Purple Eyes

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Chapter 27 - All Barriers Sink

Chapter 27

The stage was ready, the people, waiting. Waiting for Ziri and me to step up, our first performance as ‘Shooting Star’. The curtains were open, and I saw parents sitting next to their kids, friends holding hands.

Ziri tugged at my elbow, but I was busy thinking.

you never know your story. You never know when it twists and turns, sending you on a rollercoaster. Forcing you to have the courage and brace yourself against the storms. No one guarantees you happy endings. You’ve just got to step into the spotlight and do what is right.

Carlos smiled at me and I smiled back.

Tomorrow was his coronation, tomorrow all will be okay. Tomorrow the light will be so bright that the sun would never want to set.

Ziri pulled me again, “They are waiting.”

She threw me a mike and together, and we stepped into the spotlight.


Morning dawned and I had not slept a wink. I was too


I have lost sometimes and, yet I have gained even through the losses. I just loved thinking; it was surprisingly relaxing.

I put on my newest dress, tied the purple sash, and tied my hair back, my purple streak showing.

I am Diana, Melb’s daughter.

I had a past and now I was making my future holding onto every part of my past. Even if there will be twists, I will have friends on the way. I winked to myself in the mirror. My purple eyes glistening a mosaic of emotion. They whirled inside and were showing outside.

I dug the silver chain with half of a heart, matching Jaden’s. I wondered if she still wore it or wanted to forget it all. I strung it around my neck.

I was on air today, and the dreams had never been closer than now.


Carlos was king

The crown rests lopsided on his head.

He reached out for my hand and I squeezed it, fixing his crown. He grinned sheepishly.

“As I am King, I need a Queen. I asked you a while back, but water flowed past our bridge since. Do you want to be my Queen, Queen of the Isle?”

From the balcony I could see the hills, palace schoolhouses, it was almost like I could see the whole world.

“Honestly I would love to, but I can’t.”

A collective gasp erupted from the audience.

“I have learned so much in the past few months. I met wonderful people, who don’t know how wonderful they are. I met my Dad and my Sister. I fought my Mom, and I realized that we never knew where the good guys come from or the bad guys. I never thought my mom was a villain and without Audrie, and my dad with his ember and encouraging words when I felt all was gone and lost, the isle would be lost. Frankly, I can’t be queen without them, the underground as well. I need to be the Queen of the isle and the underground. It is time to free the underground.”

Headmistress gave me her wand, Carlos’s hand pressed against mine.

“To make this world a better place, we’ve got to do it face to face.”

That’s all it took; it was back separated from the Isle with a short walk bridge. Throngs of kids, teenagers, and elders stared at the sun for the first time in years as they crossed the bridge. Somewhere in the middle, Dad flanked by Audrie, Chloe and Rocky walked into their new future.

I patted my packet for the sugar candy, I saved for Rocky. I’d give it later to him, maybe tomorrow once he was settled in.

I leaned my head on Carlos’s shoulder and smiled, the crown Chloe had designed tickled. It was finally all over, all over.

A lone tear escaped my eye.

Yes, I had nothing to fear it was all over.

No! it was just a brand-new beginning with brand new opportunities at every crossroad.

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