Purple Eyes

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Chapter 3-Explanation and confusion

Chapter 3 - explanation and confusion

It was dark on the isle when Carlos and I walked up the steps to Isle Prep.


“What do you want, Carlos?” A rather chubby lady opened the door. She wore a light blue, fitted dress and her brown hair was clipped up in a bun with her wand.

“Carlos is she...?”

“I am .”

“Diana, what?” she asked pleasantly.

“Diana Furst.”

She smiled and invited us in. It was dark, the wide halls.

“Everyone’s upstairs,” Carlos told me pointing at two large staircases at either side of the hall. The place was huge and had an eerie echo. We passed a few doors silently. Carlos pointed them out as we walked.

“That’s the lunch yard, where we eat lunch.”

The headmistress stopped at one of the dark brown mahogany.

“Sit down, have something to eat, drink.” She paused “so Carlos here, told me a little about you.

You came here through a portal that opened through rhyme while your eyes were...purple. I want to check your magic.”

“No!” I screamed as if bitten by a snake. Carlos pulled me onto a chair “Stay here Diana.”

I watched the headmistress turn her hand in a circular motion. As a glowing white orb appeared, she kept making it bigger until it filled the room with a blinding light. I felt warm like all the blood in my body was rushing to my heart. Suddenly a purple light filled the room streaked with blue.

“Your medicine.” The headmistress’s voice was whispering and hazy the pain .

I shrieked as the light slowly disappeared.

“Girl, you have to let me do this; your emotions stop me from reaching your inner magic.”

“I still don’t believe I’m magical. I paused “I’m a regular girl from the city.” Tears coursed down my cheek. Carlos slid onto a . I rested my head in between his feet, as he held my hands tightly. “Relax, you can do this.”

I forced my eyes to close, imagining a sandy coast, hot sand tickling my toes, pale blue sky. Blue foamy waves lapping gently on the beach.

The pain hit me , hard and strong the waves turned wild. Swelling and rising, threatening to overtake me. was dark and cold.

“Done!” She said.

Carlos let go of me. I stood up, wobbled, and sank back down into the chair, waiting for them to talk.

“Okay... ?”

They faced each- and turned to face me again.

“Your magic is mostly from your father.”

“As far as I know, I don’t have a father.”

“You do. We will talk about that soon.”

Carlos choose to speak next

“But also, from your mother although, your streak which makes you the most powerful one around, more than Audrie, your sister. Your magic was also tampered with, your medicine was supposed to make you powerless, but it made your magic bad,” he paused “really bad.”

“So?′ I did not understand

“People with bad magic go to the underground”

“So, I’ll go.”

“No!” Carlos cried a tad to forcefully “I mean-” he blushed like a ripe tomato. “no, you can stay for a trial, if you fail you go to the underground, if you complete the semester and get accepted into Isle Prep, then you can stay.”

“Don’t disappoint me.” The headmistress left the room. Leaving us alone.

“Why can’t I go where I ?”

“I think you can defeat your mom. You are good. I can feel it.”

“I don’t get it...in the morning, I was a regular kid living a regular life. Who is my real mom? A dad? I never had . What is underground? What’s ...magic? What happened to my easy and calm life?!

I stood up “I am going”

“Where? You are weak, tired, and . You have questions I have answers”

“Okay. Where?”

“Upstairs, to bed.”

I tried walking but could not move my legs. He lifted me in his arms. I was too weak to protest. He laid me down in an empty spacious room.

“I will be back soon. Stay here.“.

I looked up at the dark sky, full of twinkling stars. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I stared out of the window. It reminded me of when I was younger and would count the cows flying .

Carlos sat down next to with a plate of cookies and a glass of juice.

“Are you hungry?”

Suddenly, I realized I had not eaten since breakfast. It seemed as if days had passed since, and reality had passed with it.

“I want answers.”

“Ask away.”

I bit into a cookie. “First, why am so I weak?”

“Light, light is the only thing that can defeat you through taking away all your energy. You will be fine in the morning.”

“Who is my biological mom?”

“Same mom in Manhattan named Melb. Melb is your mom.”

“What kind of person is she? Back home, she was kind, considerate, and loving.”

“None of those qualities. She is wicked, mean, and strong. Her magic is bad. She belongs to be in the underground.”

“Why is she not there?”

“Your parents found a hole in the barrier that keeps those the underground there. It was then, when your mother decided to escape, the king, my father, was killing all the adults with evil magic. Your parents escaped with you, leaving your sister behind.”

“I have a sister?”

“Yes. A twin sister.”

I am an only child, not twins with a girl that has magic.

“Okay that hit . So, they left, but your father turned back and hid. People claim he changed his heart and became good. Though it mostly worried your mother. She then came back a few years later, and wrecked the kingdom, killed my parents, and stole half of my magic giving it to Audrie.”

“Audrie? IS MY SISTER? The girl I met before, that Audrie?”

“Yes, after wrecking everything I grew up with and...my parents.” his voice was bitter. Filled with pain

“I am .”

“No, don’t be, so-, “He brushed aside pity and continued the story “I cannot become king since I do not have my full powers. So, we do not have anybody ruling, except maybe the headmistress, your dad is hiding somewhere, and your mom is across the portal, your sister and I have occasional run-ins. She slips in and out of the barrier.”

“Let us get this straight, my mom is in Manhattan and is a villain that can come back any day. My father is hiding, afraid to come out because you will not exactly believe him. Will you? Audrie is mainly in the underground where all villain kids are, their parents killed. Yours too, and you can’t be king.”

“kind of.”

It was a lot to take in. I put on my single, watching Jaden and I rocking the stage.

He peered at the video.

“Looks like you had fun.”

“I did.” I was annoyed. “I still can’t believe that in the morning Jaden and I were working on a song, and I was advising Dave, helping mom in her store. Now I am here, it is surreal. I feel numb, and no one back home will remember me. I don’t exist to them anymore.”

“I can make you forget them.” Carlos offered.

“No, never I...they belong to me. My memories, my family, and friends. How could you?” I shot back.

“I am sorry. I understand”

“Does Audrie know I am her sister?”

“No, let’s keep it that way”

There was a heavy silence.

“Why are you letting me in? I am bad, my magic is. My mom is your worst nightmare. She killed your parents!?”

“You’re good. I can see that. You deserve a .”

“What about Audrie? Why is it only me that can have a chance?”

“She was raised in the underground. You were not.”

I raised the volume of my music. Carlos understood and stood up to leave.

“Besides,” He said while closing the door “I love you.”

I watched him leave, and if I could put Purell on my heart I would do it. Right now.

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