The Runaway

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Raphial doesn’t like his life, he just wants to runaway. He wants to change his name and go to another country. He has a big brother who always bullies him and a little sister that always gets what she wants. Since his parents own 3 restaurants they comeback at 10:00 everyday. Raphial decides to runaway

Adventure / Drama
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Raphial was walking home from school. He always wished for a fresh start in life. New parents, new siblings or none at all, new everything, but everyone knows that you can’t actually do that. Raphial is 13, he has a little sister and a big brother. His brother is Eliot who’s 17 and his sister is Daisy who’s 9. Both of his siblings get whatever they want and get away with everything. His parents both own 3 restaurants so they don’t comeback until 10:00. There’s a nanny, (Lady Margret) that is even worse than there parents. She only takes care of Daisy and doesn’t care about Eliot or Raphial.

Raphial was walking very slowly today to avoid the house (even though he can’t do that and he’ll get in trouble if he does) When Raphial reached home he hesitated to go open the door, he tried to think of all of the worst scenarios that could happen once he goes inside. Most kids in his school loves to go home after school, but for Raphial it’s the other way around. He hated going home. When school ends and he goes home the day just begins there.

Raphial sighed and opened the door. No one was in the living room. That’s a good sign. Raphial tip-toed upstairs to his room so he wouldn’t make a noise. When his parents are at work Eliot always invite his friends. Raphial finally reached his room. He slammed the door and exhaled with relief.

Raphial started looking at his key. He found it the day they moved in. He found it in the porch stuck between two pieces of wood. For several years he always wonders what this key is for.

“I’m glad your here, Popko!” Raphial’s heart jumped for a second, but realized that his brother was talking to his friend. His friend, Popko and other groups of friends come over sometimes, but mostly Popko, but Popko is worse than any of Eliot’s other friends. Popko is just Eliot’s friend to torcher Raphial. That’s the only thing That Popko and Eliot do together.

“So, Eliot... your brother around?” Popko asked, Raphial knew that Popko was just here to Torcher him. Raphial immediately ran, quietly to his secret hiding spot that no one knows about. It was at the top floor that no one goes anymore which was right across Raphial’s room. He went inside the closet. It was his first time in his new hiding spot. He always has to change his hiding spot time to time so Eliot and Popko won’t find him.

While the boys were trying to find Raphial, Raphial saw a painting in the closet. The closet was empty with nothing in it except a painting. Raphial thought it was pretty weird. No one ever stepped a foot in this room! How could there be a painting in this closet!? Raphial thought he touched the painting. The painting was a boat with people peddling on it. Raphial wanted to show his nanny this painting so bad, but knew she’ll get mad for no reason! Raphial lifted the painting from the wall. Then he froze looking at the wall. He saw a big hole around his size. Why was there a hole in the wall and why was the painting coverinng that hole!? Were my parents hiding something!? The only people he trusted could be hiding something!? It didn’t matter anyway since they are at work 24/7.

He was about to hop inside but Lady Margret screamed his name “Raphial!!! Come down here! I need you to taste my draft food.”

Raphial knew the food was going to taste bad. Lady Margret always gave Raphial the bad draft soups just for fun. Everyone else always got the better soups because Eliot was the oldest and daisy was the youngest. It never made sense to Raphial. Everyone always uses that excuse.

Raphial slowly went downstairs, knowing he was going to get bullied by Eliot and Popko. “Oh there you are!” Lady Margret exclaimed.

“Come on slow poke!! Why are you so slow!” Popko teased. Like always Lady Margret didn’t really care since Eliot and Popko are older and more maturer than Raphial.

Raphial ignored them and ate the soup so fast that Lady Margret was surprised. He didn’t even taste the soup becuase he drank it so fast. Usually these soups tastes really bitter. “Excuse me, Raphial, you should take time and enjoy the soup!” Lady Margret Yelled angrily. “You have a time out for not respecting my food!” Lady Margret pointed to a corner where all of the dirty boots are (that’s the timeout corner)

Raphial held in his sigh and walked to the corner. “Be more like your brother!” Lady Margret yelled.Raphial knew that Lady Margret had a ton of fun yelling at me.

“Yeah, Raphial! Be more like me!” Eliot laughed.

“Your such a loser!” Popko laughed.

Raphial had a enough of this! Every single day he was treated like this! Why does he have to suffer?! “What have I ever done to hurt you!” Raphial couldn’t hold his patience any more he finally said what he wanted to say for years.

Everyone was speechless, even Lady Margret. “You go to your room right now! Your grounded!” Lady Margret Yelled this time very serious.

“Why? I’m just saying the truth! Eliot and Popko bullied me for so long, always teasing and I never say anything and I’m the one getting in trouble!” Uh oh! Why did I say that I should’ve stopped there.

You know what! Your parents are gonna deal with you!” Raphial regretted every single word he said, he was going to get into so much trouble! Lady Margret left the room angrily and went to Daisy’s room, slamming the door so loud that everyone jumped even Popko and Eliot.

Popko turned to me and started to grin evilly “Aww! what an emotional speach!” He said sarcastically

“Let’s face it, Raphial, try as hard as you can with your speeches, I’ll always get away with everything” Eliot whispered.

Raphial ran to his room almost about to burst into tears. He replayed that sentence that Eliot whispered in his head over and over agian try as hard as you can with your speeches, I’ll always get away with everything.

Raphial heard the door open, but didn’t know who it was. Raphial didn’t even care to look up to see who it was. It was his little sister Daisy looking angrily at him! She wanted to get his attention but couldn’t, so she punched him so hard he almost threw up. Raphial tried so hard to hold his anger. “Why did you do that?!” Raphial uttered out softly.

