I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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Embracing the lovable beast!

She kissed him as she reached down without any hesitation now and took hold of him more confidently and boldly, as she knew was needed to convince him of the sincerity of her words.

He flinched, not sure how he should respond, soon realizing that he didn’t have to do anything. She was in control now.

“I thought boys were always ready to show themselves off, Steve; to show this wonderful thing off. That’s what the girls at school always say. Boys are always ready to reveal this, unexpectedly, to flash it, to show it off, to entertain and to shock them, even in the schoolyard (instant mayhem... girls, scattering with squeals of disgust... others, not). You shouldn’t have deprived me of seeing this for so long.”

His breath caught in his throat. He almost chuckled at her careful words and what she was saying. He could scarce believe it. It was nice to feel her touch, what she was doing to him so lovingly.

She was gently telling him off from not showing her this, sooner?

And her touch...? He groaned. His body was definitely roaring back to life after that.

She was spellbound by what was happening, but would not let that distract her. “Besides, no one can see us here. There is nothing wrong in what we are doing. We can also say our vows to each other soon, and that will make it alright.”


He relaxed… or tried to… but was still concerned about that initial impact upon her. That part of his had stiffened up notably, under her touch. She could feel that change. It was reassuring to her in one sense, but not in another.

Could it get any bigger? It was definitely still growing. Oh, Lord!


“But what, Steve?” She stifled those other voices in her head, telling her to run.

“I’m too big.” He also had more hair there than she did, though she’d suspected that from what she glimpsed from time to time.

“What a strange thing to say. I don’t think you’re too big. He looks just about right to me.”

But, ‘right’, in what way, she was not sure. He was still growing.

She had to try and 'defuse' any problem for him, or she’d lose him, and she didn’t want to do that. He’d come to mean a lot to her. She had too few real friends like him. In fact, she had none.

He began to open up to her as he never had before.

“I don’t like showering with the other boys after gym, or sports. They stare at me there and say things. The other boys my age, are nothing like me. I feel like a freak.”

She reassured him, despite her ignorance of such things.

“That’s their problem, not yours. You just matured ahead of them, is all. They were jealous. Any boy would envy this.”

She knew boys always seemed to want a bigger cock than the one they had. Her brothers did. She’d seen the slutty magazines they read out of sight, that described how to do it. And this one was.... b...i...g. She thought he might be circumcised too, but she wasn’t sure.

Steve felt he could believe her from the way she was now responding after a touchy beginning. She was being sincere, and she was handling him so nicely, so lovingly, and saying all of the right things. He submerged those other feelings of panic, while still having lingering doubts.

The other boys didn’t actually poke fun at him—it was all too serious for that—they just watched him enviously, all the time, frozen speechless for some moments that first time in the showers. He should have known they were that way, amazed that he had so much hair there, while they had just a few sprouts that they inspected and counted every day, and they begrudged him his obvious size, while they felt so pitiably inadequate.

After they’d thought about it, and in the manner of resentful fascination, that most boys displayed to put someone down and to become ‘one-up’, they began to nickname him, ‘Meatsy’, and ‘Grinder’; or even, ‘Tiny’, in a reverse sense of everything about it.

Girls always seemed to admire, and want a bigger cock on a boy, or so they’d heard. (You want to know he’s there when he goes into you, and has something you can take hold of). And the bigger, the better (giggle, giggle), but they’d ‘run’, from something like ‘that’… a bloody siege engine, big enough to take down the battlements!

Those boys always dreamed of having a bigger cock, not sure what they could do about it with lotions and exercise and…girls... whatever… and he… had one. What was his secret?

Not that she could ask.

Those boys had been jealous? Why hadn’t he seen that?

She touched him more confidently, held him tenderly, even lovingly, openly awed by him, and how it… he… responded so well to her touch. She even leaned in, to kiss him there.

Tragedy averted.

He wanted to believe everything she was saying. She was easy to believe, saying only the right things. She was touching him so nicely, so delicately, but he didn’t want delicacy, not now that she’d discovered him and had really brought him to life.

He was bigger than she’d imagined he could be, but she had to be careful not to jeopardize what she’d come to value above everything else… their friendship, their blossoming love, their growing familiarity with each other, and even their approaching intimacy with each other… and with this! Yes. Even that, and with this. This intimacy had been coming ever closer for many days, but all of that... couldn't possibly go into her.

She was in love with him too, if she could fall in love as others wrote about, but she couldn’t tell him that just yet or she might scare him. They seemed to be good at scaring each other.

