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Thing are perfect only when you're young,having nothing to worry about.Life can be difficult sometimes.

Yeah life humbles you,just when you thought you would grow aup and be something great.But you end up losing hope.Just when you think you'll do great things as you grow.Things don't work out the way we want.Instead of doing great,you just lose people you love.Luckily as time goes by,you meet new friends,yeah you win some you lose some.

Just as you thought you've taken the right path,instead of succeeding you fail.Dissappointments,oh yeah that's just life.We don't give but we end up settling for less.Everything doesn't go the way we have planned,sometimes we don't reach our goals because of taking bad dicisions.

We fall down and dust ourselves,right?We fight,we try,we fail ,we lose but we don't give up.We learn from our mistakes.we keep on pushing until something happens.You know what they say "joy comes in the morning".

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