I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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Re-living old times.

She turned the taps off and helped him over the edge of the bath to stand on a damp towel, letting him lean on her. He had become a giant, relative to her, but he was also in pain.

Spiro had really worked him over.

There were those other towels warming in front of the fire. she could dry him there, and they could let the fire die down a little now. Not long now.

As he stood naked in front of her and the fire, she did for him, what he had done for her, drying him as she rediscovered him. At the same time, he also took the opportunity to rediscover her, helping her to get rid of her pajama bottoms and panties too, to become as naked as he was.

Now they were equal again; a mis-matched pair… but mismatched in only the most interesting, and complementary ways.

She had more hair now, down there, than the last time they’d done this.

“You should sit there on edge of the bed, Steve, while I get my bag and see to getting these contusions cleaned off.”

She’d already learned that he didn’t have any cracked ribs, or broken bones in his hand. It was mostly, bruising.

He watched her move over to the door, as naked as she’d ever been with him, and just as entrancing (actually, even more entrancing) as she’d always been when he’d watched her. She was much more confident of her own body, and of him again, now, retrieving her medical bag (he’d not consciously noticed it before).

“I’ll get you to come down and sit on this sheepskin, Steve, lean back against the bed, and then I’ll see to you. Both places.” Especially to the... not-so-leaning-tower of Penis.

Her eyes twinkled with meaning. He would soon understand what she meant if he didn't already. There was nothing subtle about his interest in her... not with a hard like that. She was breathless with anticipation. It had been too long. She wanted him into her. How she didn't just leap upon him she didn't understand.

“You’ll need to sit further over toward me, and lean back more against the bed.” That would also get him... that part of him... to stand up more obviously for her attention.

It would be just like learning to ride a bike, surely. She couldn't have changed that much to make it difficult again... could she? She wasn't going to worry about it.

She knew exactly what she was doing, and why. Seeing to his hands and arms would be only half of the story, though her attention was more upon that other part of him, than anywhere else.

She liked that he began to poke up more obviously for her attention, now that he was partially lying back. She gave him that attention too, taking familiar hold of him as though the last time had been just yesterday, easing the skin, already tight on him, down again, and pulling it even tighter as he leaned in to kiss her.

He was excited for her already, even becoming breathless. He wouldn’t be long coming after such a lengthy drought away from her.

She tried to refocus, unpacking some things out of her bag, placing them within reach beside him, holding one of them up. A small, battered tube.

“You’ll remember this, Steve. Another memory from that earlier time by the lake. It's the same tube of Vaseline we used that night together that we had by the lake.”

He remembered, knowing why she'd shown him.

She moved a saddle… a camel saddle from in the hearth, to in front of it (feeling him touch up at her as she did that), putting a couple of pillows from the bed, for her to lean back against once she sat down, leaving room for his legs on either side of her for the moment. Her legs would be over the top of his at first... until she moved closer.

“I’ve got everything I need, almost.”

He knew that look and that smile.

She leaned over him, kissing him on the end of his penis, smearing more of that Vaseline, firmly down along him in loving, slow motion, as she watched his face. They were both getting breathless already. There was no point in wasting any more time with unnecessary foreplay. The last ten years had been foreplay enough. He knew what she intended, and he was ready for her.

It had been ten years since they’d done this, though it seemed just like yesterday in their minds.

She’d been worried at one time about the first inch or two of him going into to her; one time. Now, she knew enough not to be so concerned. The first five or six inches would be easy. It would be the last two or three inches that would be a challenge at first, but they would soon be back on track to where they should be.

“Let’s see If we’ve forgotten anything shall we?" She felt his bruised hands on her breasts. He was desperate to have her; unable to hide it.

"I’ll see to your hands after we get this important, and dreadfully overdue thing between us out of the way.”

He nodded and watched, approving of everything, not wanting to speak. Words would have been superfluous.

