Purple Eyes

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Chapter 23 - New Goodbyes

Chapter 23

I sat on my bed rubbing the burn with ice. Carlos stood next to it. Audrie paced next to the mirror dad sat on the chair.

“See,” I turned to Carlos “they are good. Can’t you give them a chance?”

He did not answer.

Audrie came over to Carlos, “Give me your hand.”


“I have something that is yours.”

Audrie closed her eyes and a red light traveled up Carlos. When the light died down half of his hair was red and the other was white.

“Carlos, your magic,” I whispered.

He turned to Dad and Audrie, “Victor, Audrie, I can’t thank you enough. You saved the isle from Melb. You did so much, you gave me back my magic. On behalf of the isle, I would love to invite you to stay.”

“The underground?” Audrie dared.

“You and your dad, and the barrier is repaired.”

“Please say you will stay.” I pleaded.

Audrie bit her lip, “I want a sister. I have got the best, but the kids on the underground need a ruler. They need someone to guide them. I can’t leave my responsibility, I am sorry.”


“I love you both but if Audrie is going, I need to go to.” He smiled. “You let me see the sun and reunited me with you and your sister, I cannot thank you enough. I know you will make me proud.”

I stood up handing Audrie my old phone.

“What’s this?”

“A phone, so I can call and talk to you, even see you.”

I hugged Dad then Audrie. She brushed my hair out of my eyes and laughed. “Oh, come on, don’t be that sad. I can wave to you this time around.”

I snorted.

“Marry a boy deserving of you and with a kind heart.” Dad slipped the ember in my hand. I held it to my heart as they went out followed by guards.

“Happy?” I faced Carlos “You saw they were good and now they are going down there. they were selflessly fighting for us. they knew they will not gain anything from it. Can’t you see they are good?”

“I do …I just…whatever.”

Carlos grabbed the ember from me.

“Give it back and don’t put it in water, Dad said it’s game over if it touches water!”

A sly smile played on his lips as he threw it in the cup of water.

“No! why?! Regain you’re might ignite.”

It did not work.

“So, you don’t do your third stupid thing.”

“I can open my portal.”

“no, you’re weak from the light and your burn. You need a few days of rest to regain your magic.” He left the room

“Regain your might, ignite,” I begged fervently.

It had to work it better work, it must.

But it did not.

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