I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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It was the best of times.

They met again, early on the following afternoon, as planned.

Her mother had not objected to Bab’s suggestion about spending the night at the cabin, provided she took a phone with her.

Barbara had told her mother that she wanted to see the high ranges again before she went back to school, and winter closed everything in. Besides, the fall colors were spectacular, and she wanted to get some good photographs that she might paint.

She had no intention of being home that night.

Her mother had cautiously agreed.

Barbara intended to photograph Steve, too, in every detail and in every way. They could photograph each other and take those more evocative, intimate memories with them as a reminder, until they met again in another week or two, though the detailed photography would have to wait until they got much more urgent business between them out of the way, first.

They were both early at the lake, fired up with excitement. She told him of her plan, and took a lot of photographs, first, of them dressed, and then progressively more daring of each other as the clothes came off, not shy to capture everything that she needed as a memory, reaching out to hold him.

Even a few days apart from each other would be a hardship.

Each time he undressed for her now, he was fully erect and ready and eager for her. He was this time too. She captured that from many angles as she giggled and touched and helped him, even kissing him on the tip of his penis as she took a close up of her doing that too.

His being erect like this for her, still amazed her. He was that way because of her and because of her body and what they were going to do this time, building upon what they’d already done.

He didn’t seem all that big now, though he was, and he was no longer concerned about her seeing him like that, as he was, or that there would be any difficulty getting it into her body after that first time. He had been gentle, doing that, but she had also been insistent. It would get easier, with time. She might even begin to wish that he were bigger. She liked the challenge of getting all of him into her.

They helped each other undress, kissing more excitedly, tossing clothing aside as they then came together, falling into the sand. She pulled him over her and helped him into her, finding so little difficulty doing that now... wanting him into her... eager for him to fuck her as often as he could possibly do it. She'd been wet, ready for him; not surprising after what she'd done on the way home and what she'd done in the bath for herself and after she'd retired. She'd had orgasm after orgasm throughout the night, and was already half way into another one when she saw Steve approaching. She been almost able to get her entire hand into her vagina by the time she fell asleep.

It took them some time to recover from their first encounter of that day, but they had, at least got this initial urgency out of the way. The rest of the day was too good to waste, and for them to give in to that other again so quickly. They’d have all day and all night to do that again, several times... many times. She'd watch him, and decide when, if he didn't. She'd always be there to help him.

Once they’d got the most urgent requirement out of the way, they kissed and explored each other again, feeling the excitement getting through to them again as this new urgency about what was needed swept over them both.

They swam, even going across the lake, racing each other this time, but playfully, often stopping, and discovering this sensation of him always wanting to be going into her body, and doing it so easily now.

They both had their rings on. No one in their families had said anything about them. He even still had the one she’d tied loosely around his balls and his cock, which only she knew about.

She’d made a point of taking several photographs of that, and of his erection, of course throughout the day.

They would go into a private folder in the ‘cloud’, accessible only to them both once she told him the password she would use.

She no longer had any concerns about ‘that’, going into her vagina. He was a lot bigger than the penis of the brother she’d watched that day, and that now seemed quite tame, relative to this, but she couldn’t ask anyone. Not yet. Maybe at school. Or not. Why say anything and invite trouble? Girls could be vicious gossips, especially…. She wouldn’t bring that name in, to disturb this perfect moment.

She wouldn’t ask about the ‘drag’ from his always erect cock as he swam, but he was the one who humorously complained, saying that he was so hard he had to be careful not to drag it on the bottom. He’d turned and swum on his back, showing her what he meant, with it sticking up out of the water like a flagpole, or like a submarine periscope breaking the water, and with its own mini bow waves and wake… or so he suggested, in fun.

She'd even climbed onto him and they'd swum together, joined like that as they'd fucked each other, swimming across the lake.

He’d got over any fear of her response to his unusual size by then.

They both laughed hard over that, and what they were discovering that they could do together. He’d relaxed a lot to be able to joke about his own penis, considering how he’d first been.

He was as big and as hard as she’d ever seen him.

It was time to get out.

They’d eat… after the next time, and then they would continue making love for the rest of the night.

It would be making love, and not just, ‘fucking’.

She’d learned something from the last few times, explaining to him that she’d need to pee first, before he went into her.

He knew that, striving to be patient, watching, wanting to touch, and help.

He snapped her photograph this time. Many times. She even set a timer, intending to take several photographs serially, of them together as they coupled... as he went into her in different ways. She’d capture other, very intimate ones too, with that timer. One photograph every five seconds could capture so much of them both over the next ten minutes, until after he’d come and had slowly withdrawn from her. That camera continued to photograph them both as she peed and got rid of him, then turned to the camera, posing with her legs wide apart, to let it photograph her totally open vagina just before he laid her back down and eagerly drove into her again. This was all pure heaven.

There was room for several hundred photos on the card she had.

After that next time (he lost count... four or five times, amazing even himself), he laid back against that log, and watched her. He liked to watch everything she did, knowing that he could also touch her wherever, and whenever he wanted to, and that he would, when she came within reach. She was never very far out of reach. She liked to touch him too.

He was in boy heaven, but so too, was she.

She’d already laid out the horse blanket that they would sleep in, and she pulled him down to her on that, smearing some gel from that tube onto their lips so that they could kiss without bruising her lips so much. There would be a lot of kissing. Kissing, always got other things moving along.

As an afterthought, she put some of it down her vulva and some more into her vagina, then spread much more of it, lovingly and slowly, down his shaft and even over his balls as he held her breasts.

That would ease his way into her the next time.

