I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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Once, can never be enough.

He hoisted himself out of the water and leaned over to lift her out too. He was stronger than he looked, and she could see that he was already that way for her again. He was almost always that way when he was close to her.

He’d lost any semblance of shyness with her, so she had at least achieved that for him. He still looked very big. It was for her, so she'd better not think like that.

They wouldn’t bother drying off this time.

They were both eager to try again.

She laid back on that pile of their clothes, as he came between her legs again. They would succeed this time. All it would take was determination; more on her part, than on his.

He was the aggressor this time, lifting her legs over his as he moved into her with his fingers, slowly, as he had, in the water. He could get one, into her, part way easily enough. She consciously relaxed beneath him as she stroked his head, encouraging him on.

“Put it all the way in, Steve.”

He moved it farther in until it was all the way there, beyond the second knuckle.

“Now wait a while, as I relax again, then you can go in even more.” Her hymen might have gone already that first time. That was what the blood suggested.

He waited.

“Start again, with two fingers this time, as you did in the water. It will be very tight, but you can go slowly to get them in. I’m opening up, gradually.”

He felt that for himself, gratified to notice that.

“If you can get two fingers into me as deeply as you can, then he, should be able to go into me too, without much difficulty.

She focused upon what he was doing as she breathed deeply, holding his wrist and pulling him to do this for her.

He was looking more at her breasts than anything else, and he was becoming fully aroused for her again.

She knew it too.

After a few minutes, where she barely seemed to relax at all, still very tight on his fingers, she grew impatient.

“Now you. Put your cock into me again, Steve. We’ll do it this time. We have to.” She sounded determined. He should at least try as hard as she wanted.

She guided him into her again, feeling that he was able to go farther into her this time than before.

Having seen what she wanted, and that she was not going to tolerate any hesitation from him, he closely followed her directions as she moved her hips to change his angle of attack and her own receptive area. He could push harder now without being afraid for her.

They had to put this behind them right now.

“Now push. Don’t look down there, look up here and touch and kiss my breasts, kiss me too.”

He followed her excited wishes, ignoring what was happening down there, following her instructions to ‘hold’, or to ‘push slowly’, ignoring everything else as he steadily advanced into her less-resisting, but still tight vagina.

She felt the last remnants of her hymen ‘go’, and she knew for sure, then, that he was sliding steadily into her. She bit her lip. There was a hell of a lot of him and she could feel it filling her. It was excruciating at first, but that was the result of her own tension over this unfamiliar act. She shouldn’t tell him anything about that. It would soon be over. She would have all night to recover, but she’d have to be careful not to leave any bloody traces on her panties, or her sheets.

He had to trust her. He’d gone most of the way into her, all but about an inch of him, but he hadn’t been able to ‘come’, that time, still remembering that first discomfort, and not wanting to feel that again.

She felt very full. With that much of him, that deep into her, he must be even pushing up at her cervix and maybe going into that too, if that were possible.

They laid still, like that for a few minutes as she relaxed under him.

That, had been eye-opening.

“Did I hurt you, Steve?”

He was supposed to ask her that.

“No. But you are very tight on me. Strangling me around the base of my cock. It’s strange. At least that’s what it feels like, though I think I can feel you relaxing.”

She was relaxing. He would 'come', if they could stay like this for long enough. He liked this growing feeling.

“I can stay here this time, if you like.”

Except she couldn’t allow that.

“I need to pee.” It was urgent and could not be denied.

He’d filled her up and even displaced her bladder, squeezing it aside with what he was doing, or he’d done something inside her that made her want to pee. Everything had to go somewhere else with that much of him in that once restricted virginal space.

He slowly came out of her.

There was more blood this time, but she assured him that it was normal for the first time.

He watched her squat where she was, to pee. Her eyes were closed.

He liked to watch everything she did. He must have hurt her. There was more blood, now, but it didn’t seem to bother her so he would have to trust her to know.

He held her steady so that she didn’t overbalance off the dock, but he wouldn’t touch her there.

She splashed water up onto herself to clean herself off, and to wash the blood away.

“Now you can go back into me again. I’ll soon get used to this.”

She knew what she wanted and didn’t seem to be objecting to what he’d already done, so he did as she wanted, going into her slowly again, getting all the way into her this time. That’s what it felt like, now that she’d peed.

She was much more relaxed now, not resisting him so noticeably, but he was concerned for her.

“We can still kiss, and lie here like this for a while, Steve, even if you can’t come. It will help me get used to having you in me.”

They talked instead, asking each other questions about how they were feeling, had they hurt each other too much, and then, just kissing, relieved to have got such a start on this at last.

It had been another big milestone removed from between them. He was pushing steadily, even jerkily.

They eventually became aware of how advanced the day was, with the sun getting lower in the sky. They had been talking here, like this, for almost an hour, and he’d never shrunk from her vagina as she’d heard seemed to happen quite soon after the man came. But then, he hadn’t ‘come’ that time.

They would soon have to go.

She felt him slowly withdraw from her again. He was still so erect and so excited.

Maybe he’d been close to coming.

They shouldn’t have parted just yet.

She’d had most, if not ‘all’ of that, in her body but it was frustrating that he hadn’t come.

Her vagina may not be able to close for a week after that. However, it wouldn’t get chance. She intended to do this again tomorrow, and next time he would be able to come, inside her. She wondered what that would feel like for her, as well as for him.

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