I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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A lot more progress.

To her disappointment and concern, he didn’t come to the lake to meet her the next day.

She was worried about that.

Had she moved to quickly for him? Had she done something wrong? What had she done wrong? Had she scared him away?

Boys never got scared about that personal stuff. Did they?

One day became two.

She began to be concerned, wondering again if she’d scared him off. She did a lot of soul searching and agonizing, retracing what they had done that could have changed things so drastically. Had she done something wrong, and scared him?

Would she dare to phone his home that evening?

Better not. His mother or father might answer and then he’d have some explaining to do, and so might she.

Then, wonder of wonders, he was there again on the third day, on his regular bike, and he was obviously as glad to see her as she was to see him.

She saw with some surprise that he was also aroused for her as he dropped his bike, ran to her and they embraced. He’d missed her just as much as she’d missed him.

She was so pleased to see him she could have cried with happiness, and she let him know some of it… how concerned she had been… asking if he was alright, reaching out to him, feeling him take her trembling hand in return as he smiled at her, kissing it. She ignored that hard part of him prodding at her. He couldn’t help that.

She wouldn’t ask if he was aroused just at thought of meeting her again. She was the reason he was like that, but she’d felt something within herself too, that had made her warm and... even moist... down there.

At least she hadn’t scared him away. That was a relief.

“There was no need to be concerned, Babs. I was okay.”

He explained how he’d had to work with his father as a safety man (whatever one of those was), while he’d been aching to break away to come to her, but he hadn’t been able to leave his father. He also couldn’t explain that, ‘need’, to his father. Adults didn’t understand these things.

He would have called her, just as she’d wanted to call him, but he hadn’t been sure who would answer the phone.

They had a laugh over that.

She felt so relieved, going back to see to her horse and to tie her better as they swam. She’d also shed tears of relief as she spoken to the mare.

Steve meant more to her than she would want to admit to anyone, and now she knew it even more strongly for herself.

When she returned, struggling to get her clothes off… all of them this time, again… she saw that he’d already got rid of his, as he had that very first time they’d met, some weeks earlier. He was in the water, waiting for her to join him.

She was relieved to see that, so she didn’t have to say anything to encourage him.

He didn’t swim around as she had on that previous occasion, showing her more of himself, but seemed to be intent on hiding himself from her.

They swam around like that for what seemed to be ages. She caught fleeting glimpses of him, but she didn’t have the courage to duck under the water to see what she’d wanted to see for a long time now. The water seemed too cool to want to stay in it for long.

She was the first to get out to warm up in the sun, and to sit watching him as he trod water in front of her. Her breasts had goose bumps on them, so it was definitely cool, but the sun would soon warm them up.

He seemed even more interested in her than before, or so it seemed, the way he looked at her with her legs apart, leaning out to him, so that he could see all of her body, everywhere, as he had before.

She smiled at him and patted the jetty beside her. They could move another large step forward now.

“Come and sit up here with me, Steve, and we can play again, and discover some more things.”

Now was the time when she would learn about him.

She’d said the right thing. He was always ready to discover more about her.

He swam in close, needing to see her body, and what she intended to let him see to torment him. She was letting him see everything again.

He put both hands on the dock beside her and lifted himself out in one smooth action, letting her glimpse some of him but, at the same time, turning away from her to hide his body as he rotated to sit down, grabbing at his underwear to drop over himself before she saw too much about his growing excitement and got scared, as girls sometimes did.

She had no intention of being scared. She wasn’t sure what she’d seen, but there had been something interesting… and overdue.

“Now, let’s lie back and let the warmth of the sun get us warm and dry, first.”

The ‘second’ would be where they would really move forward. There was 'method' in her gradual approach to what she wanted. She was in control for the moment, but it had just become very precarious with what she had seen.

They laid out along the small jetty on their backs and talked as they held hands, moving even closer together so that their bodies touched at the side.

“What are you thinking, Steve?

He thought for a moment.

“I was thinking how nice it was that we met up here when we did, and that we swam together, and got to know each other… and…” and got to do this other exciting stuff. Enlivening stuff, for him.

He didn’t have to say any more. She understood.

“So was I. Meeting you was the best part of my summer.” Even of her whole life, so far. That slight age gap between them, meant nothing now.