That action seemed to excite him more than anything else they had done, before now.

He went into her so easily that time, and all the way in, too, moving slowly, waiting for her to stop him.

She didn’t stop him.

“It’s okay, Steve. It doesn’t hurt now (it was almost true, she still needed to adjust to him as he moved slowly into her). There’s room for him.” But not with any room to spare.

He pushed gently, then harder.

He would back out about an inch and then move steadily back and forth, as he tensed up, knowing what was happening this time, no longer so afraid of feeling anything awkward.

She had presence of mind to get some photographs of that too, going in, and out of her body, setting it up again, for even more, sequential photographs so she didn’t have to interrupt what they were doing so well.

It was still strange and new to them both, but this was how most young people learned about this wonderful intimacy; out of sight of their parents.

He continued, pausing every so often as he tried to understand what was happening, how his feelings were changing down there, and they were certainly changing.

Then, each time, inevitably, and as nature dictated and intended, he couldn’t stop but just had to push deeper and harder, unable to speak, as he came.

She felt that, and knew, almost as soon as he did, what was happening to him as she pulled his head down to kiss her again.

She felt him stop, then push much hard, harder than before, even moving her bodily in the sand.

He’d come again, and each time now, his sperm was all deep within her body. She’d felt that. He’d cried out at the same time as though it had hurt him, and his eyes were closed; his face, suggesting pain. She knew now, that there was no pain... it was his way of having an orgasm.

Her brother had been like that too, but he hadn’t cried out. He’d just gasped and stiffened up.

“I came again.” He sure had!

He even pushed hard into her again as though to celebrate that. She was very wet, and he moved easily into her now because of that, and the Vaseline, so he kept going to be sure.

She was just as tender as she had been on the ride home the previous evening, and almost as excited, but she would say nothing to slow him down.

She’d managed to take all of him this time, again--about the fifth or sixth time now, or ... whatever, without crying out. Another milestone behind them. It would always be easier now.

They were ready to eat. There was no need to get dressed until morning.

She’d brought a nosebag of grain and compressed hay pellets for the horse.

Steve helped her with her horse, but he was more of a distraction than a help, always wanting to touch, to go into her.

She didn’t mind.It was all so new and exciting to her too, to have a boy so interested in her body, wanting to touch, and hold her breasts, and her, to hold and kiss, as well as to stimulate this other part of his.

After they’d eaten, they could both get on to the back of the mare, and ride her bareback into the water and along the edge, staying about twenty feet from the shore, more or less, with the water up to near the belly of the horse, maybe going all the way round the lake. She’d never done that before. There had been a lot in the last few days that she’d never done before.

Her horse was not afraid of water, and as long as they stayed in the shallows there wouldn’t be a problem.

Steve would be behind her and holding her breasts. Or she could be behind him, holding his cock, maybe getting him to come again.

When she was in front of him, he might be able to go into her from behind, when she leaned forward along the neck of the horse. He wanted to. Stunt riders at the circus, had nothing on them. It was all the more artistic by being done in relatively slow motion.

It wouldn’t matter if they fell off. The water was a couple of feet deep where they would be, and there were no big rocks anywhere. The horse would patiently wait for them to get back on.

Had there been anyone curious about the laughter, echoing around the lake, they would have seen two very naked individuals, one, a male with an impressive hard on, riding a horse and a girl around the lake, and with not a care in the world.

Their reputations would have been toast, of course, but there was no one to see them.

The time passed too quickly. They were surprised to find that it had taken them two hours to circle that body of water, and it was close to dusk.

She remembered that she’d promised to phone her mother. She warned him to say nothing while she did that, but that didn’t stop him touching her.

He got a fire going, sheltered by some of the larger logs that had blown ashore, or had drifted down on the flood stage of the water in the spring run-off, from farther up the valley.

They could sleep beside another log, rolled in, close to the fire.

He often reached out to touch her and to pull her back into him. He was ready again? It amazed her. He seemed to be ready, quite often after that. She didn’t mind, wondering where he found the energy.

They did manage to sleep, waking often as he made up the fire and coming back to her to hold her breasts and to kiss.

Each time he returned, he stayed in her body for as long as he could, pulling her close to him to re-seat himself and not to lose ground, until the next time he needed to do something, or she needed to pee.

As they relaxed, kissing, and as the brightness of the fire died down, no longer blinding them, he pointed out the blanket of stars above them; pointing to the various constellations and even telling her various stories about them and their astrological significance.

They even did it twice more before they ate the next morning, and then continued. This would be the blueprint of the rest of their lives together.

They made their plans for the next day, though they wouldn’t be able to stay overnight up here again.

She phoned her mother again, telling her she was setting out for home soon, and that she had no need to worry, that she’d had a good night.

It had been a very good night indeed, but she couldn’t discuss that with her mother.

She’d also have to be careful with her camera, getting those photographs off it, and putting some, from last year’s fall colors, back into it.

They dressed, and then reluctantly parted, holding each other, kissing tenderly. Next time they would have a more adult conversation about how they would continue this; when they would let it be known that they were 'together', and even to let their parents know. All, in preparation to suggesting an early marriage for them both. At least she could dream.

He checked that the fire was dead, and that they were not leaving anything behind, like her bra or panties, as she’d done more than once.

They’d left a small note outlined in the sand with small pebbles and stones for when they came up here again on the following day. This, was their special place.

It said simply… ‘Love, lives here.’ And their mixed up initials: ‘S’, ‘B’, ‘G’, ‘M’ to throw anyone who saw them, off their tracks.

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