She moved forward and squatted over him, feeling him pushing up at her as she lowered herself slowly, down onto him, seeing him, feeling him going into her as he tried to help, guiding himself.

She sensed how that affected him.

His hands were on her waist after that, moving to her breasts again as they kissed.

She paused. He was just as big as she’d remembered, maybe bigger (oh, lord!) and this first time after ten years should not be rushed. They’d soon work into it again.

“Abandon hope all ye who enter there.”

He had his own rejoinder to that.

“Welcome home, Barb. Long time no see.” He was able to smile.

“I’m not hurting you, am I, Steve?”

She, was asking him, that?”

He remembered her asking him that from an earlier time; their first time getting this started between them.

“I should ask you that question, Babs. You won’t hurt me. I can drive nails with this thing at this moment, the way I feel.”

She could feel. She laughed, shaking her head and continued, eventually sitting full on his upper legs with all of him in her at last.

“The last inch was tricky.” It had been the first inch that had been tricky when they’d first begun this.

She should have gone to the toilet and peed first, making a little more room in her body for him. As long as they did this, slowly, this first time after so long, there would be no damage to either her, or him. She’d always feel the need to pee with him inside her, so she should ignore it and get used to it.

She’d seen perforations to the vaginal wall from rough sex, and other damage from rape victims.

No one needed that kind of trauma. With use, her vagina would get used to this again, become well lubricated before he even went into her, and his pathway would slowly be opened up again, re-claimed and established for subsequent times, always making it easier, as they’d begun to find, by the lake that night. She looked forward to going there again in the early summer, but she shouldn’t talk about that at this moment.

He was already coming. And he was all the way into her now that she was sitting full on him. She had everything of him, and it hadn’t hurt.

She could even feel that mushroom ‘head’ of his, swelling and contracting within her as he got closer to coming. His increased breathing; his spasmodic movements; and his head falling forward onto her breasts as he gasped and almost drooled on them, told her the same thing.

It had been predictable. She hadn’t forgotten anything of those memorable few days together.

He came!

She rejoiced. Drought, ended.

It was not possible for him to get any deeper into her than he was, though he tried so hard. He would always have to try, without even thinking about it. His body demanded it.

They struggled to catch their breath, laughing in relief that so much had been booted behind them by this moment together.

It took them some time to recover. They were both back in the saddle again. The intervening ten years of deprivation and misery had just been dealt a death blow, and would soon be gone from between them as a fading memory.

“I’d say that was a good start for us again, wouldn’t you, Steve?”

He kissed her by way of reply, too out of breath to speak.

She leaned back onto the saddle, not letting him leave her... if anything, driving him deeper into her. She picked up his hands to rest on her legs, wiping over them with a disinfectant and then smearing an antibiotic cream over any obvious breaks in the skin. It would soak in.

“What are you going to tell your father and mother about us?”

He was waking up again, ready to think clearly once more, and able to think about the future, even just a day or two ahead, while holding her breasts and kissing her. Everything was up to her, now. He would soon see that his time frame could be extended much further out. There would be no more interruptions or breaks like the last one.

“I’ll tell them everything now, Steve... everything... within reason, where I couldn’t say anything ten years ago. I couldn’t tell them then, why it was entirely unthinkable for them to take me away from you and to rush me off to school, and to separate us so cruelly. It was happening too soon after we’d met and would be too painful, except they’d had no choice. I suppose it was partly my own fault. I did learn some of it, gradually." He wanted to hear some of that, but he wouldn't interrupt her.

“Had I been smarter I would have told them that I was pregnant even then. I'd often thought about it and the consequences of what we'd been doing, and that they couldn’t take me away and lock me into some prestigious school to serve as such a bad example to the other girls. But I wasn't pregnant. Damn!

"As if I would have been a bad example! Ha! Many of those girls were little better than high class whores themselves, and not so high class. What they were already doing made my indiscretions with you seem like a kindergarten exercise. They had no concept of 'love', as I'd discovered it with you."

