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Purple Eyes

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This is a story written by Julia P. and we both helped in the editing. “The strength of evil is good as none when stands before two hearts as one! -its not working Carlos!” Panic surged up my throat, I was choking my vision blurred. Trees, grass, and sky merged, and that’s when I realized I was crying… Daina Furst was born with a sickness, She has a band with her best friend Jaden, and then at 16 she finds out the truth. the truth about her sickness, about herself, and her past. Will she live with her past and still be able to build her future, or will she lose it all? Read to find out

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1- The Beginning of the Adventure

Chapter 1-The beginning of the adventure

       Ever since I was born, I had a sickness, my mom called it T.F.K.A, but as I grew older, I began to realize that certain things just did not add up. I had no memory of any doctor diagnosing my illness, and my medicine obviously did not come from a doctor. The glass jar and blue medicine had no sticker on it and no prescription. After I took the medicine, Mom would ask me how my headache was, I would stare at her because I had no headache. I was fine.

         Sometimes, I wish I would wake up to regular life and find out that this is just a nightmare, but when those emotions come up and my iris turns purple, I know it was not a dream. I knew that this is me. This is my life.


I turned the knob. The door opened with a click, “Hey Mom.” I called. No answer, I shrugged. I was not expecting mom to be home for another few hours. I turned on music, took chocolate chip cookies, and settled by the table to do homework. I traced the design of the kitchen table.

 “In the story, Dual Dares who is the antagonist?” I read the first question on the paper. “Oh! In which grade to they think I am? Can’t they ask any normal questions, that I actually have to use my head for?” I wondered moodily.

“Don’t get affected” I told my brain, “Don’t get affected, perfectly cool!” I wrote on the corner of the paper. Betsy. I wrote on the first line.  

“Yeah, Betsy was the mean guy.”

“Who was the protagonist? Seriously?... Audrie.“. I sighed one more question to go!

“Why does the author make Betsy sigh and become dreamy when she sees Celia?” I smiled.

“Finally, a question I don’t know!” I dialed Jaden.                   

“Hi J.!” I called her by her nickname.

 “Hi! did homework yet?”       

 “No what’s the question got you stuck?”

 “Who’s the antagonist?” Jaden sarcastically asked before laughing.     

“Number three, and the antagonist is you!”

 “Well, come back, give me a sec......No! Joey, please give me back my briefcase.”

I giggled. Jaden and Joey were opposites like fire and water, but that did not stop them from hanging out together.            

“Yeah sorry! Joey’s here, okay......hard question, how about, she is in love?”

“Like you and Joey?” I asked smugly.

“We’re not! Okay-maybe a little.” Jaden laughed a tinkly laugh.

“You don’t know how it feels to have one.”

“Neither does Besty because Celia is also a girl, and I don’t have time for boys”

“OMG, you’re right, way too busy.”

“Oh, come on, any other suggestion?”

“Sorry, yeah maybe she admires her because how kind she is and aspires to be like her- but cannot because she is supposed to be bad.“.

“Yeah, that’s it, Jaden!” I said, quickly writing it down. “I loved that story!”

“Me too! I liked the part where Besty, who is bad, ends up being the hero, and Celia, the good one, becomes the villain.”

“Yeah, it was scary!”

“Okay, I got to go”

“Why have a date with joey?” I teased.

“No, I would never ditch you for anyone, you should know that”

“Were partners in D.J. Rockstar, I know that! Goodbye J.!”

“Bye D.!”

“D.J.!” we cried together.

I hung up. Jaden and Joey were tight, and it got me worried. I was glad she reassured me now, though I hope she meant it. Yeah, we are besties since forever. Mom said we practically grew up in the same cradle. We have a Rock band for 2 years now. But surprises do not tell you before they show up, they are surprises after all. I left my homework on the table, blasting the music, I eased into the sofa

I love Saturdays, preferably because Sunday was next which meant no school, ice cream by the parlor on 33rd St., and studio time with Jaden. But Saturday was also fun for itself, helping Mom in her shop if she needed help. Going ice skating with Dave, a border that we took in so he could go to college. He was funny and smart. He is only 16, my age, and has the coolest Australian accent. Jaden joked all he had to do is dye his hair blonde, learn to play guitar and he will be like my idol Michelle Kagin. Then I will be sold for him. But I know I will not. I do not get sold easily especially if he looks like Michelle, I would be crazy suspicious.

I heard the door open.


“Yeah, I’m home.”

“What’s the matter?” I asked, “You look like a hotdog that was fried in the hot sun in June.”

“The bus did not work.” He stated

“You walked home?”


“You sound like you need some life blown into you,” I added

“No kid picked on me, it will blow over. I’m sure.”

“Okay, if you want to talk, I’m here. There is macaroni in the fridge”

“Sounds good!”

He dropped his backpack and went to the kitchen. I looked down at his backpack. There was a yellow sticky note stuck on, with something scrawled on it.

The phone rang, I straightened up, but Dave answered it.

“I hope you enjoy the walk home; sorry the bus was ‘locked’“. Smarty-pants” I read slowly “bus did not work.” I was mad at Dave for lying, but I was madder at the boy who wrote this. I started crumpling the note.

" What are you doing by my stuff?” Dave appeared by the doorway, hands on his hips, holding the phone

“Nothing- I got to run upstairs.”

“Your mother is on the line, don’t make me tell her.”

I smiled “So give me the phone, I got nothing’”

“Okay, whatever, she wants your help by the store”

“Hi Mom, how was your day?”

“Good Sweetie, yours?”


“Hmmm I know that feeling was in school once too I need help by the store, besides there is a lovely necklace for a lovely girl”

“Okay, I’m coming!” I ran up the stairs grabbing my jacket from my chair. I came down, and Dave stood planted by the doorway, the crumpled paper in his hands.

