Purple Eyes

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Chapter 11 - Break Ins and Meetings

Chapter 11

While growing up throughout my elementary years, I always dreamed about what I will be once I grow up, usually, it was a singer or a dancer, sometimes an astronaut. I liked to imagine myself in the vast nothingness of outer space. And even a vet crossed my mind. I was never going to be a thief; it was never in the plan. But today never was becoming history, I was reinventing myself, nothing like my early dreams. I mean breaking into a museum is not that bad, since I am taking something that is mine, mine, and Audrie’s.

The thought of ‘you are doing something wrong and know it’ nagged at my heart. I grabbed some raspberry squares stuffing them into my pocket. I wanted to know Audrie like a sister, though I was a little afraid about what I will see. I wanted to spend time with her this was the only way.

As the first stars twinkled in the sky as it darkened. I slid out of the window down the drainpipe and crept to the museum of the isle


I pulled my sweater closer it was getting brutally cold and a thin sweater was not nearly enough. Where was she? Is this a trap? Or trick?

These thoughts ran like wheels in my head. I popped a square in my mouth, savoring its sweetness.


I jumped back, “Audrie, you scared the living daylight out of me.”

“Something I usually do.”

“Do you know that there are 510 stars shining tonight?”

“Do you know I counted till 1009 while waiting for the diner to empty out, though I am number 1.”

“So, decided to give this sister thing a try?” I dared to ask.

She did not answer right away. “I just heard you were looking for dad’s ember. I know where it is, no one else does.”

“Why is that?”

“I was ten and I saw a round-shiny blue thing. I took it realizing it is dad’s and hid it in the safest place I could find.”

“Where was that?”

“Here, in the museum.”

I nodded to the door.

“Okay, I’ll lead.”

One thing to know she was bossy.

She kicked the iron door open with a creak and last, sigh it gave up. Audrie spelled the guard at the desk to sleep.


“One of mom’s powers,” she said, “don’t have it?”


We walked in quietly, “Where did you put it?” My words echoed in the cylinder shape lobby.

“Shh,” Audrie rebuked pulling aside a thick velvet curtain next to the brick wall. She pushed against the left bottom corner and it eased away like it was smaller than the rest. A bright glow filled the room, she gently picked up the ember.

“This is one of the most powerful gems there is.” She whispered.

“Wow, now let us go.”

“No…I need…wait a minute.” I watched her leave through the front entrance and into the hallway, after a minute I followed her.

“Audrie? Where are you?”

I walked past the doors on either side one was open.

The crown of the queen the sign read. Carlos’s mom’s crown, I peeked in Audrie was walking up the steps to the platform, in her hand an iron stick. She neared the glass that separated her and the crown. Its studs through sparks on the walls, one illuminated her face, it was smiling wickedly.

I grabbed her hand, “Audrie, you don’t need to do this you are not bad.”

She spun around the stick hitting the cement floor her hand still in mine twisted awkwardly.

“Diana let go! This is who I am if you like it or not.”

“No, Audrie! It does not need to be you.”

“It was my mothers and so it is mine.”

“You are not Mom; you don’t need to be like her.”

“I am! Diana face it! I am bad, evil. I am everything you are not. I can’t change, and I don’t want to.” She was screaming. “Look at me, this is who I am.”

I looked at her in the dark her face framed by long brown hair green eyes and pursed lips. I relaxed my grasp and sank to the floor, “Audrie, you are who you choose to be. That is how easy it is to change. No one can tell you to change, no one makes you, your past does not make you either.”

Audrie sat down next to me wrapping her hand around my shoulder and looked me straight in the eye.

“Diana I am sorry, but I cannot be good, my magic isn’t.”

“There is something more powerful than any magic. Something so powerful.”

“What?” Her wide eyes reminded me of Chloe’s yearning and innocence to be the real full self. Yet, being denied every chance.

“You’re heart sister, you’re heart.”

Another thing about my sister, she is so wonderful and cannot even see it.


Do you think Audrie will change?

Do you think Audrie is lying?

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