Purple Eyes

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Chapter 2- Into The Unknown

Chapter 2 - Into The Unknown

“What was that?” Jaden asked fearfully, grasping my arms. I looked around the room, there was a circle almost as big as a large hoop of a purple swirling light.

“A portal?” I murmured.

“What’s a portal? Where does it lead to? What does it do?”

“Jaden, I have no idea!” I sat down “Hey Jaden, mirror?”

Jaden gave me her mirror. I felt my chest thump heavily as I looked in. My eyes were bright purple. Is this what happens if I leave my eyes without medicine? Because I see a portal and magic does not exist!

“It’s not an illusion Diana, it’s real! I don’t have purple eyes and I’m seeing it too!!”

“Maybe it makes everybody crazy?!”

“No!” Jaden screamed. She tucks at a loose eyelash, a habit she had whenever she was nervous.

“Um Diana, your coal, your neckless!”

I held up my necklace, so I can see it. It was glowing a steady bright…purple glow!

“Okay this is weird; did I mention this is weird?” I sat down. “Okay, so I’m not dreaming.” I said “ow!”

“Wow, from your head to mine.”


“I was being sarcastic. My eyes are purple, thanks to you. I also cannot take my medicine, thanks to myself and this happens”

“No,” Jaden said.

Jaden was smarter than me by a mile. “You did something to cause this… or said something” Jaden said pointedly


“You were making lyrics for a song.” It sounded like she knew exactly what had happened but wanted me to figure it out for myself.

“Yeah ‘if I had magic’?”

“Your next words?”

“open portals and ember from coals or something’” I said plainly “Oh wait, the portal, ember!”

It hit me!

“You guessed it, the portal, and your necklace.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m dying!” I screamed

“You’re not. there must be a logical explanation for this!”

“Likely, but there is no logic with magic”

“Magic?! How says it’s that?”

“um, I could think of something.”

“like?” I asked. Now more than ever I needed my medicine. I wanted my eyes to be hazel ‘it’s not magic I just have a sickness, it’s not magic’ I whispered to myself.

Jaden picked up her guitar thoughtfully.

“Maybe you should call your mom?”

“Mom? No Never! She’ll be mad that I forget my medicine.”

Jaden signed “Try another rhyme something about a boy.”

“Alright, how about……give me a toy, for one special boy”

Jaden looked at me “Nothing happened, but does that mean you finally got yourself a special boy?”

“Jaden! It’s not the-” I leaned my hands on the table. I hit something, “What in the world?!”

Jaden picked it up, it was a silver pen.

“Diana, were you thinking of someone?”

“I told you it’s not the time!”

“Just tell me!” Jaden ordered looking at the pen.


She turned around the pen, in black on silver it said ‘Dave’.

“Ok, this is weird, very weird!” I said

“Diana the portal is slowly closing, want to go in and check it out?”

“I’ll go, you stay J.”

“I thought you did not believe it’s real.”

“Still do not, but I opened it I will put my head in if I go, I go. I’m sure I’ll wake up from my dream soon, it’s all a dream!”

Jaden shook her head.

I stared at her, she smirked. I turned around and put my head in the light. It pulled and tugged, I objected.

“Diana go!” Jaden instructed.

I let go! And all I could see was swirling purple light dragging me along.


I fell flat on my face. “Jaden?” I called. I got up, slowly. As my eyes adjusted, it was interesting. A tall castle in the distance. Another big building presumably since the sign read ‘Isle Prep’ isle? What kind of city is named that?

I rubbed my eyes and took a few wobbly steps. The rest of it looked like a country. trees, grass, flowers, raspberry bushes, I plopped a few in my mouth.

“Sweet.” There were houses, as big as a square block in Manhattan, but it was more like a palace, not a penthouse. what kind of people live here?

“Hey, we meet again.”

I turned around my heart thumbing widely. A girl, long brown hair, black hat with a red feather a tailcoat, and sword staring over me.

“Hmm it’s not Halloween,” I said in a small voice

“Halloween?” she asked finally noticing me

“Don’t know what it is?” I questioned “You better be kidding”

“No, she’s not. This is the isle, there is no Halloween here.”

I turned around again, looking at the boy, white hair, green eyes, a blue sweatshirt with a symbol of a crown on the side, and navy jeans.

“How did you get here?”

“I opened a portal and came through,” I said not believing my own words.

“How did you open a portal?”

“My eyes, I have a sickness, my eyes turn purple when my emotions creep up on me. I have medicine for it, but I forgot to take it. And I was making lyrics for my song and the portal opened.”

“Okay first, your sickness is magic,”

“Magic isn’t real!”

The girl laughed “You have no idea how real it could be. Magic is real.”

“Audrie, don’t try your magic on her.”

