Purple Eyes

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Chapter 13 - Sharing Meanings and Ambitions

Chapter 13

“Today we have an interesting activity, I will say a word and pick on a student to tell me what it means to them with a one-word definition. Let us say volcano, I don’t want lava or magma I want what it means to you, Carlos, volcano?”

I liked Mr. Grant but not today. Today I did not like anything.

“Human nature,” Carlos answered after a moment of thought.

“Because” Carlos explained “people living near an active volcano know that it will explode one day. Just because it is calm today, does not mean that it will be tomorrow. As is with human nature, the people explode they keep their feelings bottled inside, and when it cracks open it cause havoc, but people know it will come.”

“Good one Carlos, you described Audrie. and you are partly the cause.” I thought

“Great job B+”

I had three minutes until leaving for garbage duty., Carlos was keeping his word and probably enjoying every minute. Probably? I had not spoken to him since .

“Ziri, flowers?”

Ziri was a popular kid but not that good in academics, she smiled shyly her dimple showing.

“Hope, every petal is another layer another dream, wish and hope. People just walk over it wish out sparing it a look. Tramples and steps over their dreams.”

I liked it, Mr. Grant did not “C-.” he scanned the room.

“Diana, rain?”

“Rain?” I looked up from my wooden desk I licked my lips, “a blessing and blessing in disguise.”

“How so Miss Furst?” he was amused.

“Authors use rain in two kinds of situations, one is when someone loses something or it’s sad or emotional. Like every droplet a knife in your back, it is dark and cold uncertain foggy, or they use it by new beginnings, a rainbow fresh dew on the grass, it is clear to see the fog lifts. It is joyous! But even in the hard times, we might not see how, but it is still good, always good.”

A tear escaped my eye “Don’t cry” I scolded myself.

“Wow!” he smiled with pleasure “Have a story?”

Ha, I wish this could all be a mere story some novel written by a random person that makes you laugh or cry by its details. it was my life my reality.

He was waiting, I stood up blinking back tears for once I was glad, I had garbage duty. I slouched against my locker, the broom resting by my feet, and let the tears course down my cheeks.


I pulled the covers up to my knees it was only nine o’clock, but I did not want to be around anyone anymore. I watched the sky dim and the stars appear.

“Beautiful, are they not?”

I turned sharply.

“Can I come in?” asked Ziri.

I shrugged.

She curled up beside me, “You got an A.”

I shrugged again.

“I wish I could get an A, just once.”

“I liked yours, it is very true.” That is when I realized that I cannot be mad at others for someone else actions, they had nothing to do and knew nothing about.

“You like school?”

“Not that new anymore.”

“Good point! I like your new hair, it is amazing.”

Yet Carlos did not like it.

“Yes, it is.”

Ziri stared off in the space, “I wish I could fly.”

I smiled. “Me too. I wish I were an astronaut.”

“What’s an astronaut?” She asked.

“They’re people that train for years and years, and then they go in a space shuttle, fly into outer space, go to the moon and see the stars. Imagine seeing these stars up close”

“You know a lot about outer space?”

“A little.”

“Why did you run out?”

“I won’t lie, I had garbage duty.”


“For no reason,” I shrugged not wanting her to know, I bit my tongue.

“You’re not meant to hold things in.”

“I told that to my sister yesterday.”

Ziri looked at me, “You and Carlos are in a fight.”

“Something like that.”

“I can’t believe, I am talking to the future queen.”

I bit my tongue even harder, now I wanted to tell her everything. How hard it is to move away from your life and innocent beliefs. Tell her that from my point Carlos and I were over, I did not.

“Want me to sing to you?”

“You sing?” I asked genuinely interested.

“Yes! Why are you so surprised?”

“I had a band, back home.”

“I always wanted to be in a band, can I hear a song?”

I put on our first hit “rain in the sun”.

When it was done, she stared at me in shock.

“That is crazy good. You are good stuff.”

“Thanks! Want to sing to me?”

It felt good to be nice again. The smile on her face made it all worth it. Besides between you and me, she sings better than Jaden and Jaden sings like an angel.

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