about your brave and heroic battle achievements.”

He takes a sip from his glass and continues:

“The citizens of Petra and I, wish you a happy and peaceful future from now on.” Arkan & Murat smile timidly and lift their glasses.

The man continues: “However, a man to accomplish peace and happiness needs a good wife.” Yeah, yeah the rest of the people start cheering. Arkan and Murat’s faces look shy.

Then Leonora and Dionysian stand up and face the crowd smiling.

Dionysian points to Leonora then to herself and says:

“We thank you very much for your wish. We hope God hears you.” Then Arkan and Murat look at each other smiling and stand up.

Next both embrace their loved ones, bow to the crowd and Arkan says. “Your desire will be fulfilled.” Then he kisses Leonora while Murat kisses Dionysian.


Arkan & Leonora with Murat & Dionysian stand on the podium of the church as a priest performs the ritual of marriage.

Their best man for the occasion is the senior man who made the speech during dinner time. After that the two men kiss their brides.

after that, Leonidas kisses his sister Leonora.

Next morning as Arkan and Leonora wake up look at each other

with lust, Arkan asks her: “It looks like a nice day Leonora, would you like to go for a horse ride?”

“Yes, it would be out first adventure activity.”


Arkan helps Leonora to get on the horse behind him and they start

galloping slowly first, then a little faster. Leonora face looks

a little worry, as the experience it’s new to her.

“Are you sure where we’re going my Captain?” She asks next.

“I don’t need to, I just follow my instincts.” He says.

“What? I guess I can trust you, after all, you’re the Captain.”

He turns his head back and smiles to her.

They ride for a few minutes till they reach a bushy area.

As it’s all quiet, suddenly the wild roaring sound of a wolf

is heard. Leonora holds Arkan’s back very tightly.

“Oh my God, what was that Captain?” She says with a scared voice.

“What Leonora?” He answers pretending unconcerned.

“That howling sound Captain, it must have come from a wolf.”

“No wolves around here Leonora.”

“Let’s go back Arkan.”

As she says that a grey big wolf appears in a distance behind some bushes. When Arkan sees it he halts his horse.

“And what do you call that, a forest fairy?”

Oh my God do something my love.”

“I will, I will Leonora.”

In the meantime the beast with another roar comes closer.

Now their horse neighs frightened and lifts his front feet up throwing the two of them to the ground. Leonora starts screaming

of fear as she holds Arkan from behind.

Next Arkan draws his Yatagan and tries to hold the wolf back.

But the beast doesn’t show any fear and approaches forward.

Mean time Leonora keeps screaming.

Finally Arkan jumps a couple of steps closer to the wolf

and in a desperate effort stabs him in the head. The wolf

leaves a sound of pain and becomes desperate and dangerous now.

Arkan twists his Yatagan around the beast in a fast rotation

that confuses the animal and manages another stabbing.

The final blow causes the animal to collapse and Arkan saves

the day. Leonora jumps in front of Arkan and embraces him with affection. “Oh My brave hero.” She exclaims.

Then Arkan embraces Leonora tenderly and both stay in

this position for a few moments.

“You’re a brave man Arkan.” “I don’t know about that

Leonora but I know we are lucky to be both alive now.”

He says with shyness.


As they keep busy talking to each other they hear a galloping

of a horse closing in to them.

They turn around and see Murat and Dionysian in front of them.

They look surprised as they see them.

“What you two are doing here in the morning and away from us?”

“Oh nothing special we were looking for a wolf that’s all.”

Leonora replies with a playful smile.

At that moment Murat’s eye catches the dead animal.

“Captain you killed that all by yourself?”

“No Leonora helped me with her prayers.”

Then they all laugh and return back to the town.


Arkan and Murat stand side by side and face the men of the town.

“Young men of Petra, our fighting unit became small after our

last battle. We are in need of volunteers. Any young men among you are willing to join us?” Arkan says. A few moments of silence follows and then a group of young men put their hands up smiling

proudly. “Me… me… me.” Several voices of young men are

heard in the air.

“Write your names and add your families’ approval

signatures first.” Arkan asks them.

The next day, the new volunteers form a line in the town’s square.

“You’ll have to be trained first then you can you join us.”

Murat tells them.

“What do we do now Murat? We have a new recruitment of men but

not experienced enough to face any possible attack from the enemy.”

Arkan says. “You’re right Captain I don’t know what to say.”

“I have an idea of what you guys should do, to save your problem for ever.“

They both turn around and face Dionysian as she approaches them.

“We didn’t see you coming.” Murat tells her. Dionysian smiles enigmatically. “What’s in your mind anyway sister?” Arkan asks her.

“I have a plan. I heard about Sultan Selim’s only son, OMAR.

“So?” Murat says. “Well, I also heard that Sultan’s son Omar

every summer spends a few weeks in the family’s summer palace.

Why don’t we try to kidnap him and force the Sultan to a deal?

