Purple Eyes

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Chapter 9 New Titles

Chapter 9

“Are you coming?”

Carlos asked for the twentieth time. As I lay on my bed the music, drowning out my sobs.

“We are waiting.” He shut the music.

“My hair is purple,” I said slowly.

“Yes, it is. But it is not because of that, it is because of Audrie and your father. Don’t deny it, it won’t help.”


“Come on brush your hair, put on your jewelry.”

I got up and did what he said.

“You look amazing.” He said as we walked down the steps.

“Except for my tear-streaked face.”

“That’s a problem.” he agreed.

It was quiet when we entered. They were all waiting for me.

“Ladies and gentlemen, today, Melb came and then disappeared. Put your hands together for Diana, come up.”

Carlos clasped my hand, “Go up and tell them all.”

Headmistress shook my hand. “You are accepted into Isle Prep. We could not be happier to have you with us.”

“Thank you,” I twiddled my thumbs nervously, “I am Diana Furst and my mom are…Melb.” Silence fell, and the metal clang of the key against my hand was the only noise.

“My father is Victor. But that does not mean I am like them; I can decide my own path.”

Carlos gave me a thumbs up. I smiled. He was suddenly by my side.

“Guys, this girl is the most amazing girl ever. I know her for a few weeks, but already I saw that she is a teacher by her actions. Words. Just for standing up for what she beliefs in! She is extremely loyal and has faith in everyone’s abilities. She has a lot to talk about and always makes you feel special, so all I want to say is the Isle needs a queen like you.” he paused, I was not following him.

“Diana will you be my queen? Now that your mother is locked out and I still do not have my full powers, but its time I rule. Will you be my queen?”

The shock just hit me; of all the things he could say he said this! It was unexpected and awkward.

“Diana do you want to be my queen?" he asked again.

It sank in, me, a queen of a magical world.

“Don’t make me cry again today.” I helped him up.

“Don’t worry D.,” he opened his arms and I fell right in it our lips touched it was if he and I were the only two in a room filled with thousands.

“You are amazing.”

“You are cool and kind and a…freak. But that is what makes you the person you are, and I would not want anyone else.”

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