Purple Eyes

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Chapter 26 - New Birthday Speeches

Chapter 26

The way the kids ate up the cake was like lightning. Well, it was sweet, and had sugar, candy, and strawberries, with no flies.

I stood up, “Everyone please quiet down.”

Within a minute, all was quiet. I watched the last boy grab a sugar candy and suck on it. “Okay, no one knows me here.”

Had I ever thought that not a single person would know me? In Manhattan, random kids would ask me to sign their autograph, everyone heard of Diana Furst. On the Isle, I was Melb’s daughter. Here I was a random kid no one knew.

“Hi, I am Diana. I want to wish Audrie a happy birthday and all her wishes and dreams should come true. I also want to tell you how good you all are.”

“No! We are rotten,” a boy of six chimed in, “rotten to the core!”

“No, you’re not!”

“Yeah, we are. Our magic is evil, and we only do bad stuff.”

Poor kids.

I looked into each kids’ eyes, “Everyone can choose to be good. Your heart is so good and wonderful and kind. You’re the most amazing people I have seen. Every day I decide to be good, to be nice, to care. My magic is bad too the difference is, I don’t let it affect my heart. If they take you out of here, promise me, you won’t forget your past. You are from the underground and let everyone know that. Be proud and don’t let it stop you from building a future. We are rotten to the almost core, our core is good. our heart is beating wildly, it wants to give, to be kind, to love!”

“What is love?” The boy sucking on the candy asked

“Love…” my voice broke “love…is everything.”


Headmistress held Carlos’s hand.

“If she does not want you, it’s over.”

“But I want her!” He cried, “and she has all the right to be mad at me.”

“So, is it over?”

“It does not need to be.”

They spun around. I stood there next to dad, Audrie, Chloe, and the boy who told me his name was Ricky still biting his candy.

“Carlos when my father told me to marry someone kind and deserving of me you were the only one. I love you. You are perfect, a freak that has grown into a man.”

Carlos stared at me knowing my next words.

“Carlos, I want you, but my dad, my sister, the underground needs to get a chance as you gave me.” I met his eyes, “you did not know if I’ll let my magic rule or force my heart to take the lead. But you had love. Carlos, love the underground. Their hearts are ready to give to get love!”

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