Purple Eyes

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Chapter 4 - First Days and New Realities

Chapter 4

I woke up, and part of me believed I would be back in Manhattan, but the other part knew that this was my new reality.

My phone was still blaring music, the leftover cookies, and juice. There was also a chest, small night table, and chair in the room that I had not noticed before. I dumped my backpack into the first drawer.

I smoothed out the ends of my dress, tied my necklace, and started putting my hair into a bun when Carlos entered.

“Everyone is in class downstairs. Come on down, we’ll get you started, your smart?”

I laughed, “Not that smart besides, I forgot one question, what is my magic?“

“Good question. First, it is ruled by your emotions and you probably have more that we do not know yet. Like your mom, you can make your own spells and it will work. Like your dad, you can locate objects and control portals and you even might be able to locate people too.”

“My dad?”

“…possibly,” he said, “but now get your brain to work and come.”

“So…I can find my dad?”

“First do a good job in school, then we will talk about your magic and what you can or can’t do. The headmistress wants you to do well. if you do not, she might send you to the underground.”

“What is underground?”

“If you get passing grades in the next monthly exam. I will take you there.”


I got so many stares as I walked the halls. If the ground would open now, I would jump into like it had chocolate at the bottom.

I was outside in the lunch yard eating a sandwich as everyone stared at me.

It was silent until a girl asked, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Diana.”

An awkward silence followed as they kept looking at me, expecting me to continue.

“I arrived here yesterday.”

“Are you from the underground?”

I was not but maybe I would have been if…

“No, she belongs here.” Carlos came to my rescue

“Who’s your mom?”

“Me- ”

“She does not have one,” Carlos interjected

“I do, her name is Mel- “

“Diana come with me.” I followed Carlos like an obedient puppy. Leaving behind all the girls and boys with their questions.

“Diana you don’t have a mom,” he said when we were a safe distance away.

“But I do.”

“I know that, but don’t let the others know that.”


“Your mom is bad, evil, and their worst nightmare.”

“But. that does not mean I am.”

Carlos stood his ground, ignoring my comment. “You don’t know who your mom is, clear!?”

We looked in each-other eyes for a long time.



Do you think Diana is too Naive?

Do you think Carlos right for telling Diana to lie and why?

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