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Lady In A RedHood

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The only thing on his mind is to find the mysterious girl who saved his life. Prince Eli, doesn't stop from finding the girl he secretly admire the first time their eye's met. There's something about the girl that he wanted to see her again, maybe to say thanks at least or something more about saying an appreciation. But what if in his search, he found out something more about the girl. A secret that will evade the truth. Copyright 2020

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1 : Academy

It's been one year, since i met that girl

who saved my life. I tried to find her,

almost everyday. I've been looking

for her throughtout the forest but I

failed. There's something about that

girl that I really wanted to know who.

she is. Where she lived or where I can

find her to say thanks at least.

Her face is still painted on my mind,

though I only recognized her pair of

hazelnut eyes and that Red hood she

was wearing.

I could still remember that incidents,

a year ago.

I was riding in my horse when i

accidentally lose control and about

to pull off to the cliff. Then, she came.

Rescued me. Even it is so danger for

her to do that. But she still choose to

helped me. I don't know what she did,

the next thing I know is that I was

holding her hand, she was holding my

hand rather. And our eye's met.

After that she walked away without

looking back in my direction. I can't

stopped her because I was in shocked

that time. I'm so stupid for letting her

go without saying anything. I don't

even say thanks to her.

I tried to find her but fate is so selfish

for not giving that opportunity.

Until Jackson, my cousin told me to

stopped looking for her. I was thinking

to not listen on him, but in the other

side his right. Like what he used to


'Finding something, is like finding a

one niddle in a hay stock.'

I realized that he was right. That girl,

is like a niddle who is hard to find in

a hay stock without even knowing her

name. I only had that hazelnut eye's

and a Red hood she's wearing. Other

than that, I don't know about her.

Then, I stopped and just hoping that

one day we will meet again.

"E-eli, do you hear me?" I heard Jack's

voice. I looked at his direction and was

back into the reality.

"Yeah, I answered.

"Your lying. Your mind is out of this

world, are you okey?" he asked me,

with curious face.

"Yes, I'm fine." I replied,

"Be ready! In a minute we will reach

the Academy. Aren't you excited? It's

our first day in a real Academy." he

excitedly asked me.

"Of course I am." I said. It was our

first day in school. Jack and I, are

the same age. At the age of Twenty,

we are supposedly working right now.

That is when we are just a normal

people, but in our case it's not. Royal

blood is flowing inside our bodies. So,

as a Prince we had to prioritised first

our sword instead of book's.

Sometimes I wondered why we had to

practice using swords, when actually

the Kingdom Ethopia is so peaceful.

But father, always told me to be ready

in any situations. That an enemies

might ruined the Kingdom, so we must

protect and defeat our people.

And I think, I'm good enough in sword.

"I'm sure, girl's are pretty in here."

Jack said, I looked at his direction.

What? " he asked me.

"Jack, remember. We are here to study

not to flirt." I contradict him.

"What ever. Your such a kill joy." he


Sometimes I was asking my self, Is

Jack really my cousin? How am i

supposed to have a flirt cousin.'

That's why I called him as a 'Jack, the

great lover. He doesn't disagreed with

that, in fact he more likely to called

by that.

After a few minutes, we finally reach

the Academy. The Palace guard, assist

us with our belongings. The Academy,

had a own dorm for boys. So we had

to stay here at the Academy and be

back in the palace when we need



The Academy's name was in carved in

a stone that served as an arch to the

main gate. A two uniform man walked

towards our direction.

"G-good morning, are you the students

from Kingdom Ethopia?" one man


"Yes, we are." I replied, then he

smiled at us.

"Welcome to Seberia Academy, your

highness. Let me guide you to the

administration building so they could

assist the two of you." he presented.

"Thank you....

"By the way, Rum. You can go back

now to the palace and tell father that

we arrived safely." I ordered the palace

guard who drove us here. Then we

started walking through the Academy.

I saw a lot of students, in different

directions. This Academy is bigger

and i like the ambiance. This will be

the start of our new life here at the


'Are they the Prince?

'Yeah, I think so...

'They're so handsome...

'What section they will?

'I don't know...

I heard them saying while we walked.

"Eli, you those girls? They're pretty

isn't it? " he asked me while flirting

with the girls around. I don't mind

him, instead I just follow the

Academy's guard.

"Goodmorning, Eli, Jack. Welcome to

Seberia. I am Prof. Atkins. And I will be

your section prof. So if you need

something or you had

something to asked about don't

hesitate to talk to me. Alright?"

"Thank you. Prof." we chorusly


"By the way, this is your Academy

supplies. Your books, notes, pen, and

others. Also the handbook about the

school. And the key of your rooms

of course." she explained then, handed

us the school supplies. "And by the

way your uniforms will be follow." she

added then smiled.

"No, problem prof.

"Okey! Nix, please bring them to the

boys dorm. Eli, Jack. See you in a

minute okey, I guess your classmates

was so excited to meet the two of

you." she said.

I smiled at her, then she walked away.

After fixing our things to our rooms,

Jack and I started to looked for our

classroom. And as what Prof. Atkins

said, our classmates are so excited

when they saw us. The room was

occupied by the noise. l introduced

ny self to them, and Jack too. His

really too obvious for attracting girls.

This might gonna the start of a new.

.....to be continued (:

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