Purple Eyes

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Chapter 25 - New Celebrations

Chapter 25

Headmistress held an assembly once the school was repaired. She remarked how happy she was that we were all together and reassured everyone that it was finally over. She then thanked Ziri, Carlos, and me. I was mad that she did not thank Audrie and Dad, who were the ones that saved us. I could have done nothing without them!

We smiled politely and took our medals. I went back to my room. Carlos coronation was coming up next week and the simple thought of him made me gasp for breath.

Audrie appeared on the screen “Hey Sis,”

She was not happy I could tell, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s my birthday today and no one remembered, no one cares.”

I have long ago noticed that from the outside Audrie is mean, powerful in charge, but inside she was bleeding for love, for validation, she was drowning in pain and yearning.

“I am so sorry. But it’s been busy lately, it probably slipped their mind.”

With a start, I realized it was my birthday too and I had forgotten.

Audrie looked at me, she must have realized the same thing. “Want to come over?”

“Sure, but the ember is ruined, and my magic has not returned yet fully.”

“Who ruined the ember!?”


“That- “

I stopped her ranting before it even started. “Let’s try to fix it over the phone, any risks?”

“Yes, I might not make it through.”

I stared at her.

“It is very powerful, and the barrier contains magic so if I try it might bounce back and hit me. It will be fatal, but we are stronger together.”

I nodded, “are you sure you want to do this?”

She nodded.

“Regain your might, ignite,”

The bright blue light returned. It had worked. I looked at Audrie she was sprawled on her bed, her eyes closed.

“Someone! Come! Help!”

Chloe peered into the screen.

“Get my Dad!”

I grabbed party essentials including a cake I found in the kitchen. I opened a portal with Dads’ ember.


Audrie was okay when I came down, yet I ordered her to rest.

Dad with the kids from ages five until twenty-five strung colorful lights, I brought, throughout the whole underground. The Diner was set up with tables, chairs, red-rimmed plates, and cups around the cake. I lit the seventeen candles.

I went up and wrapped my hand around her eyes and led her down the spiral cardboard staircase.

It was still a dingy, fly-infested, dirty, and dark place. yet now when her eyes fluttered open and she blinked twice, the world had never seen such a bright place.

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