Purple Eyes

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Chapter 14 - Broken Apologies and Broken Jewelry

The bright light of the hallway filled my room. I blinked in confusion.

“I am sorry I awoke you, it’s late.” Someone said, pulling the blinds aside.

“Who are you?” I kept my eyes closed, a sick feeling in my stomach.

“Carlos,” I knew it.

I stiffened up, “Leave.”

“I am sorry.”

I opened my eyes slowly, “about?” I asked through clenched teeth.

“Everything D.”

I was not going to but his apologies, not now.

Carlos held a thick chain with a blue gem in a musical note. “Apology accepted?”

It was beautiful, and he was so sincere.

“Let me guess, it has a tracking device?” I said bitterly.

“Do you really think I would do that?”

“You did it once, why would you stop?”

Carlos sat down on my bed. I kicked him off.

“I get it! You are mad!” Carlos cried, “I did what I do, you say I am a freak, I act like you want me to like a man like a king, and you’re still mad at me whatever I do you are mad at me! I can’t even be myself!”

“I can’t stand the fact that I left Jaden and Dave and my whole life!” Tears fell from my eyes.

“I get the fact that you are messed up and need to be alone.”

“I am not messed up!”

Carlos looked at me pityingly. “You are.” He started crossing the door.

“Carlos,” I whispered, “you and I were over. I am so over it.”

I threw the necklace down and it shattered into a million pieces scattered across the floor.

Shrugging away the guilt that grasped at my heart.

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