“Why were you sent away, Babs? Did you find out?”

“I found out eventually. I could have guessed earlier, if I’d thought about it. I’d overstayed my welcome at the school in town, rather than as I'd feared; that we'd been seen, and they'd decided to separate us. I so resented being parted from you that way. I held that grudge for years.

"I told you that I had a feud with some of the girls there... one, in particular... so the school recommended that my parents remove me and send me to another school. Not remove them, mind you, just me. They didn’t actually expel me… they daren’t... there would have been too many questions...but it was just as bad.

She was reliving those painful memories.

“Sue Waterston was the cause of it. She was the ringleader. She was a really, foul-mouthed, vindictive… bitch (pardon), and she had it in for me, and so did her mother.

“She and her mother had an ‘in’, with the school board and some councilors for the town, so I, Barbara Moranis, was the one that had to ‘go’, to avoid some severe embarrassment to too many people if I repeated anything that her daughter had confessed to.

“Sometime later, I learned that both of them--mother and daughter-- were the town bicycles (he knew what she meant; available to be ridden by anyone and everyone; liberal with their favors), even with her daughter being underage, but what could I say about that. I couldn’t accuse them of anything where I would be believed, or even listened to. I was a just another difficult girl, with a grudge.

“That precocious daughter of hers, with her mothers conniving, had entrapped those men. Susan had deliberately lied to them about her age at a very delicate time at one of the municipal parties. Typical men, always so vulnerable, always looking for an easy piece of….” Another four-letter word. She did not continue.

They could both think it.

“They’d eagerly steered her out of the way into one of the back rooms, helpless to hold off from such an obvious and open invitation, so ripe and ready for the taking. Drunken idiots, trapping themselves like that.”

He could guess how it had gone.

“She bragged afterward about how she’d taken them all on, one after the other. They’d given in to her seduction, thinking no one would ever know, but her mother had great ambitions, and so had eagerly seized on the chance, photographing everything. Idiots again!

“Her mother had cleverly arranged it so that she could photograph each interaction, without them knowing, and there had been many such intimate interactions as the evening had dragged on, and with a few repeat performances. She and her mother both, ‘made’ many, good... intimate friends that evening. They were reluctant friends who soon found that their moment of weakness came with a price.

“She’d told them the way it would be, so they had better cooperate. They valued not only their marriages, but their freedom; not wanting to head to court, and then to be jailed for statutory rape of her daughter if they made the wrong decisions, so I… I was the one that had to go, and not her daughter.”

Steve had heard some of it in later years, but hadn’t known the details.

“Susan, boasted about it at school, and even told which councilors and civic leaders, pillars of the community had had her that night, and even since then (they had been unable to refuse), describing it in detail for her breathless audience in the schoolyard.

“I couldn’t tell anyone. I wouldn’t have been believed. All of that took place at the end of term and just before I met you, but I didn't know what she and her mother had planned for me.

"You were the perfect distraction for me at the time to get me away from all of that. I was feeling pretty miserable until I met you. I hadn’t realized that the school would suggest I should be the one to leave, except I suppose they were nervous that I might repeat some of what her daughter had told us."

Steve laughed. He hadn’t known any of that, but he knew the name, Waterston. Other things began to fall into place for him.

He watched as Babs loosely bandaged up his hands, her mind momentarily distracted by those two things that she was occupying him with as she fidgeted on him. She would soon have to go and pee.

“I may have to suggest to my father that he castrate Spiro, except he is in demand with a few of the ranchers who run sheep and have Jennies that he services.

That seemed to be an extreme measure to take.

“Or, I could take you over there with me the next time and introduce you to him. That’s the better plan.”

Steve nodded. He thought so too.

She sat back, satisfied with what she’d done. He still held her breasts with his bandaged hands, looking into her face, leaning in to kiss her..

“I expect you remember what we did the last time this happened between us?

He nodded.

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