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“There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth. And no one is lying.” -Robert Evans  Fabian had been in love before it wasn’t anything new ,but he felt the need to make this one last it was different and he wanted to make something out of it. What else could he do he was immortal after-all. Fabian takes lemons and drinks shots, he loves life but he loves himself even more, a lot happens over the course of his life but for the first time in nearly a century he finds a wallflower that gives him a different perspective on life and himself in general. Aureum takes you on an adventure, you find love and sacrifice are two powerful things that transpire more often than not.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 : LET’S BEGIN


Riley! Brad! Romeo!” I called out but no one answered, there I stood in the mud as the rain poured heavy on me, my knees kissed the floor in sudden realization “they’d run” i didn’t think it be this soon “we were supposed to leave together” Knees to the muddy ground head up to the sky I was alone again. The smell of smoke was nothing but the fire that brunt before me it’s Blue devilish flame would become the thing I dread the most...

“ What do you think you’ll gain from this?”

“I’m not a man who really has ambitions and goals I just want to get paid so do you need me or not?”

There he sat eating grapes like it would help his situation, he was neither man nor beast, nor fay , vampire or any creature that I know of .

“ Are you listening to me young man”

“Sorry I got lost in.. all of you, if I may what are you exactly?”

“I am but a mere Sin passing by” he said smiling at me

“ Well that’s rather vague” in the blink of an eye I see he’s no longer there but what stood before me or rather what sat atop me was a woman.

I couldn’t notice anything else but those eyes her emerald seemed to draw me in

“Do I have your attention now” she says as wrapped her arms around me, then it hit me

“You're a chimera aren’t you?”

“Bingo, a chimera, a trader, illegal arms dealer blah blah you name it I’m it” she smiled leaning back on table behind her,

“ So do I call you he,her,she... I’m not really sure what pronouns you prefer since you embody.. everything”

“Call me whatever you want” she should grinning wickedly “ Let’s put us aside and talk about the job I have for you very small task it’s in a village not to far from here all you have to do get me a book.”

“ You put up five thousand kets for a book?”

“ mmhmm”

I was curious but I didn’t care I need the money and I want out of this town

“ So you’ll do it” she said leaning in on me

“You’re in my bubble honey” I say , she holds my face and turns it to the side where she starts nipping on my neck

“Is this part of the job?”

“No it’s a safety measure” she said getting off me looking at her now she’s taller than I expected

“When you get the book don’t come back here stay in the village I’ll find you.”

“ You have one week”

It took me 3days to find the village, it a little place called Blue Nile it was pretty quite, I hadn’t seen any kids run around when I got there but it was a pretty small town, what does she need a book here for it could be a spell book or a log book ... maybe it’s a Kama sutra ... I laughed internally that’d be fun to look at , but that aside where was I supposed to start, maybe I should eat first.

I looked around for a stall of some sort maybe..

I see this boy standing on the side of the road, he looked about 19 with blonde hair and gold eyes he was fairly built he had this up beat thing about him.

“ Do not let their words deceive you, they say it’s for your own good but they do not let you do anything, they are brainwashing you they don’t want you to think, but people think we..”

“ There he goes again with that nonsense he’ll get himself caught” i run to the man beside me

“ What is he talking about”

“ The new order they say , they got us paying more tax an extra 12 kets. For the future they say”

“ We should stand up and take back what ours!”

“Yaahh” a cheering crowd roared

“We need to make Blue Nile what it once was we need...”

“They’re coming ! The Polars are coming”

“ We will not be silenced!” The boy said taking off with their warning

“What are you doing don’t just stand there come here” the man said to me agitated I was rather confused what the fuck are polars and why is he fussy

“You there” I turned around to meet eyes with a lycan and on its back a man with rather foul scowl in his face

“I’m sorry Sir my boy here just got back from studying you see, he’s still taking in the view after a long time”. The man steps in from of me

“And who is he?”

“Like he said I’m his boy and you are?”

“You will tell your boy to mind himself we do not tolerate... misbehavior” the man said as he looked me up and down

What the fuck is place I said to myself

“Yes sir I’ll make sure he understands do have a nice day come in boy we’ve got work to do” ...

I’d been in this town for almost 30 minutes and I already got death threats nice going.

“What’s your name boy” the man said said he got on his wagon

“Fabian, what’s the deal with this town?” He was silent

“Get in boy we can’t talk here”

“How do I know your not going trying and kill me” I said getting on

“You don’t but , what life without a little mystery”

These five thousand kets better be worth it thought to myself

“Hey aren’t they’re any children around?”

“ The polars keep the children in a house. He says children should be brought up with a firm hand and what not”

“All of them” the man nods

Fabian get yourself together you need a book and that’s all

“ Are they’re any library’s around or shops I’m looking for a book?”

“What kinda book”

“Well I’m not sure but it’s called infrnum something I’m not sure how to pronounce it.”

The man was silent yet again I didn’t know if it was just me but this place was getting creepier by the second...

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