Purple Eyes

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Chapter 8 - Hiding and Searching

“Wait, my hair? Did you think of a plan to hide it?”

I jumped down.

“I did not have time.”

“So, do I just let everyone know?”

He “I don’t want to say yes, but I don’t have a different idea.”

“Sorry I disturbed you, but- “

“Hi Barba,” Carlos waved.

I turned around, a tall girl with orange locks falling over her shoulders

“I know who you are.” She said icily.

“Thanks, I told you my name, right?”

“Your Mom is Melb.”

Carlos froze. I stared at her.

“How can you tell?”

“Aside from your hair just turning purple, I found your Mother’s spell book in your room.”

“Alright, number one, I will not panic, why were you in my room?”

“I wanted to ask you something.”

“So, you just walked in and opened drawers?”

She shrugged her shoulders.

“Second thing, your dumb coming here telling me, that I can do whatever I want now.”

She backed off a little.

“Relax, D.”

“Thirdly, thanks I wanted everyone to know and you found out. I promise I won’t keep it a secret anymore.”

I shook her hand “Nice to meet you, Barba”

“You’re not anything like your mother.”

“I don’t need to be. I can be someone good.”

Barba smiled.

“Just don’t go into my room again, then I might really be bad.” I was laughing so hard when she ran off like the wind after I said this.


“Can we go to the ship?”

Carlos looked up from the book he was reading.

“why would you want to go back?” he ran his fingers across his hair. Something he always did when he thought. “Audrie will be there, do want to see her?”

“We will sneak in; I want to see my dad’s stuff.”

“Why would it be there? and it is not exactly the safest thing”

“Well you’re right, but c’mon.”

“This chapter is really interesting,”

“You can finish it a different time.”

“Headmistress scheduled an assembly later.”

“We will be back before it even starts.”

“Okay.” He closed the book and grabbed a baseball bat, “just in case” he laughed “why you got a bat?”

“I play baseball.”

“I should see you play sometime.”

He nodded throwing the bat to me.

“Let’s go!”


“You’re letting your emotions get in the way of following your heart.”

“Not away, right into the problem.”

“Why are you doing this to yourself?”

“What would you do if you believed you are orphan of a father for sixteen years, then you hear you do have a dad?”

“I would do this exact same thing. I know how you feel.”


“It does not look like she is here, are you coming?”

“I’m not backing down now!”

We crept along the plank leading up to the ship.

“So, what’s the plan, what are we doing?”

“Every ship has a captain’s room.”

We raced till a rather small rectangular room. I tried the door “locked.”

Carlos smiled took to steps back and smashed the rotting wooden door down

“I thought you will use a spell.”

He laughed

The room was dark, a thin stream of light burst through the cracks. A lot of swords hung on one wall their handles delicately carved and silver. A small desk with papers strewn over it and a compass, on the floor there was a small iron box inscribed in it read ‘Captain Victor Mastriano’.

“It’s my dad’s” I whispered opening it easily with the key I found hanging over the chair, tying it into a bracelet around my wrist.

A map of the stars next to an old rusty compass and binoculars lay on it.

“Water has memory,” I said as if in a haze.


“Mom always said water has memory. Carlos, you control water, read its memory.”

“Are you sure, you might not want to see it?”

I put my hands over the rusty compass “Do it.”

I was hoarse. He placed his hands over mine and closed his eyes.

A mist spread over our heads turning to heavy fog. Figures seemed to emerge, and I could see this same ship traveling on calm waters in the dark.

A man stood on the dock holding his compass. Two girls sat in front of him, watching his expression.

“that’s me and Audrie, and there is dad.” I tried to grab on to him.

His expression turned somber his brown brows contracted looking like one he pressed his bloodred lips thin.

He steered the ship away from an iceberg and looked down. “Girls.” He said “that star is the north star as long as we follow that we are in good hands. Safe and protected.” He spoke in a rather gentle manner.

Mom appeared in the fog. I barely saw her, but I saw her eyes. I was scared.

“Don’t you like to terrorize people, especially the kind ones?” her voice was unlike the many times she calmed my nightmares, comforted me, held me in her arms when I would scrape my knee.

It tore at my heart.

Dad turned to her, “Melb what are these evil doings of yours, does it bring you enjoyment?”

“More than anything else. Victor, since when are you afraid of being bad?”

His face tensed. “Me? Afraid?” he used the same sweet voice as Melb did, “I can spell you now and your history.”

“It’s on.”

Through the fog, I saw waves rise and fall threatening to capsize the ship. Lighting and thunder bursting through the sky. And the two faces of ruthless villains.

“Who’s scared now?!” Was the last thing I heard before a strong light filled the room and the fog vanished?

“That’s where your good heart comes from.”

“No Carlos, my good heart comes from myself. Every day I woke up and say today I will be good and not let my circumstances get me down. My circumstances are only here to get me down, help me get up, and help me grow. I’m good because choose to be good!”

Carlos laid the compass back in the box.

“I’m sorry you had to see this, your father sounds like a good man. He was only bad, when his emotions ruled over him, like you and your mother.”

“It’s fine, I wanted to see it. It was my decision to see it and my choice.” I sank back at the floor.

“What are you doing here?!”

I turned around scared stiff “Audrie?!”

“This is my boat last time checked. Of course, I’m Audrie.”

“We came here to see things about my father.”

“Father?! Why would your father have anything to do with this boat?”

Carlos and I exchanged looks.


“My father’s name is Victor,” I said reluctantly.

Audrie looked shocked “Which Víctor?”

“The one, you know, your father…”

“Wait. Your father is Victor and your mother is Melb.”

“Yeah,” I said simply.

“We’re sisters” she starched out every syllable.

“I- don’t care about sisters. Get out of here. I don’t want to see you.”

“I just feel it is safe to say, that I am holding a bat and I have all the intention to use it.”

Audrie stood by the door breathing heavily.

“You ……I…… whatever go out……… now.”

It was not said with anger or denial, just the saddest words I have ever heard.

“You know where I am so, when-ever you want Audrie, I’ll be there.”

Audrie ignored me. I could hear her lock the door as we walked down the plank.

“Your opposites, like fire and water.” Carlos


“Like Joey and Jaden.”


“Let’s best not go back there.”

As we walked past the docks back to the school. We went through the regular roads this time. As I passed the metal pole, the medal clings reverberated. I looked down at my wrist, at the dangling key.

‘Daddy’s Key’.

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