Purple Eyes

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chapter 6 - New Knowledge and Growing Friendships

Chapter 6

A week went by. School was good and Carlos practiced my magic with me, I would use my moms’ spells and think of my own to counteract it. It was fun using my imaginations and come up with weird rhymes

“You know” Carlos said one day “When you manifest your abilities your hair will turn purple.”

My hand flew to my smooth black hair “OMG no!”

“Yes. And there will be a big problem.”


“Everyone will know your Melb’s daughter.”

“About time they should know.”

“I don’t want to say it again, but we are not risking it!”

I nodded in silent agreement.

“I will think of something.”

I sat down on a log where we practiced in the woods beyond the school.

“You know sometimes, I wish this were all a dream but when I am practicing my magic I would not want to be anywhere else.”

“Because your magic is who you are its your inside.”

“I see that now it took a long time.”

“Honestly, I thought it would take longer,” he smirked “you made a big deal about it.”

“I am a teenager and it was a big deal.”

Carlos stood up “Want to come on a picnic me and you?”

“Me and you?” the words rolled around on my tongue I could not place them. Carlos did not wait for me to answer he came back a moment later with a basket of food and a picnic blanket.

“Follow the leader.” He bowed.

“Leader or king?” I curtsied.

“How about that queen?” he asked pulling aside some vines revealing a thin bamboo bridge that ran across in between the cliffs, a steep incline of about hundred feet below tall trees barely reached the bridge and more trees around it towering over giving shade. it led to a big cement gazebo with a broken top bordered by a lake.

“Your mother wrecked that in one of her flights.”

“She flew?”

“She became a dragon!”

I looked at him as if he were kidding. He was not.

He placed the red and white checkboard blanket on the floor and sat down.

“When I was young my father would bring me here at my birthday after the big celebration just me and him with the just the soft rustling of the leaves and ripples of the lake, he would tell me that one day when I was going to be older I would be king and he will it back and watch me rule with a smile then he handed me his crown every year and I knew what was coming I would put it on and he would fix it because it always came out lopsided and we would watch sunset, then he was murdered.”

“By my mom?” I knew, but I asked anyway.

He smiled a sad pained smile, “I am sorry.” He whispered.

“Don’t be. you can say it it’s alright”

He took off his shirt and got into the water “its cold want to come?”

“No, I am fine”

“Suit yourself” he shrugged and dove in.

I watched him swim for some time. then I leaned against a pole humming to myself, I did not know what I was supposed to say or not to say, I needed Jaden.

“Hey, you got Purell?”

I looked at him quizzically. “Why?”

“I need help getting out, you will need to touch me.”

“Ha-ha. I am almost laughing.” I said sarcastically

And then I did as I fell over and into the cold water while trying to get him out.

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