I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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I can help you.

“I watched my brother, wank-off once (she had to be careful using these strange words, but they had their place in the lower reaches of school society).

“I think that’s what it’s called. He didn’t know I could see him, and he moved his skin up and down a few times, as I am doing for you, but he moved it much faster,” she did it even faster for Steve… “and then…after a while, he came. I think.”

She took a firmer hold on him and continued to do what she had seen her brother do, except Steve became too agitated and stopped her by putting his hand over hers. It was getting to him and he hadn’t done that for himself before, quite as she was doing it, but his cock had been stiff, like this, lots of times. It gave him a pleasurable feeling when he was like that.

He always woke up this way; with a hard on. He couldn’t help it.

He suggested something else.

“I would like to kiss you, instead, Babs, if you don’t mind. I like the way we kiss.” It was safer too, all around. What she was doing was making him breathless and agitated.

She didn’t mind. They would come back to this, later. She would always want to come back to this, now that she knew about it.

“I don’t mind. And you can touch my breasts too, if you want to, and touch me down there even, but I have nothing as interesting as this.”

He had his own views on that. Everything about her body interested him.

She laid more onto him so that they could kiss. She even put her leg over his, reaching down behind herself to hold him again.

She could continue what she’d been doing, and she wasn’t going to leave him alone until she’d got what she’d wanted. She moved things another step forward in encouragement, by putting him between her legs, closing them to trap him there, leaving him sticking out behind her.

His hand was on her breast, with the other hand on her back, slowly moving down her body to touch her down there too, behind her and between her legs, helping to firm himself up along her vulva as he pulled her closer to him. He seemed to know what to do.

“Use your fingers in me as well, Steve.”

She moved to let him touch her along there; making more room for him to be along her vulva.

She’d never felt so excited, becoming breathless herself. Her nipples were noticeably harder, now.

He would soon learn what she wanted to know. She wasn’t sure what that was, for herself just yet, but she would learn, along with him.

She began to stroke him again, holding him firmly, determined not to let this moment pass.

“We could change places if you like, Steve, and you can come between my legs properly, and lie on me. I think that’s how it should be done.” One of the girls had drawn that act for her to see and had described it very graphically.

He nodded eagerly, getting into the mood of it for himself.

She laid down beside him and told him exactly what she wanted, bringing him over her to kneel between her legs; his erection poised over her body as she continued to help him and tell him what she wanted him to do and never mind worrying about how big he was. There was a first time for everything. If it wouldn't go in, then it wouldn't go in.

She knew what she wanted.

She’d seen drawings, had listened in the school yard to those vulgar, but fascinating adventures of that little Waterston whore.

She’d heard about what happened.

She pulled her labia apart. I want you to put your cock into me here, please, Steve; into my vagina.” And to hell with being scared about what it would feel like, or how it would hurt.

She showed him.

He was more than ready after she’d helped him along like that.

He wasn’t sure he’d heard her correctly.

“It’s very small... your vagina.” It was barely visible. She was concerned and tense. And he was so big, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her.

He held himself. He liked the feeling of how hard he was after she’d touched him and helped him get over his concern about himself and what she’d started to do for him to encourage him… and now this. He took confidence from her not being too shocked.

“It will give, and open up gradually, Steve, to let you into me. It will open-up and expand as you push into me.” She hoped it would be that way. “Please. Please, won’t you try? And then we can kiss as much as you like, once you are into me.”

She persisted. “Just try, please.”

He could see she was just as flushed as he was.

She reached into the water, wet her hand and then wiped it onto herself and then over him, as she guided him to her.

At least he was willing to try. He was too excited to give up now.

He tried, as she continued to help him get into her. It was as frustrating for him as it was for her.

“It won’t go in, Babs. You’re too small there. I don’t want to hurt you. I am very… big.”

“Please…. try properly, Steve. If you push hard enough it will go.”

She sounded and felt desperate.

“You have to push hard to get started. Do it for me, please. Even if you can’t get all of him into me the first time, you can make some kind of a start. We have to do it.”

He pushed where she indicated, after she’d positioned his tip again in that space.

“You’ll have to do it much harder than that or it won’t go in at all.”

“I’ll hurt you.” He was concerned.

“You won’t. I’ll tell you if you do. Please push harder."

He pushed, feeling her slowly ‘give’, to admit some of his tip into her, then more of it as she wet them both to ease his way into her.

She had indeed begun to open up, though it was very tight on him, and she hid her discomfort. It was too important to not let this continue.

“Don’t give up. Keep pushing, Steve.” She was very focused.

She reached down to help him, not letting him retreat.

“Push again. Your tip is almost all in me.”

She put more water on where he was, and even encouraged him along. It was killing her.

No, it wasn't, don't be a stupid little girl. All women had to get over this concern, the first time.

“It’s going in, Steve. It’s going in.”

It was indeed. He could see it moving into her for himself, And could even, feel. She was stretched painfully tight on him.

“I can’t go any farther. There’s something stopping me."

She’d felt it for herself. Her virginity! She swore.

She should have listened better, and done something about it for herself, before this crucial moment, but she wasn’t going to let that stop them.

“It’s only my hymen in the way. You have to push through that, this first time.” She was desperate, not wanting this to stop him. She had to get beyond this difficulty before they could go forward.

It was already excruciating for her, but she knew what she wanted. He was bloody big, but she wasn’t going to lose this moment.

“The next time you push, will be easier.” He should just push hard, now, and get it over with.

And there would be lots of next times, before she went back to school. They had at least another week.

She would have tales of her own to tell her friends then. Or maybe not. She didn’t have those kinds of friends. And they told tales.

“I can’t go any farther into you.”

He was being too considerate of her. She wasn’t going to lose this moment.

She tried to encourage more gently. “Yes, you can, but I know that you’re afraid of hurting me.”

She grasped him again, and began the masturbation action she’d seen her brother do. She closely watched what effect she was having on him. It might help them both to get him into her.

He was responding to her touch as she moved his skin back and forth, letting her know that she was doing the right thing, and letting him know that he must not come out of her.

He did as she told him, continuing to push. He was making slow headway into her distending vagina, slowly overcoming all resistance, so she had been right about that.

He wouldn’t come out of her now, but continued to push, as she intended, as she wanted.

She was succeeding. He was becoming more agitated, closing his eyes and beginning to breath harder, as she’d seen happen to her brother, and he was steadily going into her. Something would soon, ‘give’. It had to.

It did not take long, just enough effort to tire her arms at the awkwardness of it as she alternated hands, making sure he did not drop from that precarious start he’d made into her body.

“Something’s happening. I’ve never felt that before. It’s strangely uncomfortable.”

It was getting physically uncomfortable for her too, as he continued to move into her. Surely her hymen had 'gone' by now. But then he stopped.

He pulled out of her with a cry, holding himself firmly, as though trying to stop what he could not stop. He was so tense. He wanted to grab himself with both hands and hurt himself to distract himself from that internal ache.

He groaned, rolling to his side as he rested his penis, on top of her leg, spurting some drops of fluid onto her belly with a few cries, experiencing a pain he’d never felt before.

His very first ejaculate.

It had been a start. There would be no going back now.

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