“This, you were hiding this, why?”

“Why did you lie?” I shot back.

“It fell out when you ran up. You need to stop hiding stuff from me!”

“And you’ve got to stop lying’ all the time!”

“You’re upset.”

“Am not”, I retorted, “I need to go help my mom and you need to let me go.”

“Your eyes say otherwise,” Dave whispered quietly.

I felt my iris turn purple; it tickled my skin.

“I’m so sorry” Dave apologized.

“Me too but promise me that you will stand up for yourself boy.”

I took a gulp of my medicine, which was in my jacket pocket as usual, just in case.

He smiled slipping on his shoes. “Don’t like jewelry, but I like ice skating and I promise.”

He gave me his jerkiest smile and held open the door.

We nodded at each other and then raced to the corner bus stop.


At night I closed the lamp and blinds pulling my covers up to my knees, a thing I did when I was thinking. I clutched the (my) necklace. My feet still ached from ice skating. I remembered Mom’s big smile as I entered the shop, the cherry bell hit the glass door with a shrill echo the light was dim as I stepped over cartons and crates.

“They need to be unpacked,” mom said, noting my bewildered expression. After placing the clothes on the racks, necklaces, and belts on the stand’s, bracelets in the bins, I ran over to mom.

“Honey want the necklace?” she asked, “Would not think you would actually forget about it.“. She took out a round black stone on a long silver chain.

“Mom it’s amazing,” I said in awe.

“It’s a stone from the moon”

“Mom.” I sighed in exasperation

“It may not be from the moon, but nothing should stop you from reaching for it.”

She turned it around, “Says so itself must be true. Go out with Dave, I’ll be there in a moment, we’ll go to the ice ring”

Mom’s words were interesting, but I did not give it much thought at the time. Now it was just another weird thing in my weird life. But as I closed my eyes allowing sleep to overcome me, A bright purple light filled the room. It was coming from the cool, maybe it was just my imaginations... or not...


I brushed my straight, black hair absent-mindedly across my mirror in my vanity. Stroke after stroke. The golden flecks in my hazel eyes danced merrily. I looked away do not get affected, I cannot risk... my eyes. I slipped the bottle of medicine in my jacket pocket, just in case.

The sun filtered through the blinds. It was a brilliant blue sky. Sunday, it was studio Day. Me and Jaden, best friends and the D.J. rock stars. This Sunday we had a new song to do......IF I HAD MAGIC, At the ice cream parlor I could not wait.                    

 I slipped on my finger gloves tied my bracelet around my hand.

“Diana it’s 12:50 want to be there on time?”

I took one last look in the mirror, my eyes were still hazel, crossing my fingers “it should stay hazel” I bounded down the stairs.


“Hey D.” Jaden laughed.        

“Hi J.” I settled myself in a chair.      

 “D.J.” we cried out together.

Jaden jumped onto a swivel bar chair.   

 “Come on what do you want?”       

“Ice cream, duh” I laughed twirling on the chair.

“I want chocolate and strawberry, you?”

 “vanilla, mint, and chocolate chips.”      

“Yum, ew hate mint.”           

“Gee, I hate strawberry”

The waitress brought us the ice cream while Jaden paid.

“Hey, someone’s nice.”

“No, next time its ice cream or pizza it’s on you!”

I giggled “Okay now, let’s go to the studio!”

I practically lived in our studio. It was two square rooms. The first room has light gray walls with red stripes with a pale blue-gray wooden floor. A computer was set up on a glass table and a potted plant in the corner and two red armchairs. The second room was a pale blue-gray and red carpet.  A stand with a microphone was in the center, a black foam rectangle surrounded the mike and two headphones plugged into the stand.

“Yeah!” Jaden cried falling into the armchair as soon as I unlocked the door. “Girl it’s time to work, not sit and chill!” Jaden shook her ice cream in front of me.

“No! first ice cream.”                

“Jaden, we have a song we need to write, and you’ll face an angry friend if you don’t.” I felt anger rise in my chest crawling up my neck and the burning sensation of my iris turning purple.                 “Diana your eyes! I’m so, so sorry!” I swallowed hard and looked away. I need my medicine now! I reached for my pocket.

“Where is my medicine?”

“Diana! Don’t get worked up!”

“I put it here. Where is it?!” Jaden pushed me to a seat,

“No! I do not want to sit! I need my medicine!” I tapped all around my jacket and skirt “It must have fallen out.” I mumbled

“What happens Diana if you......don’t take your medicine?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know.”

“Keep calm, unaffected, maybe it will go away.” Jaden cupped my face in her hands. “Let’s work on the song now, alright?“.          I nodded looking into my hand mirror, I saw my eyes still purple but... “Sure.”

“ok, so we said that this song would be called ‘if I had magic’.”

Jaden titled her paper. “okay we need lyrics preferably rhyming.”

She spoke as if talking to a toddler but that is what you get when you have a sickness, right?

I produced my notebook and stared blankly “I don’t know anything about magic, magic isn’t real and I am.”

“right, but this is about a girl who is bullied and wishes she could have magic and fight her bullies.”

“Okay, more doable,” I said slowly “Hmm, it was dark, and cold long ago, bravery, not my name, oh”

“Okay,” Jaden said chewing her eraser on her pencil thoughtfully.

“No! it’s bad, I can see you don’t like it. How about this for the chorus,” I inhaled, “I’ll make embers from coals to lost isle’s open portals”

“Love-” Jaden started, but a loud boom and swirling mauve light stopped her mid-sentence.


Please keep the comments for useful critique and stuff. please NO HATE! if you want to hate or dislike the topics, please don’t read this book. I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m just tired of the hate comments.

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