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Georgie Abbott and the Inimitable Squodge

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Georgie Abbott’s dad is an inventor. His inventions include the Automatic Back Tickler, the Ever-Cool Pillow, the Travelling Tumble Dryer and the Pyramid Energy Sourcer. One day, fourteen year old Georgie arrives home to find her dad has disappeared. Lying on the floor of his workshop is a cracked Pyramid Energy Sourcer. Next to it is a tiny disc out of which shines a cone of light. A disembodied voice in the light tells her that her father is imprisoned in Fonwald’s realm. She needs to follow the voice’s instructions in order to rescue her dad. Georgie and her very best friend in all the world, Tiffany Yang, embark on a wild adventure that takes them to the headquarters of HAPPY (Harmonious Agency for the Promotion of Peace – Yo) and thence to the island of Zoode on the planet Anherrat Four. This planet is in the lunar system of Jaddamon and yes, it really is in a galaxy far, far away. Georgie and Tiffany help the agents of HAPPY and the Princess of Zoode outwit Fonwald, aka The Inimitable Squodge, and restore peace and harmony to the island of Zoode. However, thwarted of his ambition to rule Anherrat Four, Fonwald sets his sights on conquering Earth and again spirits away Georgie’s dad. Once more they are in a desperate race to save him and prevent the Squodge’s megalomaniacal schemes from succeeding. They follow the Squodge to an island in one of Earth’s other dimensions

Adventure / Scifi
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Corinne Farber

Book cover illustration by Dan Joffe

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