We’ve got enough men for that.” “What! Are you crazy? What deal

you’re talking about?” Arkan asks her looking at her strangely.

“That we are going to kill his son unless he agrees to our demands.”

Arkan and Murat look at Dionysian amazed.

“How a woman like you can think of such a scheme? It’s amazing.”

Murat comments. “So a woman like me can’t have an idea?”

Mean time Arkan watches her like hypnotized.

Arkan, Murat and Leonidas are discussing about Dionysian’s idea.

“You know Arkan, your sister is right. That’s a brilliant idea.

That’s what we really must do.” Leonidas says.

“We don’t have enough men, Leonidas.” Murat adds.

“We don’t need many men for that. How many men do you think might

guard Sultan’s son? We can cover them. The Sultan would never

expect anything like that, otherwise he wouldn’t allow his son to

go on a vacation.” Leonidas adds. “Besides if we run into trouble,

my brother and I will play our trick and finish them.” Dionysian

adds proudly.


Arkan and Murat dressed like plain Ottoman citizens walk in the

streets of the city. They walk leisurely to a nearby tavern.

The place is full of men who drink, argue among themselves

and sing Turkish songs. The two men find a sit.

Next a waiter comes to their table. “What do you like boys? Nargile(Hookah) to suck, tea or coffee to drink?”
“Bring us nargile (Hookah) and some coffee.” Arkan says.

A few minutes later the waiter brinks them the order and they pay him. Next Arkan and Murat try to listen to the conversation of the patrons around them. However disappointment shows on their faces after a while.

“I don’t see this place has any information to offer us.”

Murat says after a while. Meantime it gets darker and they decide to come back to the streets the next day and spy.

The next day the men as idling around the Palace’s front walls see a crowd of people trying to read a sign. As Arkan and Murat get closer to it they see a sign saying:

*** His Majesty, Sultan Selim the 2nd *** announces to his subjects that as in every July of a succeeding year his beloved and only son SALADIN will spend his monthly vacation in the family’s SHALLAH PALACE. The day will be announced shortly. ***

As the two friends read the sign a smile appears on Murat’s face.

“What do think Captain? Isn’t this what we were looking?” “Yes it is Murat, but we have to find out how many soldiers will be guarding him.”

“I’ll take care of that Arkan.” Murat comments.

“Oh, I didn’t know you have a spy connection in someplace?

Murat smiles and ads: “Do you remember the concubine I used to know who offered sex services as a slave girl in the harem of the Sultan?” “Yeah, I think I do. Sarah was her name, wasn’t it?”

“Yes it was. I’ll try to find out if she still works there.”

A great impressive Mosque situated in the center of the city with many faithful praying. Murat is one of them kneeling on the floor. Next to him a good looking woman is also kneeling.

Murat looks like whispering something to her that make her smiling.

Then he whispers to her something that makes her face look serious. Next she changes mood and shakes her head in response.

Murat looks at her like expecting an answer.

Finally she looks at him with hesitation, then starts making a sign with the fingers of her hand. Murat watches her moves carefully and repeats them with his own hand.

Next day, Arkan and Murat are sitting in a tavern away from other customers. “So what did she say about Saladin’s escort force?”

Arkan asks him. “It would be five hundred men.”

Murat answers to him.

“Well, we’re in business then. We can handle that number as our men are sufficient for the task.” Arkan confirms.

Arkan and Murat are discussing the plan with Leonidas.

“So your sources guys told you the number of men who would guard the Sultan’s son will be just five hundred? It doesn’t sound convincing enough. “The person who gave me the information is not mistaken.” Murat says to him. “Do you know when the son of Sultan will go to the summer place?” Leonidas says. “We’ll know soon.” Arkan adds.

At that moment Dionysian and Leonora walk in the men’s tent and hear the last words of Arkan. Then Dionysian jumps in the conversation and asks smiling: “What would you know soon brother?”

Arkan turns to her smiling: “We are talking about the kidnapping of Sultan’s son, sister.” “Oh good, Leonora and I would like to participate in your plan too.”

Finally the day of Saladin, Sultan’s son departure is here. Outside the Palace is a big crowd of people waiting to see the process of the ceremony. An escort of armed guards waits in the street with a group of army trumpeters and a number of musicians

that play ottoman music. Next the music ceases and the army trumpeters start a marching band that signals the crowd to start the procession. A number of servants of both sexes follow the convoy of Prince Saladin.

Among the crowd of spectators are Arkan and Murat with a band of their warriors, while Dionysian and Leonora follow behind them.

“I really hope that everything happens according to our plan and get a free land from the Sultan and live all of us in peace.

Dionysian says. “I wish the same thing Dionysian, so we can start a family of our own.” She says pointing to Arkan and Murat.

By now the Prince Saladin’s escort disappears in the horizon, while Arkan’s and Murat’s men follow in a distance.

After a couple of hours of marching, the convoy stops near a valley full of trees and a water stream. In the middle of that, a two story stoned building shows. That’s the summer palace of Saladin. The guards bow to Prince Saladin as he comes down his carriage to enter his summer palace.

