Purple Eyes

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Chapter 20 - New Team Ups

Chapter 20

The forest looked darker, the bamboo bridge was broken. Suddenly Ziri and Carlos appeared from behind a bush.

“So, you came?” Ziri asked the question that was making the air around me stiff.

“Yes, I did. Do you have a gem?”

“She has more than that” Carlos answered.

“Great so come with me we’re going.”

“Going where?”

“The underground, I need Audrie and the ember to find my dad.”

“Finding your dad can wait,” Ziri said through gritted teeth.

“Now she needs Audrie’s oracle and her dad and his ember to win over her mom,” Carlos informed Ziri.

“Thanks, C. I have a mouth” I said pointedly.

“I am coming too.” He said ignoring my comment.

“No. You’re the king.”

“I am a man too and in charge of my people.”

I relented, “Then come.”

We left the forest.

“What has she destroyed?” I asked.

“The school and some homes.”

“The palace?”

“Not yet.”


The swirling purple light stopped,

I entered the diner.

“Audrie?” I called.

She spun around.


“We need you; mom came she is destroying the isle.”

Audrie nodded, “Why would I want to come helps you?”

Carlos sighed “bad people are useless.” He hissed.

I shot him a look.

“Audrie we’re sisters and your heart’s good. We need your oracle and we need to find dad through his ember.”

Audrie placed her hand on mine.

“Fine.” She said curtly bringing the ember and placing it on the table. Carlos sat down on a crate. Ziri I looked around me and Audrie held hands around the ember.

“Show me, where he is,” I ordered.

A picture flashed across the face

“Where is that?”

“The moon,” I said, “it looks like the pictures in our science textbooks.”

I grabbed the ember but Audrie grabbed my hand faster.

“What’s in it for me?”

“I … will free the underground.”

Audrie dropped her hand her eyes sparkling. “How do we go there?” she asked eagerly.

I had not thought of that.

“That’s easy,” Ziri piped up, “my magic blanket.”

“Yes easy.” I agreed.

“Let me hold the ember.” Audrie bickered. She pocketed in her shirt pocket, grabbing her sword and hat she was the last one to get on the flying carpet.

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