PackRat Polly and The Diva of Cripple Creek

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In which a US military combat vet and his Australian Heeler pup, Tug rescue a kidnap victim from an old mining tunnel in the Historic Cripple Creek Colorado mining district. A ghostly tunnel rat helps and rarely hinders.

Bever Branson
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125 years after the Cripple Creek fire of 1895

Cripple Creek local, Baylee has won a jackpot in the gaming casino district of an old ghost town! At about two miles high, the area is a popular destination in the autumn for tourists who drive and drive the winding roads to see pure mountain gold in the autumn colors of Aspen groves.

Baylee's friend, combat veteran Skyler Tompkins had been struggling to recuperate from an overseas mission injury, and she invited him and his new companion pup, Tug to visit.

Baylee hoped the fresh air at high altitude would upgrade Skyler's conditioning and settle a bit of kennel cough Tug got after bad weather in San Diego caused black mold in their beach cottage.

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