She moved closer to him and held him more boldly, even reverently. She sat up and leaned over, to kiss him on it, several times... even putting her lips around the ‘head’, holding under his balls with the other hand, then laid back down with him, still holding it.

He hadn’t expected that kiss, or any of this admiration. He’d felt sure that any girl would run from this.

She felt him relax, in one way, while this other came even more to life in her hand, seeming to swell and grow after that first paralyzing shock for him.

Her hand would not even go around it. She would not be able to hold it even with two hands—one above the other—without some of him... at least two or three inches... still poking up from there. She tried. He was very hard.

She felt an ache down there within herself.

She was too tense. He’d shocked her.

He, was getting over it. She, would have to get over it too.

She spoke, to take both of their minds off extraneous things.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed off, or shy about, Steve. I think he’s magnificent.” She’d have to come up with a better word than that, but she was slowly realizing the truth of it. It was, magnificent.

It was comical to hear herself say that. She didn’t really know… had never seen one before, except on a baby (a minuscule appendage compared with… this), or fleetingly on one of her brothers when she’d watched one of them pee in the garden.…Except for that other time… when her brother had done something else.

He’d been lying flat on his bed, naked, late one night when she’d had to go to the bathroom, and… it had been sticking up, as she’d never seen it before. That... had been big; sticking up, obvious, but not nearly as big as this!

She’d often spied on her brothers. She’d learned so much from watching them when they didn’t know she was there.

She knew she had to try and keep Steve from feeling unusual, or feeling being put down and ridiculed as those boys at school had done.

“You think so?” He found his voice at last, responding to her thinking... and actually stating... that he was, 'magnificent'.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Yes, Steve, I do. Those other boys were just jealous. Every boy always seems to want a bigger cock (this was the time to be outspoken and even earthy, even if she’d never used that word before). I’ve heard them talking, comparing sizes, boasting about who had the biggest one, so they had to find out, with a measure, and to keep notes so they could compare later.”

She had to say that ‘cock’ word, rather than skate around it, to show him that she was ‘with it’. And he had one; one that he could truly boast about… but didn’t. Not yet.

There were other four-letter words she’d have to use too, to show that she could be outspoken about certain things in an encouraging way.

He was her boyfriend, so this was hers too, to take possession of... to let him put it into her (somehow), and she would have to, sooner or later.

He began to lose his fear as she continued to touch, and hold him, talking all of the time to reassure him.

Her mother had warned her about boys and what they always wanted to do with a forward kind of girl, but her mother had been wrong. Steve wasn’t like that.

“You don’t mind me touching him, do you, Steve?” She was being bold, but she also knew that she was in control and that he would never mind. It seemed right to address it as ‘him’, rather than 'you'.

With her touching it, it behaved like a separate part of him that was not entirely under his control. She thought she understood that. It was all to do with hormones, and males seemed to have a surplus of them.

He shook his head, not sure where this would go between them, but at least she hadn’t run away screaming.

He flinched and even gasped as she touched him more confidently, eagerly, and held him more securely, feeling how hard he had become.

Her second impression, once she’d got over her initial surprise, had been correct. This, was… stupendous… breathtaking… awesome…stunning! All of those words. It was Steve! She should have found out about this, much sooner. Damn! And she had almost lost it.

She took his hand and lifted it onto her breast.

“You can explore and touch me too, you know, in return? It will help us both. You’ve done that before, so don’t hold back now.” She was getting into the mood of it.

He swallowed hard, relieved how this was going. He gave in, and did that, too... holding her.

She knew enough not to say anything she would regret.

It was obvious that he liked to have her touch him—the way he was coming to life—just as she liked to have him touch her, knowing, but not fully understanding how his touch could so excite her.

She could feel that, the way he became even stiffer under her touch; more rigid, bigger too in every way… around, and maybe even in length. This really was magnificent (no, she didn’t need to persuade herself any more... it was indeed, that). But it would be impossible to get anything this big into her body. Surely? Maybe? Maybe not.

That inevitable thought.

She shouldn’t think like that.

Sue Waterston, that dreadful girl at school…

Never mind what that girl had said. She was a liar.

Barb told him some of what she’d heard as she tried to wrap her mind around that thought.

“I heard about this at school. One of the girls is very forward, and boastful. She knows all about these, and she boasted about how often she’d been….” She sniffed, and tried again. “She told us how many times she’d been… you know… the night before.”

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