I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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Into the open.

“How many times she’d been fucked?” Steve didn’t avoid that word as she had, (boys usually had no difficulty with that word), but he’d whispered it, wanting to understand what she was saying.

It was still like a slap in the face.

“Yes. How many times she’d been… ‘fucked’… with one of these (she could follow his lead), by many different boys in the woods beside the school; in the boys’ showers even (not in use, of course), and at various parties in town when she’d let several grown men... older men... old men... fuck her, one after the other, or so she said. There’d been as many as ten men fuck her in just one evening after one of the municipal parties (men who should have known better). And they’d even come back for more. But she’s hard to believe. She’s a well-known liar.”

She wasn’t so put off using that word now, but she still didn’t like it. At least it was out in the open at last and they could talk about it. They might soon be able to do that themselves too. It was time to think of that.

She went back to remembering that brother playing with himself, lying back on his bed in the full moonlight with the door open, trying to recall more of what she’d seen. She’d watched from the dark hallway without being seen. He’d done some strange things, moving the skin on himself there, energetically up and down, and then, after a few minutes, maybe less, he’d got more and more out of breath, and something had happened as he’d writhed around, stiffened up, and groaned.

A fluid had spouted from his penis as he’d stiffened up with a gasp. It hadn’t been too dark to see that, glinting in the moonlight. She’d taken some time to understand that, and what it had meant, and to learn about that word, ‘come’; meaning, to ejaculate. She’d been too naïve to know at the time. One of the girls at school had explained it to her.

She continued to be amazed by this one she was holding so firmly. He’d lost his concern about scaring her now, after that open conversation, and what she was doing for him.

Steve’s must be eight, or even nine inches long. At least eight inches. Maybe longer, now. With that size, and the hair, he’d obviously gone past puberty, so he was ready for anything she’d suggest. If she only had courage enough.

But he was so big! She had to stop thinking like that.

She gently moved the skin down on him. She could see he was still nervous over her doing that.

She repeated it, feeling how he became harder, and increasingly agitated with her attention, but he was not stopping her.

“And these are your balls.” She dealt gently with them too, holding them again in her palm, as she continued moving him with the other, and kissing him on the end of it, helping him even more. She could feel the changes

She seen one of his balls before, but this, was different, now that she could see them together; the complete, awesome package.

He nodded again.

“How interesting.”

It was interesting for him, too. He was touching her gently too, just as she was touching him. He began to relax in one sense, but was unable to, in another.

At least she wasn’t going to poke fun at him about his big cock, or to disown him completely.

She continued to move that skin, as she sat up over him.

“Have you ever ‘come’, before, Steve?”

He shook his head, but he knew something about it. All boys did. They talked endlessly about it, even engaging in group masturbations as they dreamed of what they would really like to be doing with their cocks and a cooperative girl, or to an older woman.

There were a lot of things they experimented with. Some of them.

“Would you like to? Now?”

He shrugged.

He didn’t seem to know.

She would need to be even more bold and to help him.

She would encourage him to ‘come’, just for her. She wanted to see that, and help make it happen... just for her.

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