“Why should I listen to you?” Audrie asked.

“Audrie” the boy bit his lips. “I’m the king.”

“You’re supposed to be, but your seventeen. Still, you did not have your carnation, since my mother took away half of your magic and gave it to me. That makes me king.”

“Not again Audrie. Besides, you need my full power to be king.”

“You need it too!” she turned back to me taking out her neckless, a gem glanced. She held it close to her mouth.

Carlos backed away “I’ll tell you later if you survive this” he added almost silently.

“Turn into stone,” Audrie whispered. Sending a puff of smoke in my direction “Don’t you dare duck,” Audrie warned, “It will only hurt more”

“Why would you turn me into stone?”

Audrie looked at me open-mouthed “It did not work why? Carlos?”

“I don’t know?” he whispered.

“What are you guys trying to do?”

They ignored me.

“Carlos, you try.”

He shook his hands “Surround her with a wall of ice.”

A jagged ice wall formed around me. I looked at it with my eyes, it melted. Audrie and Carlos looked at me wide-eyed.

“I’m taking her with me to the headmistress. If my bodyguards would have been here, I would have sent you back to the underground, Audrie, but they are not, so act well.” he pursed his lips, nodded in Audrie. Audie looked at his smile and left.

“Bye………what’s your name?” she asked


“Cool name!”

Carlos took my hand “Come I’ll take you.”

I shrugged his hand off wiping it with the Purell I hid in my pocket

“Sorry,” I smiled feebly “I can’t come, I have to go back, I lead a life on the other side of the portal.”

“You belong here. I have not seen much, but your magic is strong. Audrie was the strangest till now, but you surprised her by far.”

“Thank you, but I have a life. I can’t very well drop everything and come here.”

“You can. There’s a spell that when you say it, they fall asleep, and when they wake up, they won’t remember you anymore!”

“I don’t think I could to it to them.”

“You’ll have to, but if you want I could do it.”

“Who says I belong here?”

“Listen I’ll tell you everything I know as soon as you come back. Then we will go to the headmistress, she should be able to figure this out.”

I stayed quiet.

“Give me your hand.”

“I’d rather not!” I said

“I need to write something on it.”

I stretched out my hand. He wrote two lines on it, it tickled madly.

“Don’t use that soap in your hand, Ok?”

I nodded “How do I open a portal?”

“Envision how the other one looked like.”

I pulled back my hand from his grasp resisted my

urge to wash it with Purell twenty-five times and only focused my mind on the swirling light I saw in the center of the portal.


Jaden was standing with her hands on her hips as soon as I got back.

“What……was………that?!” she cried “Where did you disappear to?!”

I could not explain it to her. I did not understand it myself. I looked down at my palm and on impulse, I read the writing on my hand.

“Beware forswore, Forget me forever!”

Jaden fell back on the chair, and her soft breathing echoed in the stillness.

“Jaden! Oh, what did I do?” I gazed at her closed eyes and open mouth. Holding back my tears I left the studio and briskly walked home.

“Dave, Mom” I called out.

“Hi” they both answered. I peeked in the kitchen and saw them eating lunch. I suddenly realized how hungry I was.

“Why are your eyes purple?” mom asked me strictly

“No reason” I mummed running up the stairs. I allowed the tears to fall as I packed a backpack of shirts, skirts my two phones, and a cd of D.J. I reached for the photo of me and Jaden by our first concert. I held it to my heart and with anger ripped it watching the confetti of it, sprinkling my floor. I packed the half heart neckless carelessly in as I zipped my backpack shut. I crept down the stairs.

“This has to be done.” I tried reassuring myself.

“Beware forswore, Forget me forever!”


Mom and Dave were instantly asleep. I looked at them blankly, but then the tears came, and I could not stop it.

“Dave” my voice trembled, I hated it. I slipped the pen in his shirt pocket “Hope you stay in college even with those bullies. Stand up for yourself boy!”

I kissed mom on her cheek hugging her tight. “I will always miss you. “I whispered thru the tears.

With my backpack slung over my shoulder. I walked aimlessly; a heavy grey cloud seemed to have settled across the sky matching my mood to perfection. Rain began to fall.

I passed the ice cream parlor a haphazardly hung up sign ‘closed’ slung on the door. my feet just carried me into the studio, though my heart wanted to run far away, or go back in time.

Jaden was gone how I wanted to see her one more time. To laugh with her just one more second even to hear her scream and disagree with me. But she had left, and I was erased from her memory, forever. I did it.

I was forgotten, Diana Furst did not exist. No one was going to miss me.

I went to the alleyway, my tears and rainwater slithered down my cheek. I opened a portal.

“I’ll just start again at 16 no problem,” I said rather cynically and dove into the light.

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