Purple Eyes

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Chapter 17 - Secrets and Memories Unfold

Chapter 17

The place I could rely on to clear my mind. My haven, my second home the ice cream parlor. I savored the sweet vanilla flavor licking of the spoon long after the last morsel of ice cream was gone. The cherry bell chimed as the door opened. Joey followed by Jaden. I froze but realized she does know me. So, I had nothing to worry about, I was just an innocent bystander. I watched them order ice cream sodas topped with caramel cream and sit down across from each other.

“So?” Joey prodded. Jaden just stared at her soda.

“I-just- why did you tell Sandy that my mom’s got cancer? You know the second she has juicy information; the whole school knows it. She has the biggest mouth. It was supposed to be a secret.”

“She asked me, so I told her.”

“It’s not your secret to tell.”

I was shaken. Jaden’s mom- cancer. Tears trickled down my cheeks. I had not cried for so long, it is as if it dried up, but as soon as the first tear hit my lip it was all dry again leaving me gasping for breath.

“Are you alright?” the attendant asked.

I nodded, cancer!, okay? Absolutely not my best friend’s mom has cancer and what a way to find out. Thanks to my messed-up life.

Joey leaned back on his chair.

“I cannot trust you, no one can! You, me. We’re over!”

It sounded too familiar, like Carlos and me. I mean I never liked a boy before I met him. Jaden was the one crazy about boys, not me. But Carlos was different, he was sweet, cool, perfect and…a freak, yeah, a scaredy-cat but perfect.

I shook myself back to reality. Reality, not logic. The reality was I dropped him, and it was over [logic was it should still be on.]

I turned around Joey was dumbfounded as Jaden was running out, soda in hand. I ran after her. The dark and cool night air hit me. I tapped her on her shoulder.


“Do I know you?”

I frantically tried recalling the spell, so I could reverse it. The stupid spell I used on my best friend. I needed a friend, and she needed a friend right now.


I could not remember it.

Jaden searched my face.

“No, I don’t!” she proclaimed.

“I am Diana,” I called grabbing her hand before she could try to run away.

Then I started singing. I remembered mom had told me once that your voice holds a lot of power. I had sung like I never sang before my harmony matching the pitch of the cars and splatter of rain. We stood on the walk right by the bus station.

She stared at me, her blue eyes wide.

“Diana? Diana! What happened? Where were you all this time?”

I laughed, I wanted to cry, but only laughter came through.

“Oh, Jaden I missed you.”

Jaden dried her eyes “I can’t believe I am seeing you.”

“Pinch you?”

“Definitely something you would say.”

I smiled running under the bus station “It’s soaking out there.”

“Smart idea, D.”

“Thanks, J.”

“D. J.,” we said in unison.

It feels great to have your friend at your side again. Your B.F.F. had I know it will end this fast I would have frozen time and held on to it forever.


My watch started buzzing, Ziri appeared on the screen. I gazed at Jaden she was drying something on the fog of the window, typical Jaden.

“Ziri” I hissed “How? Why?”

“You are crazy!”

I smirked, “Yes, sounds like, what happened?”

“You opened the portal; your mother is here. She is destroying everything; Carlos is mad, and he is swearing.”

“Did not know he does that,” I responded in wonder.

“Come back! We need you. He needs you!”

“Tell him, he will manage like he did before he had me and wrecked my life! Tell him he is a…man now.”

“What was that!?” Jaden asked peering over my shoulder. She had seen everything no point in lying.


“I never knew you can make up such crazy stories. You do songs all the time, but this?!”

“I am not kidding; it is my life.”

“My mom got cancer, that is not kidding.”

“I am sorry I really am, but this is a hundred percent true. I am serious look at my eyes, my hair.” I was exasperated. She will never believe me.

“You always said magic isn’t real.”

“That was before I knew!”

“Why did you spell me?”

“I did not want you to miss me as I missed you.”

“Lair! Magic does not exist.”

“Jaden,” I begged “you had Joey, I knew you would not miss me. I would not make a difference.”

“Joey is not you D., I needed a best friend when my life was turning around.”

“Mine too,”

Jaden was mad. I could tell her face was flushed her lips pursed and eyes blinking rapidly. She was quiet for a few minutes, struggling with her emotions. Then she walked over to me I opened my arms to hug her. She shook her head sadly and smashed her soda in my face. I watched her run on to the city bus that was about to pull away. I licked off the ice cream from my eye.

“Who knew? Breakups can be sweet too.”

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