I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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Partial success.

That was the first time this had happened to him and he didn’t like the feeling, though he knew that he was just learning about this. This feeling hadn’t been what he’d been led to expect. That, had bloody-well hurt him. His balls ached too.

She stroked his head with one hand as she held him with the other.

“You came. That was what I wanted, and you did get some way into me. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause you any discomfort, but we had to get that moment… both of them… behind us. We’ll soon be able to do this again.”

That fluid was slippery on her belly.

He was still gasping, wondering if any damage had been done to him. It felt like it. His balls were still aching and telling him the same things, but the discomfort was also fading now.

It hadn’t been so bad.

“You came. For the first time, Steve. That was wonderful.” Another milestone for them. “It will get easier for us both, from here. Easier for you too. This, is what all boyfriends and girlfriends do when they start to…” She whispered the word… “fuck, each other.” She was trying to be persuasively vulgar. She hated that word.

“It is?”

She nodded.

“Yes. They grow closer together, as we just did. Very soon it all becomes second nature, as they learn to love each other more all of the time. You will probably be able to fuck me properly before we leave here.”

She would aim for that goal.

“Whenever we are together, we will do this as soon as we can. Soon, it will be second nature to us, and you will be able to go all of the way into me, and ‘come’ there, inside me at the same time, without any discomfort for either of us.

“Look. This is where you were.”

She sat back from him and brought her feet up to her as she opened her legs wide, spreading herself apart again, and let him see where he had been started.

She was more open now, more obvious. He was deeply interested at the change he could see. She was… much more open.

There was some blood that he could see. Some of it on him too, but it was from her.

He touched her, commiserating with her.

“I did hurt you.”

“Not really.” She seemed happy enough and believable. “We’ll do better next time. Soon. I think my hymen may have broken.”

She took hold of him. “Thank you.” She was thanking his penis.

He smiled. He was getting over that earlier discomfort.

“And you. Thank you.” She looked up at him as she said that. She was smiling.

“We should go back into the water and wash ourselves. We can hold each other close, our bare bodies touching, and kiss too. You can even touch more of me now. I think next time will be easier if you first put one or two fingers into me, if you can, to open me up more, before you go into me again with this.”

She wished she’d thought of that earlier.

He helped her into the water, touching her breasts as he lowered her slowly into it with him, kissing her, as she reached out to hold him. She wouldn’t leave him alone, now that they’d done that for the first time.

He knew he must have hurt her, but he would do what she asked and help her in that other way, if she wasn’t too sore.

He was fully recovered now, and even getting hard again.

They washed each other, touching everywhere and kissed. They had made big strides forward.

“Put a finger into me Steve. I’ll help.”

He did, slowly, as she relaxed for him. His finger was a lot easier than that other part.

After they’d done that for a few minutes, she asked him to try two fingers.

That was easier than she’d thought. She was learning to relax at last.

“We have to do that other again, now that I am ready, so that we get used to it. I will be going back to school in another week, so I’ll try and be up here every day before then, no matter the weather, and we can fuck then, maybe two or three times.” If what she’d heard had been true.

“I’ll be up here too.”

He was getting into the swing of it. Feeling the desperation of an excited lover.

He’d already become addicted to her and to her body, especially with her breasts. He would never tire of touching them, or learning about her wonderful body.

She had become addicted too. She tried to persuade him.

“We should try and do it again, Steve, before we part.”

“Are you sure you want that? It will still hurt.”

She knew they should not part at this time without having done it properly, all the way.

“I’m sure, Steve. I know you’ll be able to go into me all the way one of these times and we must keep trying until you do. We have to do this, Steve. You have to fuck me properly before we leave here.”

She was persuasive. Her use of that forceful swear word might help him.

“Okay. But I may be too big for you to get all the way in. I am big.”

“You’re not that big.” She sounded sure of that, but she was far from being sure. There was no one she could ask, or that she could compare him with, so she would just have to wing it.

She would distract him and herself, by letting him touch her breasts first, as he always wanted to.

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