Purple Eyes

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Chapter 5 - Bumpy Beginnings and New Books

Chapter 5

I have not spoken to Carlos for a full day. Carlos has tried talking to me multiple times, but I need time. Time to think. “Believe and start again.” Three words that roll off as effortless as breathing but are as hard to follow-through as cleaning up after three toddlers. Not that I have had any experience, but Jaden has had, and she was forever complaining about it.

School was hard and trying to make friends was even harder. I finally realized why Carlos did not want me to reveal who my mom is. I mean, these kids here did not want to pass me a sharpener, much less talk to me! One girl changed her seat in my science class! Yes, I hate science, and today I had homework to do on how rocks form. So lucky me!

I heard the door open. I knew it was Carlos, no one else would even think of coming in.

“What do you want?” I asked coldly

“Come on, are you still mad?”

“I am practicing behaving like my mom. Just in case, I decide to leave. You know, not a single kid spoke to me yet!?”

“Diana, maybe you go over to them!”

“Maybe I want to be a villain. Maybe they have all the right to be scared. Maybe I enjoy being mean!? You cannot tell me what to do. You are not my mother. It is a moms’ job, and she wants me to be bad!”

Carlos handed me a wrapped box.

“What is it?”

“It’s a book, your Moms’ spell book.”

I tore the wrapper off and shook the dust of the leather-bound book.

“It’s locked. Before your mother left, she locked it.”

“A lock and key,”

“When will you learn?”

“Go out!”

I reached over carefully and forced the book open. As a bright light filled the room, the book flew up in the air and whirled it landed with a thud back on the desk.

“It worked.”

“You came in” I admonished

“I had to.”

I ran my finger on the edge feeling the soft, worn leather.

“It’s beautiful,”

“It’s bad.”

“Then, why did you give it to me?”

“Because you need to practice your m…magic.”

I waited a moment, “and?”. I prompted him to continue.

“It is rightfully yours.”

I smelled the old paper and read the first page of spells.

“There are hundreds of more spells in this. Your mother would always use it. It was her most prized possession. Once when we attacked your mother, and the book opened, we got the spell book. I had the spell that would finish her, but I said it wrong. Then it got locked, and your mother got away with no scar, as always.”

He sounded upset as if he were tasked with something but could not complete it. As if the kingdom fell because of him.

“But we won’t do one spell, no making animals or turning people into animals.”

“Why? I love pets! Can we do it?”

“No! Because…this is what I would have done to your mom.” He brushed away the small tears forming in the corner of his eyes, they were clouded. It sounded as if he was far away, reminiscing memories I had no idea even existed.

I could be mad right now, or I could laugh and say, “Crystal clear!”

I choose to do the second option.

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