The Backdoor Society with Madz & Ollie

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“A WILLFUL GIRL. A ROAMER. A DOORKEEPER. AND THE PERFECT WORLD.” Madz never wanted to be a leader. She never wanted to save anyone. She was too busy being the most beautiful and popular girl in her world. But when a dark sinister figure steals the only life she’s ever known, Madz stumbles on an adventure through doors and worlds that question her beliefs about who she is, and where she’s really from… Though the Backdoor Society died many years ago, a small remnant of Seekers, led by the cold and hostile Oliver, still travel through ordinary-looking doorways passing through different worlds eager to find a home. The only thing the Seekers fear, are the Roamers Glim and Dim, bent on enslaving as many Seekers as they can find to serve their every wish… Every. Wish. Coming from a life of privilege, it’s going to take more than sheer will for Madz to get used to living a life on the run. Let alone running from two murderous fools who want to own you. *sexual content and graphic violence warning.*

Adventure / Fantasy
Vic Priel
Age Rating:

The Seeker

All they did was talk. Men. Always blaming each other, making excuses, never taking any responsibility. There was no action.

And the girl was sick of it.

They were lost, again. And it would take them an entire day to find where they were. She had never been to this part of Infinitus. This part was new to her.

They were inside the castle ruins of a forgotten king. Its vast green surroundings stretched far to the horizon. There was nothing except for pebbles and stones at their feet.

One thing was for sure, they were alone.

While the others argued about where they were on the map, the girl slipped away. Perhaps there was something she could pocket. A trinket or item she could take. After all, this was a castle, and she was a seeker, and seeking was what seekers did.

For safety, she pulled out her little pocket knife.

The seeker found a little arched doorway with a wooden door. She had the feeling it wasn’t just an ordinary door. When she opened it, the doorway revealed itself to be a closet. A rather large one. It was dark inside, but she was not afraid.

The seeker entered but it was tighter than it looked. She squeezed herself between rich dresses, purses, jeans, shirts and jewelry. Jewelry...


She started stuffing her sack, careful not to make a sound. There were golden earrings and golden bracelets. Silver necklaces with pretty stones. There was even a little ring with a pearl on it. These would be great for bartering, she thought.

And then she heard a noise up ahead, followed be a passing shadow. There was a light. Just a sliver, a crack between the door and the wall. Curious to see who owned this precious cache, the girl ventured forward.

There were so many shoes, white flats, sandals with high pointed heels, she had to tiptoe over them so she wouldn’t trip. Her curious eyes peeked through to see what sort of world laid beyond the magic wardrobe.

And then she saw her.

It was another girl, who lived on the other side. A beautiful girl whose face was full of life, zest and sparkle. She was putting colors on her face, and she was using a very small paintbrush. She made her eyes a dark purple. Her cheeks pink. And her lips a crimson red.

Her room was strange but interesting. She had many pictures of herself, hanging on the wall. Pictures of her in immodest outfits.

There was one where she wore a blue grey jacket, but with no pants on. There were other pictures of her in her undies laying by a pool of water. Some were in color, and some were in black and white. There was also a picture of her in a uniform playing a sport with a ball. She wore a gold medal around her neck. And another one where she was holding a golden vase.

It was official. This room was all about her.

The bed was the most interesting thing of all. It was big, it was fluffy, it was actually above the floor. And it was cluttered with all sorts of pillows and soft toy animals. It was like something from a dream.

Whilst the seeker admired her, two older looking people, came inside.

They said something about hitting another “milestone”, whatever that was. The seeker did not understand. But the man looked very proud of himself. And the woman looked very proud of her man. And the girl looked very happy to be their daughter.

The seeker hadn’t realized it at first, because they didn’t look alike, but that was who the girl was, their daughter.

And the three danced, and they laughed, and they embraced one another.

For some reason, the seeker recognized the two older people, like a memory from a forgotten dream. And then she felt a sharp twinge in her chest.

A strong hand pulled her back.

“What are you doing?!”

It was just Henry.

“I was only taking a look.” Said the seeker.

Henry moved her behind him and took a peek himself. Then he turned back to her. It was dark but the girl could feel the look of disappointment.

Henry pulled her out of the closet and out of the doorway. He closed the doorway shut.

They were back in the ruins.

“You know better to run off alone, you could’ve been lost. You could’ve met a roamer. You could’ve been taken. What did you see in that family anyway?”

“Just another rich girl with rich parents. I know my way around, I can handle myself.”

The seeker waved her little pocket knife in his face.

Henry put her hand down. He wasn’t kidding.

“What’d you find?” He asked.

The seeker reached into her sack and pulled two earrings. They were a pair of rubies set on golden bands. Henry checked to see if anyone else was looking, then he looked at them in the light.

“These are flawless. Is this all you got?”

“One for you, one for me, as always,” said the seeker closing her sack. “Do we know where we are yet?”

“No, not yet. Tomorrow we’re going to scout for doorways up north. We found a stream we can follow westward. For now, we’ll set up camp. Hey, I wanna make sure you won’t run off like that again, do you hear me?”

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

Henry shook his head and went back to help the others. They had known each other for years, but he treated her like she was little.

Using her pocket knife the seeker carved an X on the door.

“I am more than fine...”

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