He reached over and held her breast, feeling her push back into his hand, as he’d needed to feel.

She asked something she should have asked about much sooner.

“Steve? Would you like to be my boyfriend? My proper boyfriend?”

He paused to think about that, but not for long. No girl had ever asked him that before, and he’d certainly never touched a girl’s breasts before either or done anything like this. This was a whole new dimension of life.

“I would like that.”

It had been overdue. She should have suggested it long before now.

“And I shall be your only girlfriend.”

He nodded in agreement.

She turned on her side and looked at him.

Before he knew what she was doing, she’d leaned over him and kissed him on the lips. She should have done that, long before now, too. There were a lot of things they should have done before now. Summer was escaping from them.

He flinched, and his eyes opened to see her poised where she was, shielding him from the sun.

She explained.

“A kiss is usually the way a contract like this is sealed. We can also make rings for each other out of some twine that I always have with me for various repairs when I’m out riding, and we can promise all manner of things to each other, just like they do in the books, and then we can kiss again. We can even marry, if you like. If that wouldn’t scare you.”

Scare him? Nothing would scare him now. And marry too? Wow!

His head was spinning. He shook his head. “I think I would like that too." He liked her suggestions, and what they’d done so far.

“Of course, it won’t be a legal kind of marriage, but it will speak of our sincerity of our feelings for each other.” And it would open the doorway to doing other… adult things, together.

She sounded ‘deep’, as though knowing what she wanted, and knowing how he felt for her, despite his shyness, which was almost nonexistent now, with her.

“Have you ever been kissed before, Steve?”

He shook his head, reaching up to touch her breasts again, as he knew she would let him do whenever he wanted to.

“No. Never.” That previous kiss he’d stolen from her didn’t count.

She moved closer to him. Her body began to touch his in many places, and she kissed him again, more slowly.

She’d never been properly kissed before either. It was interesting, with a lot of promise. He wouldn’t be shy for long under her tutelage.

They separated after a minute or so as they looked into each other’s faces, knowing that they loved each other just as sincerely as any two people could love each other.

They re-engaged and the kissing continued for another minute without any need to stop, other than to pause to breathe, and to analyze what they were feeling.

Kissing a boy hadn’t been as bad as she’d heard. It was exciting and ‘heady’, for her. His hand had moved to her waist, holding her steady on him, then moved up to hold her breast again.

Other things were happening too.

His underwear had slipped while he’d been distracted, revealing more of him… hair… his balls… and the suggestion of other things lurking just out of sight there. She’d seen something of that before.

“That wasn’t so bad was it. I’ve never kissed before, either, Steve. I always wondered about it and why people kissed. I think I know now. We can practice more if you like?”

He nodded, so she moved her arm over him, as his was, over her, and kissed him. He could feel her breasts touching upon his naked chest.

His hand moved down to her cheek and held her there, feeling how soft and warm she was, and wanting to do so much more, but not sure what that was. She would soon show him. He hoped he wouldn’t scare her.

She sensed that he was becoming flustered... losing it in some way. He might not know what was happening. She wasn’t sure either, but she had to say something re-assuring and positive.

“You don’t have to be shy with me, Steve. We can do whatever we want up here. No one will know, and no one comes up here at this time of year. We could put our bodies much closer together.”

And they soon would do whatever was needed, when she took him even further along this path they were firmly upon. She wasn’t sure how she would ask him to do that special thing for her… to her. It might be too difficult for them, the first time.

He tried to relax again as they continued kissing. She liked these strange feelings and of him touching her.

She did a few things she’d read about, and began to explore in his mouth with her tongue, finding that he soon caught on.

Kissing like this, and with him, was a lot more interesting than she’d thought; and it was exciting too.

She rested her head on his chest. “We can stay here like this for the rest of the day, Steve. We don’t have to swim again if you don’t want to. We’ve never both been completely naked before like this.”

He wasn’t fully naked yet, but he had explored her body more than once in different places. He was still exploring.

It would soon be her turn to explore him.

She rolled back from him and sat up. At the same time, she lifted his underwear off him, putting them out of his reach on the other side of her body.

Holy hell!

Her mind was scrambled. She began to panic.

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