“That’s what you get for yelling at Lady Margret!” Daisy said. Daisy and Lady Margret get along great. Lady Margret is Daisy’s best friend so she has an advantage. She always gets away with everthing! Atleast Eliot gets in trouble for some stuff like coming home past his curfue. Daisy could break Lady Margrets arm and Lady Margret wouldn’t punish Daisy, if it was Raphial she would have drove him to a park and leave him there and wouldn’t come back to pick him up. Raphial would have to find his way back home, but for Raphial that was the best thing in the world. Yeah! Raphial wants to get kicked out of his own home and stay in the park.

Raphial didn’t even look at Daisy, he planted his head into his pillow and started to cry.

Daisy was frightened. She never saw Raphial cry before. Daisy then saw a key on the floor. She took it and left and gave the key to Lady Margret.

“Aunt Maggy! I found a key in Raphial’s room!” Daisy exclaimed

“Is that so?” Lady Margret took the key and examined it. “Well we don’t need it so we can put it in the trash can.”

Raphial headed to close the door, when he reached the door he saw the room across him.

It was the closet with a hole.

Raphial remembered the hole he discovered. His mood lifted up immediately! He grabbed his torch and went inside the closet, took the painting with the boat out of the wall and hopped in the hole.

All he saw was utter darkness so he switched the torch on and he he saw a concrete floor. He looked around some more and saw something written on the wall “King Sabub”

Raphial had no idea what that meant. He investigated some more. He found nothing else on the walls so he decided to go back.

Then he tripped on something. It was a rope.

“What’s a rope doing here?”

Then he started to pull on the rope.

It looked like it was attached to something.

Raphial pulled even harder. As hard as he could and then... a whole wall ripped open. Raphial’s heart almost stopped. “Ahhh!”

Raphial saw a big chest it had a key hole in it. So he was bummed out.

Then Raphial realized he had a key. Maybe it was for that!

Raphial ran to his room and tried to find that key, but couldn’t find it anywhere. He was about to freak out. He looked everywhere in his room, but couldn’t find it. The only way to find out where it was, was to ask Lady Margret, Raphial knows she gets angry easily.

Raphil took a big breath and headed to Lady Margret.

“Um...” Raphial started. Lady Margret looked at Raphial with a stupid little boy face.

“What do you want!” Lady Margret yelled, rolling her eyes.

“Umm... I was wondering if you seeeeen my key? I had it in my room.” Raphial asked nervously.

“If you lost it, you lost it! Irresponsible kid!” She almost interrupted.

Raphial obviously expected her to say that.

Raphial was super upset. Why did he have to lose his key right then. There could’ve have been treasure inside that chest. Raphial groaned loudly and kicked a paper bag that was just lying on the floor.

“Why are you mad, loser!” Eliot and Popko asked teasingly. They were in a very good mood since Lady Margret was yelling at Raphial.

“Okay! Dinners ready!” Lady Margret yelled.

They all sat on the dining table.

“Wow! It’s dinner already?” Popko seemed surprised. “I should go now then.” Popko probably lost track of time from teasing Raphial so much.

“Bye!” Eliot said waving his hand to Popko.

Raphial was keep on thinking about that chest he found. Were his parents keeping him secrets? Does his parents even know about the secret closet? Raphial wanted answers so bad. He can’t even ask his parents because there never home. He was so fustrated that he wanted to catch a plane and show everyone in the world the chest.

“Pass the salt!” Someone yelled. Raphial was still in his zone. “I said pass the salt!” Daisy yelled louder in a rude manner. Finally Raphial snapped out of his zone and passed the salt to Daisy.

“You should never ignore your sister, Raphial!” Lady Margret said firmly.

“Sorry, Daisy, I was thinking of something else.” Raphial apoligized.

Daisy had a thoughtful smile and said “It’s okay.” Raphial started to lighten up. No one ever forgave Raphial before.

“No! It’s not ok!” Lady Margret butted in, startling everyone in the table. “One sorry isn’t enough!”

“It’s ok Auant Maggy! He just zoned out!” Daisy smiled “It’s not his fault!”

“He should get grounded!” Lady Margret said, ignoring Daisy.

Raphial didn’t care if he got grounded. He’s so used to it that he doesn’t even care. They should think of better ideas to ground him instead of being in his room. Raphial loves to be in his room!

Daisy frowned and ate her food. Raphial started to get mixed feeling about Daisy. She actually stood up for Raphial. No one ever did that for Raphial.

When everyone finished dinner Lady Margret asked Raphial to go to his room. He went to his room (Which he was happy about)

Raphial was in bed because he had nothing to do except think about the key. After a long time of thinking about the key Raphial began to slowly close his eyes and fall asleep.

After a while Raphial woke up because he had to use the bathroom. He got up and headed for his door.

“What’s this key doing in the trash can?” Raphial heard his mom through the door. His parents finally came home. Usually they come home on the weekends, but today they came home early. That made Raphial alittle happier.

“Ahh... that! Daisy saw it lying on the floor in Raphial’s room.” Lady Margret said a little nervously. Raphials eyes widened What!? It was in the trash can! Lady Margret could’ve told me!!

“Did you ask Raphial if it’s his?” His dad uttered out.

“Ummm... errrrrrrr... yes! Yes I did.” Lady Margret stammered.

What a lier! Raphial thought.

His mom replied “Oh ok then we can just throw-”

Raphial raced downstairs yelling “That’s mine” Over over again. Raphial was so relieved to see the key. He’s been thinking about it all night and he finally found it!

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