Dionysian and Leonora look at the huge house in wonder.

At this point Arkan talks to his men.

“One of you must go to Leonidas and tell him to come here with the rest of the men at midnight. The rest of us we camp around here and wait for him.”

“I’ll go Captain.” One of his men says and gets ready to leave.

“I’s settled then Murat. We camp close by and wait for Leonidas.”


Leonidas talks with a couple of his men when the messenger arrives. Leonidas listens to him and says:” “Okay we’ll be there.”

It’s almost midnight when Leonidas and his men arrive at the camp of Arkan and Murat. “Captain I have my men here as you asked me.”

Leonidas reports. “How many you’ve got Leonidas?” “Three hundred and fifty Captain.” “We have enough then. We have another two hundred here ourselves.” Arkan says. “You know the plan Leonidas eh? You attack the front of the residence and we attack the back at the same time to create surprise and panic.”

In front of Saladin’s residence: Midnight - The signal of surprise starts. Dionysian and Arkan holding hands together concentrate at the entrance of the gate. Suddenly a heavy metal sound is heard and the locks blow up and brake. The front guards run to investigate the event and are attacked by Leonidas men. Next, Arkan and Dionysian run to the back of the house and repeat the same attack.

Battle cries are heard from both sides of the walls and from both entrances of the big house.

Prince Saladin accompanied by some of his guards runs down the stairs to investigate. He sees the fighting and wonders what is going on.

Moments later as the Prince tries to locate some of his guards for information, he sees Arkan’s men blasting into the entrance of the house. When Arkan men see Saladin with his servants running in fear they capture Saladin and ignore his servants.

A few minutes later the remaining guards of Saladin surrender.

Arkan to the surviving guards: ”Go back to your Lord Sultan Selim and tell him: that I, Arkan the Captain of his ex-Janissary unit, hold prisoner his son Saladin and I will set him free on my terms.”

The guards, look at Arkan with owe and respect. Then their leader steps in, bows in respect and says: “Brave Janissary, we can’t just go back to his Majesty and report him that, because he will execute us all for failing our duty to protect his son.”

Arkan smiles at his statement and answers back.

“Do whatever you want, just disappear from my sight before I change my mind and kill you myself.” Then he turns his back on them take Saladin prisoner and disappears into the night with his warriors. After that the remaining guards live the house and run.

Saladin is kept prisoner in a basement room of an old house with a few of Arkan’s men guarding him outside.

In front of him stand Arkan & Murat. Saladin’s face looks tired and pale. “Who are you people and why you abducted me?”

“Difficult to answer your question in the level of reality you are Prince Saladin. But I tell you this: Your father Sultan Selim is like any other Ottoman leader before him, a cruel man who has killed and will kill many of his subjects and mostly Christians, according to his wishes.” Selim is watching him with fear.

Then he says: ”Who are you and why you’re against my father?”

Arkan and Murat turn their back on him and leave the room.

Sultan Selim sits on his Throne today raged. All his servants look at him discreetly from distance.

He reads again the manifesto he received earlier from Arkan’s messenger.


Honorable Sultan Selim the 2nd, I am your ex-Janissary Captain Arkan. I apologize for the outcome of your son’s summer vacation. Fate is an unknown event in life. I take full responsibility for my action involving your son’s kidnapping event. He is my negotiating tool for my request. Forgive me Your Majesty it had to be done as it did. His safe return back depends on your decision.

My term is a piece of land in the town of PETRA, where my people and me want to live in peace without your interference again. This mutual agreement between us will be beneficial for our peace. As a good will of my intention I enclose your son’s ring as a trophy of proof of his “hospitality” with us. If you refuse to comply, I will send you another one of his rings accompanied by one of his own fingers.

If this doesn’t work then another… will follow.

Your faithful,

Ex-Janissary Captain Arkan.

Next the Sultan calls one of his noblemen Vizier Abdul.

“Abdul, what do you think we do with cursed Janissary rebel?” Vizier Abdul looks down the floor, then at the Sultan. “My long-lived Sultan, that satanic and cunning Janissary was a trouble maker from the start and your Majesty should never have trusted. Now we have to deal with his daring demand.

At this point Master, since Prince Saladin’s life is at stake we have no alternative but to comply on his terms.

However, we wait for our revenge. After you give him the piece of land he demands then we take our revenge and destroy him and his people forever. “ Wise idea Abdul, at the end the revenge and glory will be ours.”

A few days later, Arkan receives Sultan’s answer.


Brave ex- Janissary, Captain Arkan. I agree on your terms for the release of my son Prince Saladin. Your wish to live in the town of PETRA is granted.

This is my official seal of my agreement.

I, Sultan Selim the Second, I grant Captain Arkan the request to

live in peace with his people in the town of PETRA without any interference from me forever.

The Mighty Sultan Selim the Second, ruler of all Ottoman Empire.


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