I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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Releasing the genie. And How!

Palpitations overwhelmed her. 'Panic', did not adequately describe what she was feeling. Her breath caught in her throat at what she’d revealed.

She knew he was big, from the way he’d been... behind his underwear, and from that first glimpse into his undershorts a few days earlier, and at other times. Most boys could be... obvious... when they became excited in that way, but she’d never been prepared for this.

This… was big! Really, really big! Awesomely big! Like a weapon of war, something to bludgeon an enemy with. A thick ramrod of living, insistent flesh, demanding attention, insisting upon it, standing up from his body. Demanding her close attention.

Just... her... attention. Needing it. Begging for it. Demanding it.

Her legs closed tightly in an unconscious reflex.

It was larger than life; out of place; out of proportion on him. At least, that was her initial impression of it as her breath dried up in her throat, threatening to choke her as her heart thumped so loudly.

No wonder he’d been shy and reluctant to strip down in front of her, unlike boys in general who were always ready to display that part... but not Steve.

She’d never seen anything like this before, standing out from his body like a flagpole. All it lacked was a flag tied to it. She knew she had to do something... and soon... or she would irrevocably destroy him if she responded the wrong way... but what could she do? What should she do? She’d have to surrender to it, of course.

She did know something about one of these, though not much.

She almost panicked afresh, faced with what she knew she absolutely had to do. Various emotions flooded into her mind. If she responded in the wrong way....

She didn’t want to lose all that they had achieved in the last few days and weeks.

The girls at school had talked about this, but she hadn’t believed them. However, she’d been unable not to listen.

He was certainly erect, of course. She hoped he was erect. He was also much bigger than she’d expected. A lot bigger! Except she had nothing to compare him to in her mind.

She swore at herself. She had to get this right... do the right thing, whatever that was She was behaving foolishly, as though this was a separate entity from Steve, and not Steve himself. She swallowed hard and pulled herself together.

The girls said something about, five or six inches of this... maybe seven, being typical, and being extraordinarily aggressive toward them, and pushy, in every way and all weathers, but this was a lot more than even an immodest size, and she could see it. Up close. Personal.

It fascinated her and even mesmerized her. She was trapped...mentally and physically, unable to escape. She didn’t want to escape, but she still had to do something positive... for both of their sakes, or see it all lost, forever.

Steve’s hand had quickly moved to cover himself, but he was unable to hide it from her entirely. No wonder he hadn’t wanted to take his underwear off in front of her.

He looked pained, head downcast, eyes closed, blushing uncontrollably as he sat up.

“You shouldn’t have….” His voice reflected his hurt and uncertainty.

His every dream had come crashing down.

She would laugh at him, ridicule him, think him a freak, would abandon him, run away, never want to see or meet with him again, and he wouldn’t blame her. He wanted to cry.

He blamed himself. Nothing could have prepared her for this, and he couldn’t have done anything to help her deal with this other than the slow approach that he knew was the only safe way.

At least they’d had three weeks and a few days of real pleasure together.

He was more than just embarrassed to have her see his lack of control of his own body. He was devastated. This would be the end of them meeting up here. He waited for her shocked, and horrified response to seeing him fully aroused, fully on display.

It suddenly hit her how much he felt this, about himself. She had power of life or death over him at this moment, able to tear him down to shreds, or to build him up. She had to stop behaving as a frightened, silly girl might behave, and grow up. Steve had come into her life in an unexpected way, but now she knew enough to know that she wanted him to remain in it, for the rest of it.

This was the person she’d grown to love in every way. He had become more than a friend, or a cherished companion. He meant everything to her. She would never hurt him, or allow him to be hurt.

This; all of him… and this... this other part, were the youth she was in love with.

She fought down those other feelings, ignoring what she could see for the moment, though there would be no ignoring that... reaching out to him to reassure him, hoping that she had not delayed too long, even though only a very few seconds had elapsed.

She held his arm (nothing else just yet) and spoke calmingly to him.

“Steve? What’s the matter?” She knew what was the matter. “You have no need to hide him from me. He’s magnificent!”

The awe in her voice was real enough.

Was she actually saying this? Becoming rhapsodic about a boy's cock? But it wasn't just any boy's cock... it was Steve's cock.

And it was... magnificent. It had been a surprise, and was shocking, but it was honestly and truly, magnificent. It was him.

His eyes flashed open.

He’d been close to tears, seeing his life, everything he had come to love, ending.

She looked him in the eyes and kissed him again, pushing him gently to lie back down, against little resistance; lifting his hand away from covering himself so that he stood proudly forth. Not quite as obviously, but still wonderfully alive and prominent.

He resisted her doing that too, at first. She was looking into his face, nowhere else as she leaned over him, her breasts touching at his chest.

She persuaded, almost tearfully. “Steve. Steve. Please. We are now boyfriend and girlfriend don’t forget. We kissed. We should have no secrets from each other. None. You’ve seen me completely naked several times, examined me, touched me intimately, as well as now. I think it’s time I was able to see all of you, at last.”

And now she had. Her gentle words were having an effect on him.

She should tell him she loved him; which was true.

She calmed her pounding heart. Her initial fear had been absolutely stupid, and totally uncalled for. That was what may have caused him to almost close down as he had.

Her thinking had changed in almost the blink of an eye. It had to, for both of their sakes.

She’d been patient before. She would be patient now. She would soon be able to convince herself that it had been worth the wait. Now she just had to think how she would deal with this, going forward. He’d come to mean so much to her.

She wanted to giggle nervously, as many girls did, seeing this weapon fully, for the first time, but she needed to be calm and decisive, no matter how hard her heart was thumping, or how jumbled her thoughts were. She knew what was important, and what she must NOT do… which also suggested, of course, what she SHOULD do… MUST do. She had no choice really. They had both been growing to this end.

If only she’d brought her camera. This should be captured for posterity to marvel at. If not for posterity, then just for her.

Where had that thought come from?

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