Purple Eyes

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Chapter 16 - Reunion in True Identities


I wondered why of all the places to go I chose mom, seriously? But I was here, and mom was already opening the door, too late.

“Diana?“, Mom raised an eyebrow. I brushed past her.

“Mom remember the story you would always tell me when I was little?” I sat down mom nodded.

“Yes, the one with the water carrier trekking up a mountain he falls one of his pails cracks. He feels his hard work is for nothing and his labor is useless but when he reaches the top an old man tells him, ‘look sonny these are the flowers you planted with the water that fell with every step you took when you thought you were working for naught you created a masterpiece of a garden.’”

“Mom remember the lesson, that hardships and trials that seem to break us make the most beautiful flowers the most wonderous assets you ever had?” Mom sat down across from me, nodding again.

“Mom, do you live by your words, do you make your actions, even if it is hard, create beautiful flowers?”

“Yes, baby girl,” she said without skipping a beat, “if it is black flowers that spread poisonous gas wherever I go”

“Mom?!” I begged her to say she was kidding and keep my childhood beliefs secure,

“Why D.? you know, we will make a good team you got solid potential, baby girl.”

“Quit calling me baby girl, I am not a baby and can’t help but being your girl.”

“Don’t you want to see innocent people suffer?”

“No! why do you?”

“Makes me feel good about myself.”

This lady needed help asap.

“Mom, now that I am here can I ask you questions?”


“Why did you leave Audrie behind?”

“Well she already had bad magic, could fight for herself, and she would be needed to rule the underground.”

“Did you ever search for dad?”

“Yes, but he hid well. I am surprised you are not asking something else.”


“Where Dave is.”

Dave? Dave! My heart started beating faster

“Where is he? Mom?”

“He could not take the bullying and left.”

Poor guy, if only I had not spelled him to forget me. He would have remembered my words and stood up to his bullies. Why had I spelled him? Then it hit me.

“Mom, how do you remember me if I spelled you?”

“Is this a kind of report? Your magic wears of me after some days. You need your father and sister and their gem and oracle for spells to work on me and defeat me.”

“Mom,” I stood up and headed to the door “I don’t want to say, I missed you, but I do. Be safe, Be careful.”

Mom stared at me for a minute wiping her eyes.

“crying ?”

“No, just dust.” she said in a voice, I knew she was crying.

“Be off now and you to be careful, pity you’re not bad like me and my magic.”

“Like you and your heart.” I muttered it was dark outside.

“But you can change,” I paused, “maybe.”

Was I doubting everything I believed in? What was happening to me? Was Ziri right? Was I saying people cannot change? That…Audrie cannot change? Was Carlos, right?


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