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The Dragon Sword 1st Arc: Drakuemasi & Drasondos

By Medley_Cafe All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


After witnessing the tortured death of her parents and being saved by a Dragon (not knowing it) Melody lives a sheltered live hidden from the world, until she is given the chance to save her family by going back in time and finding her way back to the present time. It is on this journey she must learn to accept the harsh truth of reality as she trains to become a Drakuemasu (Dragon Warrior) wielding the most powerful of all dragons' Drasondo (Dragon Sword - not always a sword can be a bow/axe/shield) She makes friends and learns what it means to live, but can she continue to stay true to herself? Faced with many dangers she seeks to help others and after nearly losing someone she loves deeply she must face her demons once again, this time alone with no childhood friends or even her Dragon, Dregandhor by her side.

Dreadful Memories

A girl sat on the armrest of the couch and stared out of the window from her apartment on the fourteenth floor. She could see above the other buildings, the skyscraper she lived in towered above all the others, most having about eleven floors. Her long raven black hair hung loose, and her sapphire blue eyes seemed devoid of life, empty. Her skin ashen. She didn’t appear to be the healthiest, but neither was she bedridden-ill.

The pitter-patter of the drops against the window lulled her, she hummed a tune inspired by the sound and penned a few lines of words adding letters and numbers over a select few, she was writing a new song, not that anyone would ever hear it outside of her. Though Rin, who would - without her consent - hack her laptop and listen to all her recorded songs or read her latest written works. He tried to convince her to post it online, but being as reclusive from the world as she was, she would refuse with a fit, and he would leave it for another time.

Ever since her parents were murdered right in front of her three years ago, she retracted from life. She hid herself away, from the world and from people; she didn’t want to garner any attention, didn’t want to be noticed in any way. She had only been thirteen then.

Orphans themselves, Rin sixteen, and his older brother, Sai, had taken care of her as they had been close friends from the first days of her childhood that she could recall. Sai had just finished med school and landed a job at the most prestigious hospital at twenty-five; he had personally seen to her care since then. Her grandparents were dead by the time she was born, and her aunt, her mother’s younger sister was too busy with work to take care of her. She suspected her aunt had already forgotten all about her, just as everyone else in the world outside, not that she minded. She only had the Hyuto brothers who were willing to take care of an introvert likeher. She couldn’t push them away, no matter how hard she tried to bring herself to do so... They were all the family she had left. Both of the brothers had been patient and understanding toward her, having lost their own parents in an accident when they were young. They had their grandfather until five years ago, he passed away in his sleep, peaceful.

Dr. Hyuto had an apartment only a few blocks away. Rin still lived with him, and she could if she ever chose to. But she enjoyed her solitude, and bought the apartment early this year. With the money she inherited, she could live her entire life never having to work.

Her parents had been engineers that did ‘secretive’ work for Vhall military, and it had paid them extremely well, perhaps too well...

She closed her notebook and rested her head on her knees. It was on days as these she wished she could forget everything, become mindless and numb.

The horror of that night filled her thoughts. Blood...

An odd roar, it wasn’t like the crackling clap, or booming explosive roar of lightning, it sounded more alive than just natural electricity.

Next, she remembered, she awoke in hospital with a few scratches, but nothing serious. She knew what happened, sort of, but could not recall any of it.

Her parents’ murderer was found headless and his torso crushed by some force the authorities never identified… But she felt like she needed to know, she needed to remember…

The man still whispered to her dreams… he had told her something under the crackling of another lightning bolt that lit the night-skies. But the words laid shattered and intangible in her mind; her humpty-dumpty that could never be put together again… She wondered if what he told her could have been the reason why he was so hell bent on torturing her and her family… Could it be she had known this man? She rubbed her wrist, the thought of the rope that bit into her skin was enough to make her whimper.

After days of trying to remember what happened that night, her nightmares haunting her and never with clear details, she pleaded with Sai to take her ‘home’. He refused, so she snuck out and wandered the streets until she found the road leading to the country side. Sai was no fool and found her on route; he knew she would not stop until she saw her home. Despite his worries for her, he took her.

Where once an illustrious house stood; she found only the eastern wall of her room somehow still standing. She drew pictures of her home in her mind, and then, went to stand where the main entrance lead into a wide open reception, a once welcoming site for visitors. For the first time after three weeks she ‘remembered’. She remembered the sight of her parents now as clearly as the man she saw in her dreams. Some part of her had wanted to believe her family was still alive, their images never having appeared, but now…

So much blood! She would never again forget the man that stood over her parents’ lifeless bodies. His ice cold eyes glaring at her, the grin that was permanently plastered to his face as he cut her mother’s stomach open and let her innards hang out while she screamed to spare her daughter’s life and passed out from the pain. The man then slit her throat and moved on to her father who had been knocked out. All the while she was forced to watch! The man had made sure! The scar running horizontal across his face, it seemed to dig deep into the bridge of his nose.

It had been raining then too, a thunderstorm that Lahar was fiercely famous for. Roar after roar as lightning struck ground, masked her parents’ screams and hers. There was a reason the continent was called Lahar meaning “Blessed Thundering Plains”

Everyone said she was lucky to have survived, though no one knew what happened that night… All she initially remembered was a howling roar she thought sounded odd, but when her father screamed again as his fingers were cut off one by one, and then his toes, her attention was brought back to the man’s demonic grin and soulless eyes. The man spared only a moment to savior her torment before he cut her father’s throat.

She knew now why Sai refused to take her. Wasn’t because he knew her old home was gone for good or that the small hope that her parents might still be alive spite what everyone had told her, but rather he wanted to spare her from remembering all the gruesome horror from becoming vivid in her dreams. He just didn’t want her to suffer and that was exactly what her stubbornness had brought upon her, the butchered forms of her tortured mother and father would haunt her forever now.

She had screamed and cried as the memories rushed back! It wasn’t that she had forgotten, she knew every detail, but she wanted to believe it never happened she! She knew they were dead but her mind tried to protect her from the horrors.

All Sai could do was hold her as she relived those moments, but what happened after, she still couldn’t remember, perhaps she had fallen unconscious before that moment, when her home was utterly destroyed; when she was saved by roaring thunder that came alive… And the World went dark…

Whatever destroyed her house, killed that man and saved her was related to that roar… She had to believe it! It made it easier to handle the nightmares…

She had cried herself ill and was stuck in hospital for a week. Sai fretted about her like a father frets over his baby girl. Even after that, she never really got healthier. Rin was the first to get her to talk again. He just had a way with her!

The doorbell rang and the girl lifted her head and brushed the remaining tears from her eyes. She refused to let Rin see her like this! She slid down from the couch’s armrest and stood up, slow as a snail she trailed to the door to let Rin in, she knew it was him. Sai was at work, and no one else ever came to visit.

Heck! How did she end losing herself in her memories in the first place? But not having Rin and Sai around constantly these days to distract her… Maybe she wasn’t ready to live by herself yet?

She wiped more tears from her eyes and noted in the mirror by the door her eyes weren’t as puffy-red as she thought; she’d smile for Rin, if only for his sake!

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